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WoodenLegNamedSmith 7-Sep-12 9:06am View
WoodenLegNamedSmith 2-Aug-12 13:31pm View    
UPDATE: just checked over one of my classic ASP sites. There are over 100,000 different code pages in a single folder all written by different developers over the years and there is no server lag or complete failure. I think you have some buggy code possibly something taking up too much memory such as a File Upload form or something.
WoodenLegNamedSmith 31-Jul-12 16:44pm View    
I doubt seriously there is a limit but 76,000 pages of code not working could point to one of those files having an error that is causing the Application Pool to hang. I would upload files in chunks of about 20 at a time and test it after every upload. If it stops working again then you've either found the faulty code or reached the "limit"
WoodenLegNamedSmith 31-Jul-12 16:05pm View    
You could set up a DataContract and use System.Runtime.Serialization.Json;
Would be way more efficient than trying to write your own parser.
WoodenLegNamedSmith 30-Jul-12 17:38pm View    
You're joking right? Most times I just tell people "no I will not write your code for you" seems this time I'll have to say, "No I will not help you cheat someone out of their rightful earnings!"