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Comments by David Goebet (Top 20 by date)

David Goebet 10-Sep-13 11:54am View
if you put this in excel every "keyword" is a new cell -> or do you want to convert an excel file to a txt ?
David Goebet 10-Sep-13 9:38am View
And i have not found your information :S
David Goebet 30-Aug-13 5:50am View
a bracket to much ? (at the end)
David Goebet 29-Aug-13 3:27am View
if its always the same syntax (the same string parts like "SAP" and ,"source"
make a substring from the startpoint("SAP") to the (,"source") Endpoint
David Goebet 28-Aug-13 5:44am View
if i put a test.pdf in three different locations and let this code run (MD5CryptoServiceProvider("Path\to\my\file.txt")

i get three times the same hash (with three different locations(over 3 Harddrives)
and the other file has another hash so i think its not to wrong
David Goebet 27-Aug-13 9:54am View
does your server/sql allow "anonymous" logons ?
David Goebet 27-Aug-13 5:37am View
you want to save an excel file you already have ?
David Goebet 27-Aug-13 5:35am View
what do you mean with "download"?
David Goebet 16-Jan-13 9:21am View
To get 3300 Different Entrys you just need 1 Weekday 3300 IDS and 1 Time :)
Or you'll need like 7 Weekdays, 5 Times and 95 IDS
Or you'll need like 7 Weekdays, 2 Times and 236 IDS

cause a user can only have 7 "Random" Days ~ what a challenge :D
David Goebet 20-Dec-12 7:02am View
What about a normal MsgBox (MessageBox) ?
David Goebet 5-Dec-12 9:20am View
so you want to try to read some special text in the "html-code" right ?
so you could search your string for a specific phrase

something like "<span> News News News </span>"
there you can search "<span>" ... read till "</span>"
David Goebet 22-Nov-12 5:38am View
what ?
what is the problem ?
David Goebet 22-Nov-12 5:28am View
if you see a BIG BAD DOWNLOAD BUTTON !!! click it :D

hm the easiest way would be if you explain where you wanna down and upload them and
where and why and THATS ILLEGAL and on and on and on :)

please be more specific
David Goebet 22-Nov-12 4:52am View
cant you filter your output ?
David Goebet 22-Nov-12 4:49am View
Are you sure you activated pop3 on gmail ?
David Goebet 21-Nov-12 9:54am View
then you have to extract the bounds of the form and then listen till your mouse cursor is in that area

and if this is still not what you wanted im totally clueless :D
David Goebet 14-Nov-12 1:57am View
as easy as it was ...
but THANK YOU Mister Nijboer :D
David Goebet 13-Nov-12 7:31am View
i think the only problem are the imports ...
but now im so motivated to get home !! ;)
David Goebet 13-Nov-12 7:29am View
If I get home i will try them -
if it will work ... ashes on my head ...

thank you <3
David Goebet 12-Oct-12 4:37am View
Reason for my vote of 5
thats cool stuff -
but it�s not nice to try to change the parental controls ... i mean kids could see it and ... use it ... why ... why did i not find this like 10 years ago damnit ... :D