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Comments by tlhIn`toq (Top 3 by date)

tlhIn`toq 25-May-15 10:53am View
25may2015 - Solution 1: Disable/enable task manager - Does not seem to work in Windows 10. MS probably overhauled the task manager, or moved the location for system policies registry value.
tlhIn`toq 10-Apr-15 8:11am View
Considering solution 1 isn't really a solution because it throws an exception and has been commented as such, common sense should tell ya that I was referring to solution 2. Since I was offering a new solution with code that does support 32bbp with alpha channel it seemed right to add it as a solution.
tlhIn`toq 12-Jul-11 12:42pm View
Reason for my vote of 3
Less of an 'article' and more of a 'snippet'