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Comments by SalouaK (Top 25 by date)

SalouaK 29-May-13 5:58am View    
Did you try to get the information of the file usinf FileInfo ?
SalouaK 29-May-13 4:33am View    
Thank u lot that's exactly what i was looking for :)
SalouaK 29-May-13 4:17am View    
without reconnect
SalouaK 28-May-13 11:17am View    
I did write a function , i will edit my question so u will be able to see it, but i stii have the same issue , i have to connecte for everyWebrequest, is there a way to send all the files but without connect and deconnect ?
SalouaK 28-May-13 8:09am View    
yes i think so to, i said i can not use asynchronous function , i need to only send a file a time and when the upload is finished go to the next file ....