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teledexterus 4-Jul-18 14:15pm View    
I am getting as error on : var array = new Array(12);
teledexterus 4-Jul-18 14:09pm View    
Will this give me: array[1, 1]="Something";
teledexterus 13-Jul-17 10:35am View    
The ext is ".JPG" not ".jpg". "imagename" is IMG087.JPG all in caps. Tried the example FileUpload.FileBytes Property (System.Web.UI.WebControls)[^] and it did not work going directly to FileUpload1.SaveAs(imagefile); skipping the image as a byte[].
teledexterus 13-Jul-17 10:19am View    
teledexterus 12-Jul-17 14:53pm View    
Then without filestream just File.Delete("Pictures/" + filepg). I need to be able to read the files in "Pictures/" then loop File.Delete("Pictures/" + filepg)