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Rajesh_1980 19-Jan-16 17:06pm View
Maciej Los Thank you again.I am new to Linq. I will research on it and try your code. Will update you if I have any questions. Can we use Linq on older platform like ASP.Net 2.0?
Rajesh_1980 19-Jan-16 16:32pm View
Thank you Maciej Los. I will add my code to the question. Kindly direct me from there.
Rajesh_1980 19-Jan-16 14:48pm View
OriginalGriff, I am not asking anyone here to code for me. I am just looking for a direction hoping that this is a forum for beginners to find help. And, mind your words. If you don't want to help, don't be rude!
Rajesh_1980 12-Nov-15 12:26pm View
secure from spam mails and hackers as the form itself does not require any user authentication.
Rajesh_1980 25-Sep-15 15:15pm View
This works Ajay. Thanks.
Rajesh_1980 15-Sep-15 9:39am View
Thanks for the reply J snooze. I am not looking for the code to send out email.I already have it in place and it is just not shown here. I am asking for a resolution to my problem where the email gets sent irrespective of whether the entered container number is one-way or not (after showing the alert in case it is a one-way).