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Comments by aassaahh (Top 47 by date)

aassaahh 10-Nov-14 8:32am View    
how do i know which option to get selected ,since selected value will be coming from database. dataPO.Tables[2].Rows[i]["add_less"]
aassaahh 19-Aug-14 0:50am View    
i am able to use ResourceManager class
aassaahh 19-Aug-14 0:45am View    
when i tried this code "Resources.fileName.btnidNew.ToString()" it showing Resources was not found in the current context
aassaahh 23-Jul-14 6:28am View    
user will be able to write any javascipt code in the texbox and will press the button,the code written inside the texbox should be get executed for eg ,if a user write a script as "<div> alert will be called without mouseover or without click <script>alert() </div>" and press the button ,alert should be called .
aassaahh 23-Jul-14 6:22am View    
eval function is written in server side,i want user should write javascript code inside the textbox ,when wen user press enter ,the javascript function should get executed,