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Comments by Mohammad A. Amer (Top 16 by date)

Mohammad A. Amer 13-Apr-17 8:22am View
I did not find any this show me the accepted solution and as my submitted save my day when searching for the issues i want to submit it and i didn't see the date of the question.
Mohammad A. Amer 16-Nov-16 2:43am View
Okay, but there is some dependencies for package is 5.0.6. so how to make all my code have 5.0.6.
Mohammad A. Amer 19-Mar-16 17:01pm View
Is there a difference between them? and any way specifically I means how long before they are logged out.
Mohammad A. Amer 19-Mar-16 8:11am View
thanks for your reply, I don't use Web Hosting Service so the client manage it by self and I use Cookies in my Code and my issue is the session still work properly and didn't time out and I want it to be timed out after a 15 minutes.
Mohammad A. Amer 5-Apr-15 5:45am View
It was a solution about deploying images, scripts and style Sheets to a library in SharePoint 2010
Mohammad A. Amer 12-Mar-15 8:04am View
I am using IE 11
Mohammad A. Amer 23-Nov-14 5:27am View
I am using Visual Studio 2013, So .NET 4.5 already installed and does't appear in the target frameworks.
Mohammad A. Amer 13-Oct-14 4:10am View
Thanks for your quick response but I want to do the reverse by setting the viewbag in the partial view and check its value in the action result.
Or by other meaning I want to check the title of the partial view in my action result.
Mohammad A. Amer 29-Sep-14 4:50am View
Thank you very match...
Mohammad A. Amer 29-Sep-14 4:41am View
I already make it but doesn't work. I have two begin forms as I cleared above and I think that its the problem.
Mohammad A. Amer 29-Sep-14 4:09am View
okay, but I have a begin form contain the partial view and it make it doesn't work because the "httpPostedFileBase" always equal null.

@using (Html.BeginForm("SuggestedProjectReviewing", "Project", FormMethod.Post, new { id = "submitForm" }))

<div class="form-group">
<div class="col-md-offset-2 col-md-10">
<input type="submit" value="Email Company" name="Approve" class="btn btn-default" />
<input type="submit" value="Register Study Data" name="Refuse" class="btn btn-default" />
Mohammad A. Amer 19-Jun-14 1:27am View
okay thank you, it's good but this is what I got but my needs to make it advanced search search for more than one criteria and customize the results of the search.
Mohammad A. Amer 12-Apr-14 12:04pm View
No, I haven't.
Mohammad A. Amer 25-Mar-14 7:01am View
yes, but not worked with me.
Mohammad A. Amer 25-Mar-14 5:34am View
how can I use it as i want the same characters in the query string to search the db by them?
Mohammad A. Amer 24-Mar-14 9:14am View
when my query string has a value in Arabic language like "key=رياضه" the value changed and become ????????