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Comments by cutie1 (Top 19 by date)

cutie1 24-Sep-12 0:37am View    
It is ur service url.The service reference which u add.. something with extension .svc
cutie1 15-Sep-12 1:20am View    
Yes I Have defined my webinvoke attribute with Method="GET".When I use content-type:application/json its not showing any response..I don't know where Iam I going wrong?
cutie1 13-Sep-12 0:57am View    
Thank u for ur links...
cutie1 11-Sep-12 3:56am View    
k .Thank u
cutie1 11-Sep-12 3:04am View    
Thank u .But when I add like this the rows are jumbled.They are not in the order like the ones Iam inserting.How can I get in the order in which I insert?