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MT_ 5-Sep-16 12:54pm View    
it is just accessing table A "select colA from TableA" and checking if value is 'Updated' for further processing..
MT_ 16-Jan-16 15:42pm View    
For a moment, I got confused and was worried as I try to be very careful with language as I understand English is not first language for me and many other on CP.
MT_ 16-Jan-16 15:40pm View    
Mostly agree, one who wants to get to the source will reach it one way or other. However, obfuscation may prove deterrent for some of them or at-least make it a little difficult task. For example, ConfuserEx still quite difficult to break...
MT_ 23-May-15 4:34am View    
Thanks Mathi Mani, Much appreciate. Eventually, I took exact same path yesterday to achieve the goal and it worked out nicely. Thanks very much for ideas.
MT_ 22-May-15 3:01am View    
question was on how to have dynamic header names. Both you and solution posted below rightly pointed me to right direction of DataTable. Now only confusing is checking value of each row against required attribute of the XML. Thanks for reading the question and pointing to right direction.