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Member 9346617 18-May-23 6:40am View    
Yes. I have already set it to SimSun.
Member 9346617 18-May-23 6:13am View    
<textbox name="textbox3">



This is how I am adding the text box and setting it's properties.
Member 9346617 18-May-23 6:01am View    
Thanks for your reply.
I have taken the datatype of column as "nvarchar" and I can save chinese characters properly in database. I can also retrieve them very well. But while showing it on rdl report, it's showing as "?????"
I tried setting the language of the designer under Localization as "zh-CN" and also set the same language for the text box but still it didn't help me.
Member 9346617 18-May-23 1:02am View    
Yes. In control panel, I can see that SimSun font was already installed.
Even I tried adding the chinese language in browser but still no luck.
Appreciate your thought on this.
Member 9346617 9-Apr-19 1:11am View    
Thanks Richard. It worked for me.