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Comments by xnold (Top 10 by date)

xnold 23-Mar-13 12:12pm View    
ok.. this page suck.. all of the programmer did not help newbie at all.. i made my research on youtube, google and other page as well.. bfore i came into here.. when i came into here.. nobody ask me what is the problem that i m currently facing..
everyone just insult me.. again again and again.. but dont u guys forget.. bfore u guys come into this lvl.. u guys might be the same with me.. is ok if u guys dont want to help.. ok.. i m done with this page... kindly report my account with the admin of this website.. cause i m done with this page
xnold 23-Mar-13 10:44am View    
i try to google already..
but i still failed to get the result.. ok whatever.. i m done with this page
xnold 23-Mar-13 7:14am View    
i'm just try to improve my question.. i know my english suck.. but is that rude for just improving my question.. ok fine..
xnold 18-Oct-12 20:41pm View    
ic.. thx for ur feedback.. :)
xnold 18-Oct-12 1:22am View    
hai.. sorry for bothering you,, i would like to ask,,, ptrDlgHandle u declare it as ??