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Member-515487 6-Feb-19 23:27pm View
I am looking for Service Bus partition key uses its just POC
Member-515487 19-Jan-17 1:25am View
How can closed this security defect
i am checking on client side extension also server side
is there any other way to get it done

user uploading file after changing extension
Member-515487 23-Sep-16 3:36am View
populating only
Member-515487 8-Aug-16 1:54am View
(function (app) {
app.controller('ReportCtrl', reportcntr);
function reportcntr($scope) {
$scope.safeApply = function (fn) {
var phase = this.$root.$$phase;
if (phase == '$apply' || phase == '$digest') {
if (fn && (typeof (fn) === 'function')) {
} else {
$scope.lstExtraSummaryModel = [];
$scope.extrafield = {};
$scope.extrafield.lstExtraSummaryModel = $scope.lstExtraSummaryModel
// working with $watch
//$scope.$watch('lstExtraSummaryModel', function (newValue, oldValue, $scope) {
// $scope.extrafield.lstExtraSummaryModel = $scope.lstExtraSummaryModel

//$scope.extrafield.push({'lstExtraSummaryModel': $scope.lstExtraSummaryModel });
$scope.lstFieldsList = [];

$scope.lstFormat = [];
$scope.lstSummaryType = [];
$scope.FieldName = '';
$scope.SummaryID = '';
$scope.SummaryType = '';
$scope.Caption = '';
$scope.FormatID = '';
$scope.FormatType = '';
$scope.FormatString = '';
$scope.ErrorMsg = '';
$scope.isUpdate = false;
$scope.removeRow = function (deleteindex) {
var index = -1;
if (index === deleteindex) {
$scope.ErrorMsg = 'Something gone wrong';
$scope.lstExtraSummaryModel.splice(deleteindex, 1);
if (!$scope.isUpdate) {
$scope.refresh = function () {
$scope.addRow = function () {
if ($('#frmCustomSummary').valid()) {
var data = _.where($scope.lstExtraSummaryModel, { 'Caption': $scope.Caption })
if (data.length == 0) {
data = _.where($scope.lstFieldsList, { 'FieldName': $scope.Caption })
if (data.length == 0) {
$scope.lstExtraSummaryModel.push({ 'FieldName': $scope.FieldName, 'SummaryID': $scope.SummaryID.Value, 'SummaryType': $scope.SummaryID.Text, 'Caption': $scope.Caption, 'FormatID': $scope.FormatID.Value, 'FormatType': $scope.FormatID.Text, 'FormatString': $scope.FormatID.Attribute });
$scope.FieldName = '';
$scope.SummaryID = '';
$scope.SummaryType = '';
$scope.Caption = '';
$scope.FormatID = '';
$scope.ErrorMsg = '';
if (!$scope.isUpdate) {

else {
$scope.ErrorMsg = 'Field Already Exist.';
else {
$scope.ErrorMsg = 'Caption Already Exist.';

$scope.clear = function () {
$scope.FieldName = '';
$scope.SummaryID = '';
$scope.SummaryType = '';
$scope.Caption = '';
$scope.FormatID = '';
$scope.ErrorMsg = '';
Member-515487 8-Aug-16 1:52am View
yes did
Member-515487 8-Aug-16 1:31am View
{ "lstExtraSummaryModel": [] }

no its giving me same

not updating

$scope.extrafield.lstExtraSummaryModel = $scope.lstExtraSummaryMode

as $scope.lstExtraSummaryMode changing

i am initaizing
$scope.extrafield.lstExtraSummaryModel = $scope.lstExtraSummaryMode
like this

(function (app) {
app.controller('ReportCtrl', reportcntr);
function reportcntr($scope)
$scope.extrafield ={};
$scope.extrafield.lstExtraSummaryModel = $scope.lstExtraSummaryMode // when i controller getting init is it right??

Member-515487 7-Aug-16 7:58am View
$scope.$watch('lstExtraSummaryMode', function (newValue, oldValue, $scope) {
$scope.extrafield.lstExtraSummaryModel = $scope.lstExtraSummaryMode
my both objects are same only
$scope.extrafield.lstExtraSummaryModel = $scope.lstExtraSummaryMode
so why this code is not working directly
Member-515487 6-Aug-16 13:22pm View
My code i want to improve with typescript
Can u please guide how i can do
Member-515487 6-Aug-16 13:15pm View
Member-515487 6-Aug-16 13:11pm View
No its not getting updated
Member-515487 6-Aug-16 13:09pm View
No its not getting updated its shows always 0 count
Member-515487 6-Aug-16 12:51pm View
Just like 2 way data binding i want it work with


I m updating or inserting rcords in $scope.lstExtraSummaryMod

If i change or add contains

It should effects on
Member-515487 4-May-16 5:58am View
Member-515487 16-Apr-16 3:38am View
not in SQL i want to do in CSHTML or c#
Member-515487 15-Apr-16 3:33am View
Definition was getting change datatype after xml conversion
Member-515487 31-Mar-16 1:29am View
any test connection string and code can you provide to test
Member-515487 8-Mar-16 4:55am View
adomdConnection.ConnectionString = "Data Source=; User Id = sa; Password = sa@1234;Initial Catalog =BILS;";

this is my link name "BILS"

adomdCommand.CommandText = "WITH MEMBER [Measures].[ParameterCaption] AS [ServiceOwner].[Owner].CURRENTMEMBER.MEMBER_CAPTION MEMBER [Measures].[ParameterValue] AS [ServiceOwner].[Owner].CURRENTMEMBER.UNIQUENAME MEMBER [Measures].[ParameterLevel] AS [ServiceOwner].[Owner].CURRENTMEMBER.LEVEL.ORDINAL SELECT {[Measures].[ParameterCaption], [Measures].[ParameterValue], [Measures].[ParameterLevel]} ON COLUMNS ,[ServiceOwner].[Owner].ALLMEMBERS ON ROWS FROM [IFLBIDSV]";
Member-515487 8-Mar-16 4:54am View
An unhandled exception of type 'Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.AdomdErrorResponseException' occurred in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.dll

this exception getting
Member-515487 20-Jan-16 10:19am View
no in iis auto i set windows but it gives pop up when i am accessing from client pc
Member-515487 20-Jan-16 10:00am View
but issues same i change to windows auth but it gives pop up
Member-515487 15-Dec-15 7:39am View
@"^[ A-Za-z0-9\[\]()*\-+/%]*$
Member-515487 15-Dec-15 7:11am View
parsing "^[ A-Za-z0-9()[\]+-*/%]*$/" - [x-y] range in reverse order.
Member-515487 15-Dec-15 7:05am View
[RegularExpression(@"/^[ A-Za-z0-9()[\]+-*/%]*$/", ErrorMessageResourceType = typeof(ResourceFiles.EntlEngine_Resource), ErrorMessageResourceName = "RuleEditorRegexValidation")]

it not working it giving u run time exception
Member-515487 19-Nov-15 23:58pm View
issues is that i m not understanding how to write custom client side validation
Member-515487 15-Mar-15 8:59am View
so ow can i proceed want to create dynamic views base on different model
Member-515487 18-Nov-14 7:33am View
No im not using Open XML.
I am using HTML table format to create the response in .xlsx format

HttpContext.Current.Response.Write("<Table border='1' bgColor='#ffffff' borderColor='#000000' cellSpacing='0' cellPadding='0' style='font-size:10.0pt; font-family:Calibri;'> <TR>");
int columnscount = dtHeader.Columns.Count;

for (int j = 0; j < columnscount; j++)
foreach (DataRow row in dtHeader.Rows)
for (int i = 0; i < dtHeader.Columns.Count; i++)

Member-515487 7-Nov-14 7:36am View
yes still not hitting method
Member-515487 12-Aug-14 0:16am View
i want it store in memory any how
Member-515487 11-Aug-14 8:46am View
i dont want to save it some file location i want to access from dll only i dont want to share data with client
Member-515487 7-Aug-14 6:40am View
Method 'Boolean Contains(System.String)' declared on type 'System.String' cannot be called with instance of type 'System.Int32'
Member-515487 7-Aug-14 6:36am View
Method 'Boolean Contains(System.String)' declared on type 'System.String' cannot be called with instance of type 'System.Int32'
Member-515487 5-Aug-14 8:21am View
yes i know
var containsMethodExp = Expression.Call(propertyExp, method, someValue);
on this line it gives error
Member-515487 18-Jun-14 4:25am View
i am getting proper array and getting src of img
Member-515487 18-Jun-14 4:00am View
please check
Member-515487 18-Jun-14 3:45am View
giving error name imgscr does not exist in current context
Member-515487 18-Jun-14 3:44am View
not working
Member-515487 10-May-14 5:21am View
any js needed?
Member-515487 7-May-14 6:04am View
but if i want user_photos email how can i get is their any permission have to set
Member-515487 5-May-14 8:20am View
what should i do try to find out in all cs and controller
Member-515487 5-May-14 4:25am View
not understood can base class method sealed
public sealed virtual void a()
Member-515487 26-Apr-14 3:07am View
i have done full page caching that's why after login also menu are not showing after login i am adding user specific Menu like change passwd update profile
Member-515487 11-Apr-14 13:55pm View
Actually my problem is that then I select any date from jquery date picker in dd/mm/yy mvc client side validn get call and get error as incorrect date textbox get red background
Member-515487 9-Apr-14 3:46am View
Member-515487 6-Apr-14 5:53am View
what will be your choice
if in machine test you have to do insert update delete with show result and with 2 table combine out put
you hv to do validtn and css also
time is 1 hr
Member-515487 6-Apr-14 5:48am View
Linq to sql or any entitifrmwrk internally uses class as we do in bussiness entity right ??(or follws opps concepts right?)
one interviewer say no
Member-515487 5-Apr-14 2:00am View
i want if user select any any city and save it then it show get selected
Member-515487 4-Apr-14 8:37am View
Templates can be used only with field access, property access, single-dimension array index, or single-parameter custom indexer expressions.
Member-515487 4-Apr-14 8:32am View
listing getting null
Member-515487 12-Feb-14 4:42am View
no other option??
Member-515487 5-Feb-14 4:26am View
no other option without dll
Member-515487 2-Feb-14 11:18am View
actually i am getting name as chkoptn

<input id="chkoptn" name="chkoptn" önchange="$(this).closest('form').submit();" type="checkbox" value="true">
Member-515487 7-Jan-14 1:15am View
yes i have use but row grouipng most of
Member-515487 7-Jan-14 1:05am View
i have updated my question
Member-515487 7-Jan-14 1:05am View
i have updated my question
Member-515487 7-Jan-14 1:04am View
i have updated my question
Member-515487 30-Dec-13 2:40am View
Serializable i have use because i am storing data in viewstate for further use
Member-515487 11-Nov-13 3:55am View
Attendance Table



MakeID Attendace_ID

May Makeup does not contain ID
Member-515487 29-Oct-13 10:04am View
it was iTextSharp error
Member-515487 29-Oct-13 9:58am View
Error oucurring in Perious solution

Script control 'UpdateProgress1' is not a registered script control. Script controls must be registered using RegisterScriptControl() before calling RegisterScriptDescriptors().
Parameter name: scriptControl
Member-515487 29-Oct-13 9:08am View
not geeting i want to send this pdf file
there is way to save this file in file strame
Member-515487 29-Oct-13 9:01am View
but i want to send it in Attachment file means i want to mail it
Member-515487 29-Oct-13 8:40am View
Uncaught Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: The handle is invalid

Google Chrome Console
Member-515487 30-Sep-13 6:00am View
not able to return this list var q
Member-515487 17-Aug-13 2:04am View
i want to get
like (1) asdfgh
(2) asdfgh
Member-515487 8-Aug-13 9:31am View
not working
Member-515487 29-Jul-13 9:50am View
same problem it give same it select 1st item only
Member-515487 17-Jul-13 12:45pm View
thanks its whats issue of anti virus
Member-515487 12-Jul-13 5:51am View
please give me if you have for 32 bit
Member-515487 12-Jul-13 4:51am View
yes not work
Member-515487 12-Jul-13 4:27am View
i have to dwnld Sql 2005 sp3 is it work with 2008 also
Member-515487 12-Jul-13 4:27am View
i have to dwnld Sql 2005 sp3 is it work with 2008 also
Member-515487 9-Jul-13 11:34am View
tried not working
Member-515487 9-Jul-13 11:33am View
not work
Member-515487 6-Jul-13 3:21am View
="<p align='justify'>dkgdi kvd vk;hg </p>" i try this its not working
Member-515487 1-Jul-13 3:06am View
According to I have create Dataset but its not showing in Report rdlc??
Member-515487 29-Jun-13 1:05am View
not getting
Member-515487 26-Jun-13 7:00am View
proc i have fuctn
Member-515487 12-Jun-13 7:18am View
no its not working

string _selectedText = ddlRole.SelectedItem.Text; text give me aby
when i m tring to select any one one of them
Member-515487 12-Jun-13 6:07am View
protected void ddlRole_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (ddlRole.SelectedItem.Value != "Operational user")
txtUser.ReadOnly = true;
txtUser.Text = ddlRole.SelectedItem.Text;
ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page, GetType(), "Disable", "Disable()", true);
else {
txtUser.ReadOnly = false;
txtUser.Text = "";
ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page, GetType(), "Enable", "Enable()", true);

its always shows me aby selected
Member-515487 12-Jun-13 5:39am View
because of same Vale field in more than 1 list item

when triggers fires ddlRole_SelectedIndexChanged its always shows me 1 st value as a selected one
Member-515487 12-Jun-13 4:46am View
if i select Sanjay or Raymond or Melvyn it
it always show be selected Text as Aby becuase of same value
Member-515487 12-Jun-13 4:46am View
if i select Sanjay or Raymond or Melvyn it
it always show be selected Text as Aby becuase of same value
Member-515487 13-May-13 1:55am View
i think it willl nt work i want to entire page load on click without refeshment
Member-515487 12-May-13 2:01am View
what will be d code for it

type: "POST",
url: "PageName.aspx",
data: "{}",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "json",
success: function(msg) {
Member-515487 12-May-13 1:58am View
page ony content info n small <14 kb img its live
having menu check it takeing 15 secs
Member-515487 9-May-13 4:18am View
how to do that
Member-515487 4-May-13 9:09am View
Member-515487 26-Apr-13 3:32am View
Member-515487 17-Apr-13 5:30am View
I want to RowSpan
Member-515487 9-Apr-13 6:37am View
no its nt wrking
Member-515487 9-Apr-13 1:09am View
Member-515487 8-Apr-13 4:01am View
if not exists(select
then 'aaa'
else 'bbb'
end as col1
from TBL_MARKS s)
select '1'

giving 1 as output
Member-515487 8-Apr-13 3:57am View
no bro its giving me Empty coloumn
Member-515487 3-Apr-13 10:02am View
which folder i have to config with iis
Member-515487 3-Apr-13 2:52am View
there was no no error in code because src and value getting change i hv check with alert but Object tag not getting refresh it work properly with Mozilla
Member-515487 2-Apr-13 7:24am View
it also work if i use c# method to do but not with script
Member-515487 2-Apr-13 7:20am View
yes but its was shown any error this code works for Firefox
Member-515487 21-Mar-13 8:23am View
and just set one background Image i want that Image Part should be shown on
border-color: #7A7A7A transparent;
Member-515487 21-Mar-13 8:20am View
i have take simple div havent taken any Image
Member-515487 15-Mar-13 0:59am View
Member-515487 12-Mar-13 4:21am View
Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming Mail Server: (SSL)
Outgoing Mail Server: (server requires authentication) port 587
Outgoing Mail Server: (SSL) (server requires authentication) port 465
Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, POP3S (SSL/TLS), IMAP, IMAPS (SSL/TLS)
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP, SMTPS (SSL/TLS)

I have tried with this
with local website
it work
when i smtp server as localhost and port as 25
but not working in live website
my server ip not proerly config
Member-515487 23-Feb-13 0:16am View
see i have uploaded my ashx file
n mymovie.mp4 it will work proper but when i am tring to use with ashx binary output write not working properly
Member-515487 12-Feb-13 0:45am View
Access to the path

'D:\INETPUB\VHOSTS\MyLocation\UploadAdvertise\nokia.jpg' is denied.
Member-515487 5-Feb-13 4:11am View
yes can u suggest how?
Member-515487 3-Feb-13 8:41am View
hierarchy count
how many childs have for each node
Member-515487 1-Feb-13 11:57am View
yes imgbutton is in datalist on mouse over i want to grab CommandArgment value that can make me help to bind other info
Member-515487 1-Feb-13 7:41am View
I want to fetch Value for that perticalar img button
Member-515487 1-Feb-13 7:39am View
how can i bind data for that particular ImgeButton means i want my EVAL(id)
Member-515487 17-Jan-13 13:39pm View
and horizontal format ?? means how letter on i want to add img of that Customer
Member-515487 17-Jan-13 13:24pm View
after that how to bind with tree view????
Member-515487 17-Jan-13 6:09am View
same issue i am facing i have done same Text getting cleared but when i am click on submit still values are showing in text box or coming from text which are clear
and i have taken all controls for text box and all buttons
Member-515487 17-Jan-13 3:08am View
dey aren't disable
Member-515487 3-Jan-13 6:04am View
what i want to show to the user grn no and sr no for his transaction in msg box
Member-515487 28-Dec-12 7:26am View
no its not working

i gives me 2 more record i have tried
Member-515487 20-Dec-12 23:23pm View
can u explain and how means shold i call this fuction global_asax.function() to all event ?
Member-515487 12-Dec-12 7:13am View
yes i have adddate column means when 1st record of particular item is added
Member-515487 11-Dec-12 6:27am View
Member-515487 11-Dec-12 6:05am View
ya but we can't have own button
like YES and NO or we cant focus on by default on NO
Member-515487 11-Dec-12 1:17am View
not working error at .replace
Member-515487 8-Dec-12 22:16pm View
invalid column name
Member-515487 4-Dec-12 8:34am View
i have changed name as per my dataset name
i cant choose prodname desc line
The BorderStyle expression for the text box ‘prod_name’ has a scope parameter that is not valid for an aggregate function. The scope parameter must be set to a string constant that is equal to either the name of a containing group, the name of a containing data region, or the name of a dataset.
this error came
Member-515487 3-Dec-12 5:24am View
yes that i know
Member-515487 28-Nov-12 3:08am View
what if i want to in place of empLanguage a number
it getting error Error converting data type varchar to numeric.
Member-515487 28-Nov-12 0:39am View
k it will work thnks
hv u done ssrs client to remote
Member-515487 27-Nov-12 23:45pm View
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tblItemMaster](
[item_grp_id] [numeric](3, 0) NOT NULL,
[item_code] [numeric](6, 0) NOT NULL,
[item_desc] [varchar](50) NULL,
[UOM] [varchar](3) NULL,
[MOQ] [numeric](9, 3) NULL,
[yield_percentage] [numeric](6, 2) NULL,
[item_spec] [varchar](200) NULL,
[addusername] [varchar](15) NULL,
[adddate_time] [datetime] NULL,
[modusername] [varchar](15) NULL,
[moddate_time] [datetime] NULL,
[item_code] ASC,[item_grp_id] ASC

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tblClosingStock](
[TRANTYPE] [varchar](9) NULL,
[item_code] [numeric](6, 0) NOT NULL,
[batch_no] [varchar](15) NULL,
[opening_qty] [numeric](9, 3) NULL,
[receipt_qty] [numeric](9, 3) NULL,
[issue_qty] [numeric](9, 3) NULL,
[closing_qty] [numeric](9, 3) NULL,
[last_grn_date] [date] NULL,
[last_iss_date] [date] NULL,
[addusername] [varchar](15) NULL,
[adddate] [datetime] NULL,
[modusername] [varchar](15) NULL,
[moddate] [datetime] NULL,)
Member-515487 27-Nov-12 23:19pm View
i have assign 2 primary keys in tblItemMaster as Item_grp_code and item_code
Member-515487 27-Nov-12 23:19pm View
i have assign 2 primary keys in tblItemMaster as Item_grp_code and item_code
Member-515487 18-Nov-12 23:09pm View
it will disable button behavior also
Member-515487 18-Nov-12 1:00am View
page getting submitted on press enter on textbox
Member-515487 16-Nov-12 3:46am View
thanks now its working
Member-515487 4-Nov-12 6:10am View
any u give me any code project for ref i m not getting
Member-515487 23-Oct-12 0:45am View
i want to transfer value popup to base page
if test() is remove den???