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Comments by Prashant Bangaluru (Top 84 by date)

Prashant Bangaluru 21-Dec-16 17:37pm View    
Yes, the users are running the data analysis query and causing the load on the server.
I would definitely think of this. My other plan is to load the one day old data into UAT system and request them to use the system.
Prashant Bangaluru 19-Dec-16 19:19pm View    
Thank you for the reply . Looks like we can't restrict the joining of 2 sql views.
Prashant Bangaluru 3-Aug-16 6:51am View    
Hi Jack, We had not installed the software of CD drives and hence we would not be able to go for that.. I will definitely check the second. Thanks for your help again..
Prashant Bangaluru 3-Aug-16 2:00am View    
Thanks Jack, I have installed the exe from a third part vendor.. Currenntly it is running as expected. We are planning to upgrade the software and vendor suggested us to uninstall the existing and reinstall it. The error I am seeing when we are uninstalling from control panel..
Prashant Bangaluru 3-Aug-16 1:05am View    
Hi Dave, Thanks for your respone. I will remove my question from the blog :)