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Comments by Trilok Arora (Top 5 by date)

Trilok Arora 3-Oct-12 17:26pm View    
In your code, you set the ForeColor to Red and never change the forecolor to any other color, but you are changing the backcolor based on IF condition. Thats why your forecolor is always Red
Trilok Arora 2-Oct-12 15:30pm View    
All I are trying to say is that you are contradicting yourself in the same post. I very well pointed it out but you do not want anyone point out your own mistake.

Anyways there is no point debating with a person who cannot accept criticism.

and Yes even I don't want to loose your time for further discussion.Thanks,
Trilok Arora 2-Oct-12 14:24pm View    
Read the line posted by you

' Basically, what we call a call of a method, could be called "sending a message" '

The above line contrdicts with you post earlier

' This is totally incorrect question, as most questions in the form "what is the difference between {0} and {1}". Isn't this obvious? '
Trilok Arora 2-Oct-12 14:05pm View    
Well, If I just read the reply you posted to me, then it is a very valid question asked initially.

You are just contradicting yourself... SORRY!!!
Trilok Arora 1-Oct-12 16:33pm View    
Hi Sergey,

Can you please explain why my answer was downvoted. It was not an incorrect answer.

The question asked here might be very basic but downvoting a CORRECT answer to a question needs an explaination.