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Comments by Justin Shepertycki (Top 6 by date)

Justin Shepertycki 20-Mar-14 16:44pm View
You're right, my question was too vague. I did mention that the application was trying to run from a Share in my solution, but again I could have been more clear. Appreciate your input!
Justin Shepertycki 20-Mar-14 16:33pm View
The reason why moving the solution to the local D Drive worked was because when I put the application folder on my desktop, I had forgotten that our desktop is stored on our network share so our environment is consistent; no matter which computer we use to log in within our network. Because it was not on my local machine and actually on the server, the WPF designer could not resolve the dependency. That is the error that Microsoft is aware of apparently, and they have been aware of it for some time now, the just haven't patched it yet. That is what I was told by the MSDN representative.

Everything in the solution is relative. It is portable to any location. I could have put it on a USB drive and it would have worked just fine. I was just unaware of the issue involving LAN Shares and WPF Solutions.
Justin Shepertycki 20-Mar-14 14:37pm View
I do see and 100% agree with your point. Honestly it truly was the way that it was expressed. I'm widely open to others disproving any solution I may present. I'd much rather someone tell me I'm wrong with good reason, then let it slide and I continue to repeat my mistakes. As long as it is disproved in a respectful and professional manner, I will offer the same respect and gratitude in return. I say we mark this disagreement as a misunderstanding of each other, and maybe we can both take something away from this discussion.
Justin Shepertycki 20-Mar-14 14:16pm View
I enjoy constructive criticism. It's the best way to learn in my opinion. Maybe it's a language barrier thing, and if it is I apologize. Clearly I was willing to accept help considering I got help from the MSDN team, so your comment on that is moot. And you may have offered a valid solution, but you present your solutions like a jerk, as if you think your better than everyone else. Which in the end, has clearly caused more problems than they have solved. I appreciate your knowledge, that does not mean I appreciate you. Good day.
Justin Shepertycki 20-Mar-14 13:47pm View
You have some anger issues. Look, I'm very new to WPF. I hope to god you're not some sort of instructor cause with that attitude you'd have to pay me to be in that class. I ended up getting a personal response from the MSDN guys and he said that my XAML was correct, and that opening a project on a LAN Share has been an issue in the WPF designer for a long time now. So before you start on another one of your temper tantrums, try some constructive criticism, not an all out verbal beating.
Justin Shepertycki 17-Apr-13 14:08pm View
Sorry I should note that I am using MS SQL Server 2012 Express with this connection.

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