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Comments by David Goebet (Top 20 by date)

David Goebet 10-Sep-13 11:54am View    
if you put this in excel every "keyword" is a new cell -> or do you want to convert an excel file to a txt ?
David Goebet 10-Sep-13 9:38am View    
And i have not found your information :S
David Goebet 30-Aug-13 5:50am View    
a bracket to much ? (at the end)
David Goebet 29-Aug-13 3:27am View     CRLF
if its always the same syntax (the same string parts like "SAP" and ,"source" make a substring from the startpoint("SAP") to the (,"source") Endpoint
David Goebet 28-Aug-13 5:44am View     CRLF
if i put a test.pdf in three different locations and let this code run (MD5CryptoServiceProvider("Path\to\my\file.txt") i get three times the same hash (with three different locations(over 3 Harddrives) and the other file has another hash so i think its not to wrong