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KAUTIKPATEL 11-Oct-14 0:15am View

open this link...and in link see output result should be in my Excel file using merge
KAUTIKPATEL 10-Oct-14 9:08am View    
m Stuck on
in datatable same row should be Merge in excel file
when excel file is created...

Invoice_No party
SE60018 Hardi Sachapara
SE60018 Hardi Sachapara
SE70038 Hardi Sachapara

Hardi Sachapara should merge in single cell like

Invoice_No party
SE60018 |-------------------
SE60018 | Hardi Sachapara |
SE70038 | |
above situation should be in excel

KAUTIKPATEL 28-Mar-14 1:49am View    
KAUTIKPATEL 28-Mar-14 1:49am View    
nice one...
KAUTIKPATEL 28-Mar-14 1:35am View    
Nice one man
by calculation is like :
Convert.ToInt32(TextBox1.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox2.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox3.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox4.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox5.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox6.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox7.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox8.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox9.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox10.Text) Convert.ToInt32(TextBox11.Text);

where even textbox is contain Calculation sign retrieving from database

your solution is better for calculation of two value but i have calculate same value with 10 to 12 value.