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Comments by daghune (Top 47 by date)

daghune 15-Apr-15 3:36am View    
i want to create a filterbar control that developer design it in form design time and add every controls it want to it
then in runtime at top of form it locate and user fill filtervalues and when fires search button in code we get filtervalues and pass to dataaccess layer.
i found that FlowLayoutPanel is good for adding controls to it
daghune 11-Apr-15 1:26am View    
thanks ,do you have any good and brief source to learn usercontrols and custom controls programming ?
daghune 11-Apr-15 1:03am View    
i dont have any idea to implement this usercontrol , i need some help
for sizing controls on usercontrol , for example if i add them to usercontrol with On a TableLayOutPanel how it feel when for resize and ....
or is there any better idea to add them to usercontrol?
daghune 11-Apr-15 0:56am View    
windowsform. i want to have a usercontrol that can init it controls customize
for example one form need some filter controls another needs some another filtercontrols
and then user submit search button i get controls value to filter in Database query
daghune 8-Oct-14 4:46am View    
Thanks For Help , Great Idea . It Never Receive In My Mind ...