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P_Dash 1-Mar-17 0:22am View
What you said is correct. I've various tables for different kind of data storage/formats. Just for the sake of simplicity I mentioned as table.
Will have a look into the link, hopefully it'll answer my question upto an extent.
P_Dash 28-Feb-17 2:37am View
I'm using HTML5/Bootstrap/AngularJS in my application. Storing HTML without Bootstrap/CSS in server and then collaborating is too complex/painful and at most of the times not possible at all.

Unfortunately this approach couldn't be considered. FYI. I already have tried storing and manipulating how you mentioned.
P_Dash 3-Sep-13 3:15am View
You are missing the Correct path in your Laptop it seems.
Post the Code you are using in your laptop(only Image Code will be enough).
P_Dash 3-Sep-13 2:38am View
Code Please.
P_Dash 3-Sep-13 2:22am View
Parameter used in Order By clause should be present in Select statement.
Otherwise it might give you weird values.
P_Dash 3-Sep-13 2:18am View
Try with using Port number 25 or 465.
I guess you are having some port issues.
Because all configurations & everything is fine with your Code.
P_Dash 3-Apr-13 7:47am View
I'm not using it in a lab service environment.
So I don't need a lab service account for it.

Also if you have idea, suggest me how to provide a lab service account.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:52am View
Code Plz.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:36am View
You can use Ajax Control Toolkit for Web Apps for this kind of requirement.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:35am View
In Windows Application how can you implement jQuery/AJAX ?
You have to go for SQL Query only.
Otherwise you can use LINQ if possible.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:33am View
I guess you are using SQL Express for database operations.
If Yes, then you need to check make that available on that other System in order to communicate with the database.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:31am View
1st of All provide me what kind of Service is it ?
Kind of means what exactly this Service will provide.

See WCF itself contains good Load Balancing Techniques like "Instance Management", "WCF Concurrency".

After knowing the details about the Service, exact solution may possible.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:25am View
Provide the Code you used in your page.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:24am View
What kind of Database are you using ?
If your using any edition of SQL Server, then you need that database on that other PC as well.

Provide complete details so that exact solution could be provided.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:07am View
Give me 1 Day time.
I'll show you an Demo example with Code.

Just tell me do you have knowledge of Ajax Control Toolkit ?
P_Dash 19-Feb-13 10:27am View
Plz Delete this Thread.
Dupe post of the following Link:
P_Dash 19-Feb-13 10:23am View
Plz share code what have you used till now.
Without seeing code it'd be hard to come to any solution.
P_Dash 19-Feb-13 10:21am View
What have you tried till now ??
P_Dash 18-Feb-13 11:57am View
Solution Improved.
Chk Out.
P_Dash 18-Feb-13 10:06am View
What have you tried till now ?
Show Some Code.
P_Dash 17-Feb-13 8:59am View
I believe you haven't added a Reference.
If you have added reference then it's the problem of your Version.
P_Dash 17-Feb-13 8:58am View
Have you tried using SubmitChanges() inside foreach loop ??
P_Dash 17-Feb-13 8:54am View
Dude, don't mind but I'm not getting what exactly do you want.
Downloading email means ?
Downloading Attachment YES it's possible, but didn't get your 1st requirement clearly.
Plz describe.
P_Dash 15-Feb-13 4:21am View
Could you plz specify what exact data do you want to bind with this DropDownList ?
P_Dash 14-Feb-13 9:47am View
Lemme try it.
If getting successful, will surely post it.
P_Dash 11-Feb-13 12:10pm View
Bro, the Service always returns the string present inside catch block i.e. "No More Data"
I checked it properly & the Error lies in reading the xml file.

I used to use
to read XML files in aspx pages, but this code isn't working here.

So I'm asking you guys, if there is any way I can read the Xml file.
P_Dash 5-Feb-13 11:50am View
Well share your code what you have used so far.
Then can we try to help you.
P_Dash 4-Feb-13 11:02am View
Need Code Dude.
Without Code not possible to help you perfectly.
P_Dash 4-Feb-13 10:58am View
I don't understand How is it Possible that it's working in Other Applications but not in current ???
Annoying Man.
P_Dash 4-Feb-13 2:58am View
Dude I'm out of touch with this.
But still lemme recollect it & I'll surely post you any solution if find.
P_Dash 3-Feb-13 6:12am View
I don't think that would be possible.
But you can take help of Query String to achieve kind of Similar view.
P_Dash 3-Feb-13 6:04am View
I don't think you can do this with normal DataGridView provided by VS.
Better switch to Telerik/Infragistics GridView.
I'm not sure but you might find a way in those controls regarding your requirement.
P_Dash 2-Feb-13 13:24pm View
Update IE Dude.
P_Dash 2-Feb-13 13:18pm View
What Exactly Your Problem ?
Are you facing problem adding EDM in your WCF Service ??
P_Dash 1-Feb-13 12:37pm View
Host the Service in your Remote IIS.
P_Dash 31-Jan-13 5:20am View
Well then I'd Suggest you to use Ajax Async File Upload Control.
So if you don't have any problem use this.
P_Dash 31-Jan-13 5:10am View
Provide the implemented code here, so that it'll be easy to track down the Error.
P_Dash 31-Jan-13 5:02am View
Where is the Upload Logic ?
Do you want to Upload Asynchronously ??
P_Dash 31-Jan-13 4:59am View
Plz Mention what kind of App. is it ?
Also Do you just want to implement Remember me logic, so that user need not to input on next Login or Want to Autofill the ID/PWD Textboxes ?

Provide Details about your Problem.
P_Dash 28-Jan-13 8:34am View
I think 'Convert.ToDouble' should work.
Are you sure it's not working ??
P_Dash 28-Jan-13 8:28am View
Dude, why don't you create a Stored Procedure for Retrieving data from both the tables using Join in SQL Server ?

I think since you are merging the tables in fron end instead of back end, so you are getting this problem.
You better merge or Join the 2 tables in Back end & just retrieve data in Front end.
P_Dash 28-Jan-13 7:25am View
Share Code with Us.
P_Dash 28-Jan-13 7:20am View
Plz write the SQL Query what you have used for Merging purpose.
P_Dash 28-Jan-13 7:09am View
Well I guess if you make the property 'Enable Paging' to true then you'll get your desired result.
Plz share code with us.
P_Dash 27-Jan-13 3:08am View
Please provide a code sample with detailed description regarding your problem.
P_Dash 26-Jan-13 3:26am View
Okay Tell me 1 thing.
Do you want to store token in Server or in User Browser.
If you are gonna save it in server, then no need of Encrypting it.
But if you want to store it in user Browser, then you need to encrypt it as per your requirement.

So be clear here what exactly do you want.
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 7:21am View
I hope you got your answer.
But dude, by default DateTimePicker control shows current date only.
I don't know if it's working perfectly in your System or not.
But this how this control behave.
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 7:15am View
Improved in Solution.
Check & tell me if U find it useful or not.
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 5:55am View
Where is that exact string you asked in question dear ?
I can't see it anywhere in the code.
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 5:01am View
Well what I got from your question is that you want to provide Service consumption facility to those users who are Registered with you.

So if I'm right then there is no need to send the Token to Database for checking Purpose. Coz database can't check your Dynamically generated token.
So I'd suggest you like you generate the whole Authorization stuff using just Username & Password checking.
And after validating username & password you generate a token using Cookies & send this token to your user.
Otherwise if you want more safety then use Session variable for generating a token.
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 4:55am View
This can be done.But with 1 single Button it will be difficult to handle.
So better if you use 2 Buttons then using jQuery it can be possible.
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 4:53am View
Also post what exactly do you want by Passing value ?
Tell the whole thing with Code block.
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 4:50am View
These are basic level questions.
If you can't do this on your own, How can you come to learn programming ??
These are the basics of any programming language.

So think & try by yourself & I know you will crack it.
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 2:11am View
In which Event are you Binding Data to Gridview ?
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 2:09am View
You mean to Say you want to Call Events of Server Side User Controls ??
P_Dash 24-Jan-13 2:05am View
See For New Window I don't Have Much Idea.
But Yes if you know how to use Ajax Control Toolkit, then you can use Popup Extender Control for this Purpose.
P_Dash 22-Jan-13 13:41pm View
Post the Exact question Dear.
P_Dash 22-Jan-13 13:40pm View
Which Control do you want to use in order to show the Fetched data ?
P_Dash 22-Jan-13 6:09am View
Well as per my knowledge there is no specific Validator present for this purpose.
But yes you can use a for loop & check if only 0s present in input and intern restrict it from being processed.
P_Dash 21-Jan-13 14:27pm View
Data Means ?
Be specific.

In WCF you don't need to worry about Derializing/Deserializing.Compiler will do it for you, just you need to be sure the data which you want to send could be Serializable.
P_Dash 21-Jan-13 14:18pm View
I don't think it's possible to show data in only 1 row & then Hide in other rows.
P_Dash 20-Jan-13 5:10am View
Now tell are all the Files present in Session variable present in your Application ?
P_Dash 20-Jan-13 4:55am View
Let me try it.
If getting Successful will post the Code here.
P_Dash 19-Jan-13 15:00pm View
How are you providing data to GridView ?

I mean if you are Customizing columns manually Writing Templates then your requirement could be possible to achieve.

But if you are just using DataSet or any Data Source to automatically provide dat then I don't think your requirement could be achievable.

So plz rply here how you filling up data in GridView ?
P_Dash 19-Jan-13 14:56pm View
Dude, don't mind but you need to describe a bit more.
I'm not getting a Clear picture, what exactly is your requirement.

Do you want to Execute Different Stored Procedures depending Upon Different inputs or what ?

Plz provide a more clear picture.
P_Dash 17-Jan-13 12:42pm View
Yes I also think this is the problem with you.
1st you need to check if that File is present in your Server or not.
Also you you have to Give the proper path if you are attaching the file from your code but not by user Selection.
P_Dash 17-Jan-13 1:55am View
No Probs Dear.
P_Dash 17-Jan-13 1:18am View
Yeah Go with the Link Present in Second Solution.
You'll get it Perfectly.
P_Dash 17-Jan-13 1:04am View
No Probs Dear.
Actually I found this technique is more easier than Authorization, so Provided you with this.

Authorization way is also available, but this'd be easier to implement.
P_Dash 16-Jan-13 5:09am View
Just Code Behind logic will be enough or you want right from the Starting of Authorization ?
P_Dash 16-Jan-13 4:44am View
You can easily achieve it using Sql Queries.
P_Dash 16-Jan-13 4:41am View
Are you Manually Setting Up your Site or Using Visual Studio Deployment Tool to Deploy ?
P_Dash 16-Jan-13 4:40am View
Well I'm not Sure, but you can check about OS by executing 'winver' command.

So plz see if you could find any logic to get OS Version from this command.
P_Dash 16-Jan-13 4:33am View
Yes Forms Authentication surely can do what you want.
Basically you want to allow Downloading to the the users who are logged in to your site, it might be normal user/admin.

So basically to download PDF files every user need to Log In.
So for this As I said Create a Folder & Place all your PDF files in this folder.
Add a web.config to this folder & write code for authorization in it.

Now whenever an user logging in to your site store his identity in a Session variable & whenever any user wants to Download that PDF file check for the Session variable & if present then allow the user to download the file, if not redirect him to login page.

Basically redirecting to login page will be done by Form Authentication.You just need to check if Session Expired or not.

I know it looks like a bit complected, but believe me it's quiet easy to implement.

Let me know if you got it or not.
P_Dash 16-Jan-13 4:20am View
Provide the Complete Question.
P_Dash 15-Jan-13 15:20pm View
See what result you are trying to achieve could be easily achieved using Forms Authentication.
Just make an Extra folder, name it as per your conveyance & implement Forms Authentication for this folder.

If you know forms authentication, you could easily do it.
But if you don't know how exactly to do it, then let me know & I'll post the Process Step wise here as a Solution.
P_Dash 13-Jan-13 12:40pm View
Will follow U Dear.

In Between do u have any other Idea to Implement Forget Password Logic ??
P_Dash 13-Jan-13 12:39pm View
Thanks For Ur Suggestion Dear.
Thanks a Lot.

In Between do u have any other Idea to Implement Forget Password Logic ??
P_Dash 13-Jan-13 11:10am View
And Sir, ur answer is perfect provided program is sending the Current password to email.
But as answered below, if I'm generating a new password, then it'd be a problem.
P_Dash 13-Jan-13 11:09am View

Dear ur point is absolutely correct.
But suppose my Program is retrieving the Current password from Database & sending that to Registered email.
Now is this Security question required ??
P_Dash 3-Nov-12 5:01am View
Dude, can u provide Code ???
Coz It's working fine in my PC.
P_Dash 3-Nov-12 4:45am View
This question is so unclear.
Plz provide proper problem.
P_Dash 3-Nov-12 4:36am View
Dear, don't get angry.
This is the question asked to me.
When I replied as u...Interviewer said answer me more accurate.
P_Dash 2-Nov-12 14:56pm View
Sir, I know it's easy to write complex sql queries in LINQ, but for this why do we start the query with 'from' ?

U've provided a good link, but plz explain me this one, coz i need to answer that interviewer tomorrow.

P_Dash 2-Nov-12 14:46pm View
Well I know it's a Simple query.Since my question isn't anything related to how to write query, I used just a simple query.

I just want to know why r we starting the LINQ queries with 'from' ???
P_Dash 26-Oct-12 12:59pm View
string sql=select distinct name,id.....
This will do the Job I think.
Otherwise u can use EDM for Better handling of Code.
P_Dash 26-Oct-12 12:51pm View
Dude, Plz Mention What's Ur Problem.
P_Dash 26-Oct-12 12:11pm View
Thank U Very Much Sir.
I think Now I got the Whole idea Why that b.Query is mentioned.

Sir Can U Plz Go Through this Thread:

I'm Facing a Problem here & I hope U can Provide me the Solution.

P_Dash 26-Oct-12 12:08pm View
Plz Go Through Edited Question.
I've clearly Mentioned the Problem With Code.
I hope this will b Enough for Fixing the Problem.
P_Dash 26-Oct-12 11:59am View
Plz Delete It.
P_Dash 26-Oct-12 11:53am View
Sir I know abt Query String.
I just want to know do we mention Query String value here to take an Input or Just to mention that nothing is Passed??
P_Dash 26-Oct-12 10:05am View
Well Sir, I'm getting perfect result without removing the Query String, means the code I've mentioned on the 1st thread is working perfectly fine.

So I think this is not a problem what u mentioned in ur Edited post.

I just want to know What's the Purpose of mentioning Query String, also if I mention Query String=<some value=""> then what will happen ??
P_Dash 26-Oct-12 9:10am View
Sir, basically I'm using this for Open Authentication using GMail Authentication.
So now can u plz tell me if removing Query part will hamper my Result or Not ?
P_Dash 21-Oct-12 2:13am View
Actually I've Searched in MSDN before Posting my question here.
But didn't find any Particular Solution to my doubt, so asked here.
P_Dash 21-Oct-12 2:11am View
Thank U Very Much Sir.

Well could u plz Tell Me if I remove the line { Query = "" } or b.Query = ""; from the code, then will it Hamper my Code in any Means ??
P_Dash 21-Oct-12 2:11am View
Thank U Very Much Sir.

Well could u plz Tell Me if I remove the line { Query = "" } from UriBuilder constructor, then will it Hamper my Code in any Means ??
P_Dash 19-Oct-12 10:23am View
Bro Particularly in 3rd Line what is the use of "{ Query = "" }", this statement ???
P_Dash 19-Oct-12 10:22am View
Ha Ha.
No no Bro...As a .Net Developer how is it possible dat I don't know MSDN.
Actually I wanted to say is dere any link of this question with the Answer U post ??
P_Dash 19-Oct-12 9:14am View
Sorry I'm not getting if there is any link of this with MSDN !!!
P_Dash 3-Oct-12 16:00pm View
So Can We Mention Anything else in Place of 'g'
Means where can I find options use like this ?

Also plz Tell me why it used "WinPrint.document.close();"
P_Dash 3-Oct-12 14:40pm View
Bro, just explain me abt "/white/g" in "strInnerHTML.replace(/white/g, docColor);".
This was my main doubt.
Also why "WinPrint.document.close();" is used ?

Plz Explain Me.
P_Dash 27-Sep-12 15:40pm View
See I've Edited address in web.config as this:
endpoint address="http://localhost:10492/Service.svc"

But Still Getting Error.
P_Dash 23-Sep-12 15:18pm View
Can U Plz Tell Me Where Can I find the Endpoint Address ?
P_Dash 17-Sep-12 16:58pm View
Yeah Checked Properly.
Even I Uninstalled VS2010 completely from My System & Re-Installed it.But still I'm Getting d Problem.

I Can't create EDM Item & Can't add Service reference Still..
P_Dash 15-Sep-12 9:09am View
Yes I've The Correct Version.
Now Can U plz Tell Me Is It Possible that This Thing will happen if Multiple Versions of Framework present ???

Actually Some Days back I've tried to install v4.5 Beta.but the Installation Failed.
P_Dash 14-Sep-12 15:49pm View
Yes I've v4.0 which I'm using in Project
P_Dash 14-Sep-12 11:13am View
Okay Sorry.
Now I've Added the Text what i got as Error.
Plz Check it & tell Me What's d Error ??

Thanks for Showing Interest
P_Dash 14-Sep-12 10:59am View
Sorry Bro I didn't Get U.
Image Is Showing Me Well.
This is d image: