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Comments by xErvender (Top 17 by date)

xErvender 27-Oct-12 10:15am View
can you post the code?
xErvender 22-Oct-12 12:25pm View
check the spaces between where and [Man_ID].. "where [Man_Id]"
xErvender 22-Oct-12 12:22pm View
check ur table if there is a column [Man_ID].
xErvender 15-Oct-12 23:29pm View
xErvender 3-Oct-12 21:38pm View
U can use Randomize
xErvender 29-Sep-12 9:43am View
use gmail acc..and use gmail server..
xErvender 27-Sep-12 11:09am View
Recip = Recipients
Subj = Subject
Msg = Message
FromAdd = From(ur gmail account)
Pass = Password
xErvender 25-Sep-12 3:23am View
ask google
xErvender 25-Sep-12 1:22am View
select count(*),Medal from table group by medal
xErvender 24-Sep-12 22:40pm View
try to use DataTable
xErvender 24-Sep-12 22:32pm View
select * from table where datecolumn = systemdate
xErvender 24-Sep-12 22:27pm View
we can help,but we cant create the code for you
xErvender 24-Sep-12 1:58am View
use double ' when inserting
xErvender 24-Sep-12 0:02am View
use sql query

select count(column) from table group by (column)
xErvender 23-Sep-12 23:50pm View
your sql query pls
xErvender 23-Sep-12 23:27pm View
@kenneth Huagland the sub conn is the sql connection..

btw thx for reply guys
xErvender 23-Sep-12 23:22pm View
i dont have error.. the query is correct because i have a datagridview in the form to make sure the query is correct..but i dont need the datagridview in form.. i need to pass the data of MyDataTable in _Data.