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Comments by CH Guravaiah (Top 94 by date)

CH Guravaiah 11-Dec-14 13:21pm View    
In this line of decrypt method : plaintext = srDecrypt.ReadToEnd();
getting error.
CH Guravaiah 22-Mar-14 11:36am View    
In my requirement don't use any certificate like self or other ssl.But service should be more secure. we are using custom class and i send the username and password from clinet then before going to the pertinent method in wcf service we can do the authentication using Custom validition class. i was checked using BasicHttpBinding and nettcpbinding in binding but these two doen't fire the my method in wcf. pls help me.
CH Guravaiah 9-Oct-13 1:22am View    
please send the appropriate Answer.
CH Guravaiah 25-Sep-13 1:34am View    
I wrote that one but past dates are not inactive
CH Guravaiah 25-Sep-13 1:16am View    
I want like IRCTC. In that past dates are inActive.