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Comments by anbujeremiah (Top 5 by date)

anbujeremiah 12-Feb-14 12:18pm View    
hi sir how come are you able to do so many certifications ... is it without dumps.?

i am planning to do MCSD ... kindly advice
anbujeremiah 3-Sep-13 20:18pm View    
so FROM clause will act as WHERE clause ?
anbujeremiah 27-Jun-13 5:33am View    
Thanks Johannes.

i have another doubt, in your last line ... you mentioned

and you can do the same to point to an already "specialized" (non-generic) method

void AnotherMethod(int id) {}

Do you mean AMethod is AnotherMethod or both different methods

Also PointGtypeMethod(function pointer) will it point to AnotherMethod ?

Many Thanks
anbujeremiah 22-May-13 1:34am View    
Hi mahesh bailwal

i am getting,

ReferenceError: $ is not defined
Source File: http://localhost:2682/ACC.WEB/script/Blank.js
Line: 2
anbujeremiah 2-May-13 22:32pm View    
can u please explain / give example for User A , User B