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keerthana.k 28-Apr-14 4:13am View
In textbox support only number not text.Can you please tell me how to debug the code in mobile browser. Thanks for reply
keerthana.k 11-Apr-14 4:13am View
so there is no way for getting mobile device id?
keerthana.k 11-Apr-14 2:18am View
above code where to add ,either master or login page.after login only go to any page.
keerthana.k 11-Apr-14 2:17am View
Hi Cheta Pandya,
I used <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" /> code in master page but not working.
keerthana.k 10-Apr-14 5:22am View
Hi Tadit Dash,
I was developed web site application in mobile.I need to get unique id from any mobile device. That unique id stored in database.Please help me.Its urgent.Thanks for your reply.
keerthana.k 10-Apr-14 5:16am View
Hi Guruprasad,
I did not use the windows apps but i got the code from net and i tried only. I need to get unique id from mobile.I developed a website using That unique id stored in database.Can you please help me. Thanks for advance.
keerthana.k 10-Apr-14 4:09am View
Hi vyas_pratik20,
My question is how to get the mobile device unique id.Can you please give some idea to get unique id.I am new to this topic.I tried but not getting. Advance thanks your reply. Its urgent.
keerthana.k 10-Apr-14 2:38am View
can you give example or link how to get device id from mobile using server side logic
keerthana.k 9-Apr-14 4:17am View
give any other idea to get unique id using third party
keerthana.k 9-Apr-14 3:48am View
Hi Tadit dash,
Is it possible for get unique id of mobile using
keerthana.k 9-Apr-14 2:47am View
i got execption in t.Initialize(); line
keerthana.k 9-Apr-14 2:45am View
Hi Wes Aday,
Actually I added the Tapi.dll and reference also. I created one aspx page and the code But I got above exception.So i don't know how to fix the exception.Please guide me how to solve the above issue.Thanks for reply.
keerthana.k 9-Apr-14 2:08am View
I got below the exception,
Type 'OpenNETCF.Tapi.LINEINITIALIZEEXPARAMS' cannot be marshaled as an unmanaged structure; no meaningful size or offset can be computed.
keerthana.k 9-Apr-14 2:02am View
Hi Guruprasad,
Above code worked on any os or else only windows os. Thanks for you reply.
keerthana.k 8-Apr-14 6:53am View
after adding the namespace, i'm getting an error "The name 'AppSettings' does not exist in the current context ". Plz help
keerthana.k 8-Apr-14 6:46am View
i used web site application
keerthana.k 8-Apr-14 6:45am View
My First Questions is where to add the above code. i added the tapi.dll in bin folder and add the references aslo.
keerthana.k 8-Apr-14 6:07am View
Hi vsrikanth87,
I am little bit confused about that code and where to put the code.Can you please explain the full flow of the code and give some examples.Thanks for sharing your reply.
keerthana.k 8-Apr-14 5:51am View
I am little bit confused about where to add the code and I cant understand the flow. Can you please explain full flow of the code.
keerthana.k 8-Apr-14 4:55am View
Hi rage
But Some link wrote like using Tapi .dll to get IMEI number.
please refer above link and give your suggestion.
Thanks for reply.
keerthana.k 26-Aug-13 23:36pm View
using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf8;
using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf8.Atoms;
using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf8.Internal;
using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf8.Objects;
using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf8.Operations;

I am using abc pdf in dot net
keerthana.k 31-Jan-13 1:10am View
give me some examples
keerthana.k 31-Jan-13 1:10am View
give me some examples
keerthana.k 31-Jan-13 1:09am View
give some examp[les
keerthana.k 24-Jan-13 1:23am View
its works but dynamic div placed outside the whole div
keerthana.k 24-Jan-13 1:01am View
i also include the jquery links
keerthana.k 23-Jan-13 8:14am View
i have div inside another div if i click the addnnewbutton the div is place outside the parent div .please help me its very urgent
keerthana.k 23-Jan-13 4:05am View
now i send my html code. after you will tell your idea. i am confused.
keerthana.k 17-Jan-13 8:18am View
sorry i posted mistakenly,dynamically set the div position while getting the values from database using jquery
keerthana.k 17-Jan-13 8:15am View
sorry i posted mistakenly,dynamically set the div position while getting the values from database using jquery
keerthana.k 7-Jan-13 4:36am View
hi sandeep

can you send one example for xmlhttprequest. i am new this topic.what is the main purpose for using this.
keerthana.k 4-Jan-13 0:54am View
Hi Sandeep Mawara

I need controls not for div. for example a panel contain label, text box, drop down list.These control are drag and drop to the another panel only the copy of the controls are moved to this panel.
keerthana.k 3-Jan-13 5:31am View
i saw this link.
i need for html controls . it works only for div.
keerthana.k 13-Aug-12 6:33am View
thank you so much can you explain what is
keerthana.k 13-Aug-12 2:36am View
i know how to refrsh the page but my questions is if the user enter the time in textbox then how it will be set the default time using javascript
keerthana.k 13-Aug-12 2:34am View
i tried but i did not get the full answer
keerthana.k 13-Aug-12 2:33am View
i need javascript only dont use any other lang
keerthana.k 13-Aug-12 2:19am View
if user enter the time means it will set the default time then page should refresh every time(user specified) but i dont know how to set user time as default time
keerthana.k 13-Aug-12 2:15am View