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Comments by litu kumar (Top 5 by date)

litu kumar 23-Jan-13 9:01am View
You are right BobJanova. Let me try as per your advice .
litu kumar 23-Jan-13 8:56am View
Thanks Richard , this is the best way. But we don't think ,they'll give their code related document in detail.

In their Software's HELP file also they gave very brief description on this.
Still if you get any new idea, then please share. Thanks :)
litu kumar 22-Jan-13 10:53am View
Thank you very much .I able to read the value at (Default) :)
litu kumar 21-Jan-13 8:45am View
Hi Bemhard,

Thanks for your suggestion. It may work.
In my case i need to load Main DLL which is containing this Abstract class ,needs to loded as per the Registry key status. I mean it'll load in runtme .

So as per suggestion ,in a new dll i need to inherit a class from this Abstract class . And then i need to load this new dll in my application.
This is my understanding .If i'm right ,then it seems to be nice way.

I feel in this way my application will load 2 DLLs directly & indirectly ,which may cause performance issue. I am not sure.

If you have any suggestion\ remark then please share.

litu kumar 21-Jan-13 1:17am View
Dear Sergey Alexandrovich,

I'm very much clear about the OPPS concept. I supposed to add a line in my Question ,as per oops concept we cann't instntiate a Abstract class object.

But i able to create object of this same Abstract class of this same Dll in C++\CLL.
If you have idea about "gcroot<>" concept , i used in C++\CLL.

Hence like above case,is there any way we can able to create Abstract class object & can access it's data members in C#

Even if i add this same assembly in project-portieres, i able to create object & access its members.

I need to load this at runtime from a particular location. Because if multiple version of the same DLL is present , we need to use the active dll version.
Hence i able to load dynamically the active DLL , as per the Registry value set by our application.

So we need to load this dll & invoke this abstract class's member at run-time.
I know it may not be possible, but still wondering such C# Class\API which can handle this.

If you any idea ,then kindly share.