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Victor Rene 30-Jun-13 6:50am View
I have done this many times. Check network as sjelen stated. If connection string and network are OK, then you might have a permission problem. What you should test is to allow anyone to access the database/table. Once it works you can reduce permission levels. Also check this:
Victor Rene 30-Jun-13 6:43am View
Hmm... Difficult question. It is the default constructor that is launched at design time. If inside the constructor (of the Activity?) you add your method call, then something will happen. Is that what you need? I don't know.
Victor Rene 26-Jun-13 7:15am View
If you don't have a lot of experience with the design patterns, my advice would be to PRACTICE them. Then, you will understand the subtleties and will be able to make better design decisions. You need to fail to learn. Now if I were to do something like that I would try to not over-engineer and Keep It Simple Stupid! Use separation of concerns for data and visualization, you should be able to evolve the GUI if you need to later on.
Victor Rene 26-Jun-13 6:58am View
What is the scripting language of your server ? pHp, Python, Ruby, Perl ? Anything can work but it's not really possible to paste code if we don't know.
Victor Rene 14-Feb-13 4:53am View
I'm happy to know that was helpful.
Victor Rene 8-Feb-13 20:29pm View
That's true. Some things are missing:
- The property (which fires the event on update through the setter)
- EventArgs class
- Probably the syntax of the event is wrong. Either it's an anonymous function, or it's a regular function. Mixing things will not work.
Victor Rene 8-Feb-13 16:50pm View
It should be working. You create a new row, copy the fields, delete first row, insert new row at first row and then increment row index.

But I'm a lazy person. I use LINQ.
// Cast to IEnumerable and sort
IEnumerable<datarow> dataRows = dt.Rows.Cast<datarow>();
var sortedRows = from DataRow r in dataRows
orderby r["in_website_id"]
select r;

// Put back in
dt = sortedRows.CopyToDataTable();
Victor Rene 8-Feb-13 16:37pm View
What kind of graphical control do you use? Maybe you want to override a working calendar control? Or you want to create one from scratch?
Victor Rene 8-Feb-13 16:17pm View
Obtaining Directory Change Notifications (Windows)
ReadDirectoryChangesW function (Windows)
It would seem that you can only see if a file is renamed, removed, added or rewritten. But Windows is able to undo last Copy-Paste operation for example.
So Windows knows how where the file comes from, but maybe there is no public API.