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FourCrate 25-Dec-12 16:18pm View    
cheers guys
FourCrate 25-Dec-12 15:59pm View    
Thanks for your answer, I have never heard of this Unity Of Work so I am looking into it now.

Is there a more simpler way of re-adjusting my code without using design patterns although ultimately that's the way to go.
FourCrate 25-Dec-12 15:52pm View    
Hi, I totally understand about the string thing. It's just while I'm learning the MVC ideas, I am just doing 'quick' concatenating while I try to understand other stuff. This won't be the real thing lol
FourCrate 22-Dec-12 12:13pm View    
ok but so can user id be (a unique integer)
FourCrate 8-Dec-12 7:52am View    
Why do you think that VishwaKL?