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daghune 15-Apr-15 3:36am View
i want to create a filterbar control that developer design it in form design time and add every controls it want to it
then in runtime at top of form it locate and user fill filtervalues and when fires search button in code we get filtervalues and pass to dataaccess layer.
i found that FlowLayoutPanel is good for adding controls to it
daghune 11-Apr-15 1:26am View
thanks ,do you have any good and brief source to learn usercontrols and custom controls programming ?
daghune 11-Apr-15 1:03am View
i dont have any idea to implement this usercontrol , i need some help
for sizing controls on usercontrol , for example if i add them to usercontrol with On a TableLayOutPanel how it feel when for resize and ....
or is there any better idea to add them to usercontrol?
daghune 11-Apr-15 0:56am View
windowsform. i want to have a usercontrol that can init it controls customize
for example one form need some filter controls another needs some another filtercontrols
and then user submit search button i get controls value to filter in Database query
daghune 8-Oct-14 4:46am View
Thanks For Help , Great Idea . It Never Receive In My Mind ...
daghune 8-Oct-14 4:43am View
Excuse me man , I am Beginner ...
daghune 2-Jun-14 0:51am View
Thank You Prasad It Works .....
daghune 23-Jul-13 4:06am View
In Some Links Said That Maybe of Installing VS2010 SP1 , and I Do That and Not Resolve My Solution , And Also I Have Problem Crashing Visual Studio Somethimes When I m Working With Report Designer and There Too I Cant Add DataSource , Also Some Off My Public Classes Dosent Show In List of DataSources Tab Of Visual Studio , These Are My Relative Problem With My Visual Studio 2010 ....
Thanks For your Focus ,
daghune 23-Jul-13 4:03am View
In My Projects When I Want To Add Data Source In That Dialog Are Some Choice (DataBase,Service,Objects,Sharepoint) and I select "Objects" i Got This Error,
daghune 21-Nov-12 1:24am View
Thank You...
daghune 21-Nov-12 1:03am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thank You
Really Man Of Science
daghune 27-Sep-12 1:19am View
Not A Complex Code Only Write C#
dgv.Rows[inx].Selected = true;
dgv.FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = inx;
this Code On Up And Down KeyDown On The Form, But Mouse Wheel Prob?????
daghune 26-Sep-12 3:34am View
Yes I Got It When You Was As A Child,But When I Want To Set Tab It show zero for twice item on form User Control And DatagridView
daghune 5-Sep-12 1:19am View
If we load Transaction by first row that its ISValidData is false,In a situation that a user open that form for add data to table and until he click on save button , another user open that form ,now two user Simultaneously are putting differ data in a single row????????
daghune 5-Sep-12 1:10am View
thank you
daghune 4-Sep-12 1:47am View
how it use?
i give error when use:
daghune 4-Sep-12 0:54am View
but i have not this method when typed:
this method is not there
daghune 4-Sep-12 0:41am View
excuse me for my questions,
what is DataBind() methods??
i have not it??
daghune 4-Sep-12 0:39am View
excuse me for my questions ,
what is DataBind() method
i have not it
daghune 4-Sep-12 0:27am View
now problem is nothing show in gridview???
what should i do ?
please help me
daghune 4-Sep-12 0:17am View
when i use query like your query compiler give me this Erroe:
Error 2 'Domain.Model.Financial' is a 'type' but is used like a 'variable'
daghune 1-Sep-12 5:48am View
thanks Mika
daghune 30-Aug-12 5:50am View
thanks pro
daghune 30-Aug-12 5:37am View
The scientist has to publish his knowledge and Ignorant people are scared of publishing their knowledge................
daghune 30-Aug-12 5:33am View
daghune 30-Aug-12 4:38am View
could you write for me c# code that use this sp and fill datagridview with it??
daghune 30-Aug-12 3:42am View
thank you _Amy
daghune 30-Aug-12 3:39am View
@source Table output
SELECT p.Id,p.Name,p.Family,f.DebtValue,f.BestankarValue
into source
from tbl_PersonInfo p join Financial f
on p.Id = f.FinancialPersonID
daghune 29-Aug-12 0:53am View
Thank you very much , it really help me
daghune 26-Aug-12 0:31am View
but my datasource has some record and when i pass them to datagridview it datasource get them but dont show dont show!!!!!!!!!!!
daghune 26-Aug-12 0:30am View
thank you man
daghune 22-Aug-12 23:33pm View
thnak you man
daghune 22-Aug-12 3:27am View
A multiLine TextBox in my form for Description Text inputed by user
daghune 22-Aug-12 2:04am View
it dose not work man,is there any way differ?????
daghune 22-Aug-12 1:46am View
How in Code?
daghune 22-Aug-12 1:45am View
it dosent work
daghune 22-Aug-12 1:06am View
my code is:
private void textBox3_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Enter)
textBox3.Text += Environment.NewLine;
daghune 16-Aug-12 2:48am View
A ((textbox)) that is multiline,not masked,a normal textbox
daghune 16-Aug-12 2:37am View
daghune 15-Aug-12 3:52am View
what is meaning of multilayer program????????
big sh*t it is N-Tier programming.
second is database==datagridview ??????
you say database(datagridview) it is only hell man
go and read some book about your work,programming is not TAVIZ ROGHAN ke hamash ba tajrobe be dast miad , programming faghat 50% tajrob ast va 50% motalee,az ma goftan bud,(((man ham saram be sang khorde mikhaym beram samte motaleye ketab))).age sakhtemun az paye kaj bashe ta 100 tabaghash kaj mire bala,bayad payasho ghavi koni ta mituni ta khun tu ragate,
daghune 15-Aug-12 2:45am View
my boss said me to implement this mechanism to make application's users work faster.I have no choice,man
daghune 14-Aug-12 7:03am View
thank you alot man
daghune 14-Aug-12 6:59am View
tanx man ,nice help
daghune 13-Aug-12 4:52am View
i have a prob that i dont have these interfaces you use (Ibuttincontrol,webcontrol,Ip...)
what can i do?
daghune 13-Aug-12 3:53am View
daghune 13-Aug-12 3:53am View
daghune 13-Aug-12 1:26am View
thank you very much.