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Comments by bjay tiamsic (Top 78 by date)

bjay tiamsic 16-Sep-20 5:00am View    
I updated it. Thank you.
bjay tiamsic 2-Sep-20 23:16pm View    
Hi Afzaal, I worked it out using AsyncFileUpload, the validations are now working as customized as desired.
However, the original problem is still occurring. The labels are found but empty
bjay tiamsic 2-Sep-20 21:56pm View    
My original problem posted here also exist in UploadComplete event of the AsyncFileUpload
bjay tiamsic 2-Sep-20 21:42pm View    
Hello Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, it's the only thing I found working to my requirements. My design is:

1. I have a nested gridview , one is the parent, the second gridview is inside.
2. The child gridview can have multiple rows for each month and user needs to upload payslip for each row. Each fileupload control is within an updatepanel
3. I used AsyncFileUpload but I could not meet the validation. (see my js codes below)
4. ASP fileupload button is not supported in updatepanel, this when it postbacks my expanded gridviewrow collapses .
bjay tiamsic 30-Aug-20 21:27pm View    
hello. it still does not work. I may have erased the equal sign whilst editing my post