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Member 9361273 19-Mar-17 4:58am View
this is not clear for me.i am confused that how those all data insert in array what dimentional array should i use?
Member 9361273 26-Oct-16 2:00am View
First of all thanks for the solution.
I know it but here i want to know how can I change all input type inside div 1.
Member 9361273 31-Jul-16 5:52am View
yess its working when use jquery.but i need in javascript solution
Member 9361273 31-Jul-16 5:37am View
i have to use javascript
Member 9361273 9-Jun-16 4:29am View
Member 9361273 9-Jun-16 3:48am View
its readyState is always get 1 thats why stateChanged() can not work properly.So why it show 1
Member 9361273 10-May-16 7:49am View
Thank you.But i have another solution
i use

Member 9361273 10-May-16 7:29am View
Thank you for your answer.Then how can i solve this problem
Member 9361273 4-May-16 5:20am View
ok here i want to fetch those data which have 'ban' pattern and first i want to show those words which start with 'ban' pattern and then want to show those word which have 'pattern' in middle or last
Member 9361273 19-May-15 3:47am View
Application state is one of the ways available to store some data on the server and faster than accessing the database.
void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
Application["Message"] = "Welcome to my Website";

The data stored on the Application state is available to all the users(Sessions) accessing the application
Member 9361273 19-May-15 3:35am View
no i am talking about application state in project that is: Application["sdfsdg"]= "dfgdfG"
Member 9361273 18-May-15 6:23am View
infact i have already done it and it is working but when but when many user hit the same page in same time, in that time this problem is shown "The process cannot access the file". how can i solve this problem
Member 9361273 18-May-15 1:37am View
Infact this code is working fro sing user but in case of many user, in same time, the process of writing operation in text file remain busy and that time other user cannot access the text file. so what should i do??
Member 9361273 24-Mar-15 2:54am View
Column Name datatype Allow nulls
ID int no
LoggedIn smalldatetime no
LoggedInFrom tinyint no

this is the table design
and sample data is shown below:

ID LoggedIn LoggedInFrom
1 2015-02-20 11:48:00 1
2 2013-02-20 11:48:00 2
3 2013-02-21 11:48:00 2

and my my query is:
,COUNT(LoggedInFrom) AS Device
FROM User_log_Info
WHERE LoggedIn BETWEEN '03/20/2015 00:00:00' AND '03/22/2015 23:59:59'
AND LoggedInFrom = 1

Member 9361273 23-Mar-15 5:37am View
Yes its working well but it also show the data of 03/23/2015 though i want to show data between '03/20/2015 00:00:00' AND '03/22/2015 23:59:59'
Member 9361273 31-Dec-14 0:05am View
thanks sisir.i solved my problem.
Member 9361273 30-Dec-14 4:20am View
Thanks Sisir Patro i did it but in this way i cannot findout absolute this way my result is: division=Dhaka&pg=1&keyword=bba&ln=1& where an extra deliminator has added in string. my code is:
querystring = id=571889&division=Dhaka&pg=1&keyword=bba&ln=1;
string[] arr = querystring.Split('&');
var items1 = arr.Skip(1);
StringBuilder surl = new StringBuilder();
foreach (String s in items1)
surl.Append(s + "&");
Member 9361273 9-Dec-14 23:53pm View
Thanks to Parveen Kumar after debugging I could find out my problem.