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Monster Maker 3-Dec-14 6:50am View
No, i was looking for sample project github link.
Anyways my problem is solved..and i have implemented it.
Thanks for your help once again!
Monster Maker 2-Dec-14 15:00pm View
Thanks a lot for your help Afzaal. Didn't know that disqus support android platform too.

As far as building from scratch is concerned, can you suggest some of applications or tutorials link for that(Github Links)?
Monster Maker 2-Dec-14 14:10pm View
i meant a feature through which users can post/read comments over a feed.
Monster Maker 8-Jan-14 5:17am View
Yeah, i had got the same.

But,they are not what i am looking for.

Thanks for your concern!
Monster Maker 8-Jan-14 5:03am View
Yeah i understand that part. And i make sure everytime that code is attached with my question.

But my question is about getting started. So how can i solve this problem?
Monster Maker 8-Jan-14 4:52am View
Yeah i have tried, but the tutorials are not clear.

Looking for some quality source. Which can give full stack overview
Monster Maker 10-Aug-13 11:26am View
I know this method.

I have already mentioned "without the help of another application."

I want to integrate the ppt viewer!
Monster Maker 2-Jun-13 7:21am View
What? Are you serious? You should look for php-mysql tutorial on youtube![BASIC TUTORIAL]
Monster Maker 31-May-13 11:32am View
Tried it..but same result!

I had tried the same..with another mailing class..and it went perfect!
Monster Maker 23-May-13 23:58pm View
You mean to say,...problem lies in this?

<configuration condition=" '$(Configuration)' == '' ">Debug
<Platform Condition=" '$(Platform)' == '' ">x86</Platform>
<PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Debug|x86' ">
<PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Release|x86' ">
Monster Maker 19-May-13 13:45pm View
Show 1 product in 1 page..and then count the number of hits and number of views for the page.. :P

Please be descriptive if you want us to help u!
Monster Maker 13-May-13 18:48pm View
so do you remember all the questions you answer ....
or only the dumbest one? :P
Monster Maker 13-May-13 18:44pm View
ask here something ...that google can't answer! We expect some code in questions!
Monster Maker 27-Apr-13 5:36am View
have you referred site?
Monster Maker 18-Apr-13 14:21pm View
Monster Maker 18-Apr-13 14:18pm View
Editors, please take care of the code..!!!
Monster Maker 17-Apr-13 6:50am View
what about backspace??
Monster Maker 9-Apr-13 7:30am View
i think breaking the image into 9 parts will make it complex and harder to learn,
how about providing n-images(with ids) by the application to the user,
and let user choose m(
Monster Maker 9-Apr-13 5:54am View
Do you have to pass hidden field, or value of hidden field to another class??
Monster Maker 4-Apr-13 13:28pm View
can't you avoid, the nesting of ul's and M1-M16 put in li,,??
Monster Maker 4-Apr-13 13:25pm View
do you need a slideshow?
Monster Maker 4-Apr-13 13:19pm View
Without use of any file?

You mean the program should not use file handling??
Monster Maker 1-Apr-13 9:00am View
z-index will work..
Monster Maker 30-Mar-13 5:34am View
Let me tell you, google is free.!!
Monster Maker 29-Mar-13 18:11pm View
I think, something is wrong with deployment descriptor!
Monster Maker 29-Mar-13 16:43pm View

Thanks :)
Monster Maker 29-Mar-13 16:09pm View
Code without pre-tag is like easter without friday..!!

Editors..please take care of that.!
Monster Maker 28-Mar-13 21:44pm View
Is that an app that you are developing with visual studio??
Monster Maker 28-Mar-13 2:40am View
Well, auto-suggestion is not prioritize(what person is frequently searching) ..

i wan't to prioritize it..and then suggest.!!
Monster Maker 28-Mar-13 0:51am View
Basicaly, i wan't it for editText in android..

so i am looking for data for it..which i can get from web.
Monster Maker 28-Mar-13 0:50am View
As i said auto-suggestions(data providing auto-suggestion)...and making a mobile app..

so javascript option wouldn't work.

Naah, not a perticular type..first i wan't it for everything.,..

then will filter according to user's preference..
Monster Maker 28-Mar-13 0:47am View
Actualy i am making an android app,

auto suggest for everything..first..,

then user will filter according to his preferences.
Monster Maker 27-Mar-13 12:36pm View
For round corners, you can try border-radius property..!
Monster Maker 27-Mar-13 8:28am View
Have you referred jquery forum for that?
Monster Maker 27-Mar-13 8:15am View
I think you should set a standard,
and then convert it to any currency through its relation
with that standard.
Monster Maker 27-Mar-13 3:39am View
May be the browser problem!!
Monster Maker 26-Mar-13 4:06am View
friend, it works fine in my IE7
Monster Maker 26-Mar-13 3:24am View
I ran your script in chrome,

it ran perfectly..
Monster Maker 26-Mar-13 2:18am View
Can you give reference of the project, where u have to use that?
Monster Maker 25-Mar-13 12:52pm View
Do you know the concept of join in database?
Monster Maker 25-Mar-13 6:34am View
we can only answer to the problem statement that you stated...
Monster Maker 25-Mar-13 6:20am View
1st thing is prefer 2nd solution,

see, when you use nameList.toArray(), it would provide the names-indexes order in which you inserted them. Like if you inserted companyName and then companyId it would provide them the index 0 and 1 respectively and return the string[].

same is with operatorsList.toArray(), the "companyNameOperators" is inserted in operatorsList and then "companyIdOperators" , so their indexes would be 0 and 1 respectively,

now names array at 0 index has "company name"
and operators array at 0(same index) index has "company operators"

so for getting operators of perticular name, you should get its index from names[] and
you will get corresponding operators with same index from operators array.

Have i made it clear?
Monster Maker 25-Mar-13 5:56am View
I hope i understood your problem right,

if you got something out of rate it :)
Monster Maker 25-Mar-13 4:12am View
In that case, you want something that associates the name to the operator,
may be by index. Or you can use a data structure with key-value pair,
where key is your name and value is the operator.
and bind that operator value(after splitting) to the dropdownlist at selectedindexchange event.
Monster Maker 25-Mar-13 4:01am View
Hmm, can't you give user the dropdown option and let him select , is he admin, student or instructor.

Once you know what type is he, you can simply add that condition in the where clause.
Monster Maker 25-Mar-13 3:58am View
as you get Operators property value by parsing,

can't you just split the value into and array(through String.split(',')),

and bind that array to the dropdown.
Monster Maker 25-Mar-13 3:50am View
can't you ask the user to select if he is admin, student or instructor?
Monster Maker 24-Mar-13 16:39pm View
See, Once you got your physical path, initialize the ImgURL propert of Image control
with the string returned by the function. It would work.

Now the question is about getting the physical path, you can do this through a GET request from the client side or through ajax(preferred), I can't explain it in detail as i have no more details about your project.
Monster Maker 24-Mar-13 11:03am View
You can do it better through javascript!
Monster Maker 23-Mar-13 9:59am View
If i got your problem right,you want Int value to be O when the textbox is empty??
Monster Maker 23-Mar-13 9:40am View
Well just checking it, if anyone has done something like this before.

Or has an idea of doing it some other way.

Thanks for the reference, i ll post it their too..!!
Monster Maker 23-Mar-13 9:35am View
Ya ofcourse!

I can get the friendlist of players, but the question is how to send notifications
to them of bieng mentioned in my game.

They never mentioned anything like that in documentation.
Monster Maker 23-Mar-13 9:30am View
Do you have image in database, or in xml file?
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 16:49pm View
nice..i am focusing mozilla..are u on gmail?
catch(Exception e)
print("fb_id not found");
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 15:55pm View
Thanks to you 2 redoy,

the problem is not of upvoting :)

its about, the professionals not helping

students solving their problem,

by either making sarcastic comments,

or under-rating.

Anywayz, can you please share how will you

communicate to the mentoring organizations?
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 12:07pm View you got it.. :))

atleast i made 1 person understand that..
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 11:54am View
Thanks matthew,

for talking in language of words,

other people here only know the language of ratings... :P
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 11:52am View
Thanks a lot,

atleast that was better than under-rating question of a student,

as if they were born geniuses!!

I realy appreciate..
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 9:31am View
i don't think they ll spam a spammer.. :P
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 9:28am View
Thanks a lot...amit..

i am working hard..!!

Thanks for ur support..

my id is

if u have any queries concerning...just mail it..there!!
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 9:25am View
its "google" summer of code,

and people here are microsoft freaks..

thats why underated this article.. is an open source program for college students during summer,

you can google it, or go onto
Monster Maker 21-Mar-13 9:10am View
Sir, the site..u provided was simply awesome..

I feel web designing..was a crap before it,

can you please provide me some more sites like this,

it would be very much beneficial for a student...

Thanks in advance..!!
Monster Maker 18-Mar-13 13:04pm View
I think your framework misses "Number format exception",

please re-install your visual studio!! :PP
Monster Maker 16-Mar-13 17:12pm View
code project worked for me.. :)
Monster Maker 16-Mar-13 17:08pm View
Yep i do like your answer? :)))
Thanks for appraisal, if app went gr8,, ur name will be mentioned their too... :)!!

LL b back soon!
Monster Maker 16-Mar-13 16:59pm View
Thanks a lot michael, i have two more questions to your answer:
1)If another application on phone is using the same thing as i do, then will the net
result merge and arranged lexicographicaly??
2)My application should run as the service during this time or not??

Thanks a lot for your concern, 1c again!..
Monster Maker 19-Feb-13 6:57am View
Yep, i admit there are numerous issues with php,
but at the same time its easy to code for a single programmer, over!!

As far as my project is concerned,
i want to add functionalities such as flash games, video conferencing..and others.
so implementing those may be difficult in php i guess..

Finaly, tell me which 1 to choose,
with related tools that would help me
building the project alone..

thanks a lot..for your concern once again!! :)
Monster Maker 18-Feb-13 18:48pm View
Thanks for your time Sergey!
And answering the dumbest question on earth,
and i ll choose 1(php) :)
Big Fan!
Monster Maker 18-Feb-13 18:02pm View
Well for i can use the combo for advanced functionalities,
but for now looking for the basic and essential components.
A base to start.!

Monster Maker 1-Feb-13 8:56am View
Thanks for the answer Adam,

but by widgets and server control i meant the controls which

would help in the teaching process.

Like a canvas white board, or a video-chat,etc
Monster Maker 31-Jan-13 7:06am View
Thanks saguptamca, that will help in my client side scripting,
any reference for the php?
Monster Maker 30-Jan-13 12:35pm View
Thanks a lot richard, i appreciate your help..!! :)
Monster Maker 24-Oct-12 9:28am View
Ok i ll try, thanks for your concern anyways! :)
Monster Maker 24-Oct-12 8:58am View
I have tried it buddy through "TwitterSharp" API and gone through OAuth authentication.
I am able to post tweets but not able to access!! :(
Monster Maker 24-Jul-12 10:05am View
No not the custom theme, m asking about the themes which i can add to my form