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Member 9374423 28-Jan-21 8:15am View    
This is very close, but all the "cake" need to appear under Cake, all the "3Cak" need to appear there as well,
Member 9374423 22-Jan-21 2:40am View    
Thank you so very much!
Member 9374423 20-Jan-21 8:21am View    
So what would this regex look like?
Member 9374423 20-Jan-21 8:20am View    
Regex in SQL? I've never heard of this, let me google a bit
Member 9374423 20-Jan-21 8:10am View    
Nope, The characters shared can be anywhere, and I don't know the 4 characters before hand, the query must find it, so Lik won't work. Thank you