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Sharath2790 4-Sep-13 4:13am View
but unable use showdialog();
Sharath2790 18-Jul-13 3:09am View
You want a system, that is only capable to run your application? YES.
Should the application start while the system is starting? YES.
Sharath2790 18-Jul-13 2:36am View
You want a system, that is only capable to run your application? YES.
Should the application start while the system is starting? YES.
Sharath2790 24-Jun-13 6:44am View
May be xml creation is not proper.....
Sharath2790 28-May-13 7:14am View
Please Post your Question with some more details.. So that we can answer it more accurately....
Sharath2790 27-May-13 1:28am View
It may be due faulty Connection String or may be a firewall issue...
OR may be network connection failure can cause this error...
some more details please....
Sharath2790 18-May-13 6:47am View
Thank you
Sharath2790 18-May-13 5:35am View
Thank you!! I'll Try... Btw it is for win forms.... I don't have any data source at back end... So how can i save data when application closes and retrieve when application Opened again...????
Sharath2790 23-Apr-13 3:56am View
No.. I've tried it but that does't work....
Sharath2790 14-Feb-13 23:49pm View
If you know the solution let me know Or else...
Sharath2790 7-Feb-13 3:01am View
column type is nvarchar(50)...
I'm using select statement retrieve the data....
Sharath2790 7-Feb-13 2:18am View
Thank you, Really helped.... Please tell me method to retrieve it using (SELECT statement)....
Sharath2790 12-Jan-13 5:29am View
Thank you!!
Sharath2790 5-Nov-12 22:49pm View
Any links or examples.. So that i could understand in a more better way...
Sharath2790 5-Nov-12 3:49am View
I can't use it because My VS doesn't support system.web.Http......
Sharath2790 5-Nov-12 3:48am View
Using objForm1.Show() makes Form1 to appear twice... My Form1 has a Audio element But When I try to hide it Audio keeps playing And even the new form (ie, Form1) appears ..
Sharath2790 28-Oct-12 23:47pm View
Thank you!!
Sharath2790 28-Oct-12 6:36am View
Sorry!! That doesn't work either... Please Suggest me a simple example where one windows forms application sends data and another application receives and displays it...
Sharath2790 28-Oct-12 1:53am View
What is a StateObject??? is there any class called StateObject...
Sharath2790 27-Oct-12 0:15am View
Thank you that was really helpful... But you can help me with much more simple n easy to understand links....
Sharath2790 26-Oct-12 1:37am View
can u explain in detail....
Sharath2790 21-Oct-12 1:09am View
That doesn't work.....
Sharath2790 20-Oct-12 1:45am View
This method can be used in C#????
Sharath2790 11-Oct-12 1:02am View
I just changed the name of the folder containing my project....
Sharath2790 11-Oct-12 0:59am View
Nothing..... just changed my folder name.
Sharath2790 21-Sep-12 4:54am View
Ok!! but i'm not getting any output window...
Sharath2790 14-Sep-12 1:27am View
Copy the dialog template of that specific dialog and paste it into your new .Rc file.<---- This is not working! Please can you be more specific about which files i need to copy...
Sharath2790 12-Sep-12 7:08am View
Deleted take look at this
Sharath2790 7-Sep-12 5:52am View
Thank you!! It works!
Sharath2790 7-Sep-12 4:41am View
Hmmm!! I've tried it but Same thing....
Sharath2790 6-Sep-12 20:45pm View
that code for simple edit control!!!
Sharath2790 31-Aug-12 3:25am View
ok! fine but my question is i need to assign that max date to a variable in vb..?? So how can i do that??
Sharath2790 31-Aug-12 2:46am View
what about date part????
Sharath2790 31-Aug-12 2:45am View
timestamp will be used...
Sharath2790 31-Aug-12 2:25am View
how can i write in vb.. i need to assign retrieve date value to a vb variable
Sharath2790 31-Aug-12 1:57am View
Only Date value from the last record in the table.
Sharath2790 31-Aug-12 1:51am View CHECK THIS!!!!
Sharath2790 31-Aug-12 1:38am View
Hey! Santhosh Can you help me with latest query?? Please
Sharath2790 29-Aug-12 2:45am View
Sharath2790 29-Aug-12 2:39am View
Your solution may work but i can't keep updating the year and month part because this database will be connected to vb front end or i can't keep asking the user to enter which month/year is this..
Sharath2790 29-Aug-12 2:20am View
Sharath2790 29-Aug-12 1:55am View
Sorry!! that doesn't work. probably you failed to understand my question! I need to add stocks for whole month in month_total and add stocks for whole year in year_total based on dates and i'm not using any id here!!
Sharath2790 25-Aug-12 3:03am View
Mehdi Gholam
I've update ques
Sharath2790 17-Aug-12 3:48am View
I'm Sure you've not worked with this platform!! BTW who the hell are you to tell me to asking!!
Sharath2790 16-Aug-12 1:10am View
I'm using rich edit control! but i'm unable use it with the multiple edit boxes!!
Sharath2790 10-Aug-12 2:03am View
Tenouk is the best!!! thank you!!