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Comments by (Top 11 by date) 1-Nov-16 6:21am View    
but i = i++ + i;// i = 1 15-May-16 11:00am View    
i am trying to develop a language like
تقریب خالی مین()

عددی ا برابر پڑھ عددی؛
عددی ب برابر پڑھ عددی؛
لکھ عددی(ب+ا)؛


but problem is that it cannot get string in Urdu. 15-May-16 10:42am View    
i try to compile code on runtime which contain urdu in it. 15-May-16 10:13am View    
i have to do this in console. 15-May-16 2:11am View    
thanks can you explain little about own emulation of console. i am just 18 and not grate programmer.