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Comments by AdityaBohra (Top 12 by date)

AdityaBohra 28-Mar-14 4:09am View
Ok then, Thanks Mehdi
AdityaBohra 28-Mar-14 3:54am View
Thanks Mehdi,
But I don't need this thing, because what happen if user installed a new "media application" or the application which not defined in my code. Then what , my code fails will be failed on that point. Anyways thanks for your response.
AdityaBohra 10-Mar-14 8:22am View
Thanks Richard
AdityaBohra 10-Mar-14 6:57am View
Sorry phil,
Thanks for response but I can't share the code. Can you please tell me the main reasons of this problem and their solution,so I can get some help in this thing.
AdityaBohra 4-Mar-14 1:57am View
I didn't get you, can you please elaborate.
AdityaBohra 17-Feb-14 3:07am View
No thanks, I already completed my work.
AdityaBohra 15-Feb-14 6:03am View
Damn sure.
AdityaBohra 15-Feb-14 1:00am View
Thanks Vedat, I searched before posting but this link was not visible to me.
AdityaBohra 15-Feb-14 0:59am View
Thanks Maarten, it's worked. But I don't understand what want to ask.
AdityaBohra 14-Feb-14 7:14am View
Thanks Richard, but I have already seen it and it is not so useful for me.
AdityaBohra 11-Feb-14 3:42am View
Thanks Snehasish, It's work and done what I really want.
AdityaBohra 27-Jan-14 12:41pm View
Thanks Bill