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Abhishek Pant 9-Jan-16 23:18pm View
Hi Mika,
I have the same scenario as OP asked except the values inside 'in' clause are dynamic (I'm getting that from excel file upload) and I'm sending it on sp as '36,56,78,89,14'. So what would you recommend when sql server is still SQL Server 2008
Abhishek Pant 9-Oct-15 22:39pm View
I guess you need to write to generate macros in that case.
Abhishek Pant 9-Oct-15 22:35pm View
This is not the point to answer a question that had been asked 3 years ago.
If your point is it might help others but don't you thing we do have multiple search engines in the internet to understand better and with descriptive material.
Abhishek Pant 8-Oct-15 6:38am View
it becomes like data with cartesian product and I need all the columns as columns may vary in different conditions and I'm not known to column names as it is entered by a user from page
Abhishek Pant 8-Oct-15 6:36am View
yes it may vary in different scenario but at least one column will there as general prohibition.
Abhishek Pant 8-Oct-15 6:06am View
As per as my current condition the data is saved from a dynamic gridview have columns generated at runtime as according to parameterid for a table that I used in Tabular valued function. and as per as my requirement I have to show the expected result set in SSRS result set with the data I getting from that. So it would not be creating a relation if a user is entering rows and its columns dynamically from a gridview
Abhishek Pant 13-Aug-15 6:41am View
for rdlc files you need to deploy them on your local reporting server.
Abhishek Pant 12-Aug-15 3:38am View
see the errors coming below when you publish. please see the build block when you publish.
it will show 1 successful, 0 failed when successfully publish if not see the reason above the same it also displays the errors/exception while publishing.
Also check Is there any remaining common folder in the same directory.even you select delete all files before publish some files remains there specially "asset" folder.
also app_data/app_Images folder will not be published in the published folder.You have to copy them

Also please update the exception its shows when you publish
Abhishek Pant 12-Aug-15 3:13am View
you can create a iframe div overlap over video using javascript counter timer and show them above the video
Abhishek Pant 8-Aug-15 15:54pm View
just see the link and code from the sample and reference Aspose.Email DLL from the nugget package.
Also see
Converting message from EML to MSG format[^]
We are not suppose to do your homework and work for you.
This should not be the better option saying "I want source code". Writing code with help you further with the help of the sample code from link.
By the way what have you tried?
Abhishek Pant 8-Aug-15 15:45pm View
Abhishek Pant 7-Aug-15 10:05am View
what's aromatic fill in jquery?
Abhishek Pant 17-Jul-15 5:57am View
Abhishek Pant 17-Jul-15 4:54am View
Steps for what?
to create a jsp page using netbean, If yes refer
Creating a Simple Web Application Using a MySQL Database[^]
If not please explain your scenario
Abhishek Pant 16-Jul-15 7:34am View
Ha Ha Virtual 5. :)
Abhishek Pant 16-Jul-15 7:13am View
Code Project Quick Answers FAQ[^]
See third last point. this not not a way out to post answers for the 3 years old post.
Abhishek Pant 16-Jul-15 3:25am View
What is col1 col 2 col3 contains repeating count or id?
Abhishek Pant 16-Jul-15 1:41am View
just pass the parameter for the flag below your 1st parmater of dt1 passed.
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@flag", flag); //pass flag value here
Abhishek Pant 15-Jul-15 7:22am View
Abhishek Pant 15-Jul-15 6:55am View
Do not Post your comments as answer. further you can update above question by clicking 'Improve Question'.and If you have any comments post them in comment section of a question
Abhishek Pant 15-Jul-15 2:47am View
I think there is an option to generate reports in various format. like pdf,word,tif etc using report viewer.
Abhishek Pant 15-Jul-15 2:43am View
Please have a look to-
A Simple String Compression Algorithm[^]

Also please update your question and update what you have done so far, and explain about the scenario and technique you were using to get the output.
Abhishek Pant 13-Jul-15 7:26am View
Please have a look to -
Accessing Excel Spreadsheets via C++[^].
Also Please explain your question/scenario as we can't see your update your question.
Abhishek Pant 13-Jul-15 7:16am View
Its my please to help you can vote and accept as answer so that It might help others when they search across internet and website.
Abhishek Pant 13-Jul-15 6:50am View
it clearly describes that- "Could not find file 'External Assemblies\Interop.MSXML2.dll'" Please check the references
Abhishek Pant 29-Jun-15 2:25am View
Why dont' you use HtmlAgility pack for scrapping for extacting data from the website
Abhishek Pant 24-Jun-15 15:00pm View
My Pleasure :)
Abhishek Pant 24-Jun-15 1:33am View
Please have a look to this thread's answer here[^]
Abhishek Pant 23-Jun-15 5:12am View
Whats this question or Solution?(I suspect its a question). if this is the question; improve the question above than this using improve question link.
Abhishek Pant 23-Jun-15 5:04am View
Please do not post your comment as answer. Either improve the solution(using Improve solution link) or delete this.
further you can post your comment above.
Abhishek Pant 23-Jun-15 4:50am View
Repost of
Abhishek Pant 23-Jun-15 4:34am View
Please explain your scenario
Further as when you open up camera with the application it ask to choose the camera and microphone.
if you want to handle it manually please see-Use Multiple Cameras in one application[^]
Abhishek Pant 23-Jun-15 4:28am View
That's your choice to bind fields on page load you may opt to add or my not, if you do not need this you can also remove that or add other fields too.

In the above link(in comments) the Author added the .asmx(service) file in the the same project and uses CascadingDropDown component from ajax toolkit and call the service path and its ServiceMethod for loading the data.

Further if you require any pre-operation regarding the application startup and other ones.. you can add .asax file(Global.asax). But I guess you wanted to write about .asmx(service) file ,its not required to add that as its in the same project.
Abhishek Pant 17-Jun-15 10:29am View
Basically what's the issue you are facing on Splitting multiple emails.
Also for more concern if you are using the same method as"SendEmail.Email_With_CCandBCC" in the code please show us to reveal us more what's mess there..
Abhishek Pant 16-Jun-15 11:18am View
Abhishek Pant 16-Jun-15 11:15am View
Does it works for you so that I can post this as an answer that might help others while searching
Abhishek Pant 16-Jun-15 1:29am View
Could you please explain about- what you want to merge into? a zip folder or content of pdf to a zip file
Abhishek Pant 16-Jun-15 1:20am View
Abhishek Pant 15-Jun-15 7:36am View
I think that's of because of no disk space available[^]
Abhishek Pant 14-Jun-15 15:08pm View
see the link below by Andrak and can post your queries there for more clarifications for the issue.
Abhishek Pant 3-Jan-15 2:59am View
Do not post your comments as an answer Please post above in comments sections if you have any comments.
Abhishek Pant 3-Jan-15 2:25am View
If this will be used in a website this can be attained by jquery/ javascript:
this can be attained by jquery/javascript
6 jQuery & JavaScript PDF Viewer Plugin Examples [^]
Abhishek Pant 2-Jan-15 3:46am View
this is give me code attitude I think you should prefer googling first before posting questions here
YouTube Downloader Using C# .NET[^]
Hope you can transcript C# to
Abhishek Pant 1-Jan-15 10:05am View

Its a good solution.
Abhishek Pant 1-Jan-15 6:31am View
Abhishek Pant 1-Jan-15 6:04am View
Please have a look to this library jWlanScan[^]
Abhishek Pant 1-Jan-15 4:29am View
Did it helped?
Abhishek Pant 1-Jan-15 3:57am View
Please check that the Duplication of the bootstrap.js files or This can also be caused if you include bootstrap.js before jquery.js.
Abhishek Pant 1-Jan-15 3:51am View
When you pass please fetch values like this in a constructor as

public Form2(string strTextBox, string TxtEmail, string Txtaddress)
Abhishek Pant 1-Jan-15 3:33am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good article
Abhishek Pant 2-Nov-14 5:09am View
Abhishek Pant 2-Nov-14 4:03am View
Abhishek Pant 2-Nov-14 3:03am View
you may use cases in mysql for these multiple case to calculate
CASE [ expression ]

WHEN condition_1 THEN result_1
WHEN condition_2 THEN result_2
WHEN condition_n THEN result_n

ELSE result


just like you do in c#
Abhishek Pant 31-Oct-14 16:42pm View
Please have a look on Purchase Reminder and Limitations section under License Agreement[^]
Further this works on that url which you have purchased for.
Abhishek Pant 26-Aug-14 14:26pm View
try <asp:PostBackTrigger ControlID="btnSubmit2"> .I guess this works.I was in same trouble yesterday.Also look for end tags may be missing
Abhishek Pant 24-Aug-14 10:19am View
Abhishek Pant 24-Aug-14 7:44am View
I think its checkBox1.Checked in place of checkBox1.IsChecked
see check box property here[^]
Abhishek Pant 24-Aug-14 7:29am View
no problem just pass value as 1/0 to db when checkbox is checked. first of all find checkbox is checked or not ans then pass its value..

int value;
if (DraftCheckBox.Checked){

//pass value to db here

Abhishek Pant 24-Aug-14 7:17am View
pleasure to help you.
Abhishek Pant 9-Aug-14 14:29pm View
I also agree to Wes... whats the big deal , if you are getting details..
Abhishek Pant 9-Aug-14 14:18pm View
host it to iis... in that system
Abhishek Pant 9-Aug-14 14:15pm View
parse every mail from outlook that have subject you provided..if same then find email text and split and export as required in db or excel
Abhishek Pant 3-Aug-14 7:58am View
my suggestion is to use twitter bootstrap
Abhishek Pant 1-Aug-14 1:38am View
not clear
Abhishek Pant 30-Jul-14 16:28pm View
As I see from the comments below. you have posted a incomplete set of information about question.Please mention/update your framework version in question above
Abhishek Pant 30-Jul-14 15:55pm View
if you explain/refer about any article please post their links too..
Abhishek Pant 18-Jun-14 4:56am View
Abhishek Pant 17-Jun-14 8:54am View
see my answer for reference links about using required field validater
Abhishek Pant 17-Jun-14 2:58am View
You can make alert if file is not present using javascript onclientclick if present do your task i mean return true to do the button click else return false or you can do the same from server side-
Abhishek Pant 17-Jun-14 2:48am View
Abhishek Pant 10-Jun-14 8:51am View
load data from a excel sheet to dataset from multiple sheet then enter them to the tables columns from the defined columns from the dataset.
Abhishek Pant 7-Jun-14 1:38am View
pass username to javascript to navigate with target blank or use linkbutton to show modal popup displaying details in the same page and pass username using command argument or find commandname in row events.
Abhishek Pant 7-Jun-14 0:56am View
Abhishek Pant 7-Jun-14 0:43am View
Abhishek Pant 5-Jun-14 11:20am View
use routing
Abhishek Pant 5-Jun-14 10:45am View
please do not post your comments as answer
Abhishek Pant 2-Jun-14 4:56am View
Repost of
Abhishek Pant 2-Jun-14 4:54am View
check your connection string for excel files or file path.
Abhishek Pant 2-Jun-14 4:49am View
please do not post your comments as answers
Abhishek Pant 2-Jun-14 3:09am View
a good choice
Abhishek Pant 2-Jun-14 2:53am View
check out the last link updated
Abhishek Pant 2-Jun-14 2:41am View
I recommend to use joins in sql. We can only recommend in this case as we cannot see your screen(Need more info about question).
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 10:20am View
Okay,Good luck for further, try to debug using firebug on design page
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 9:12am View
I think you caught the mistake.
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 8:56am View
The solution helped me too in one of my project.I tried to vote up but found bug on it[^].
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 8:51am View
use <input type="button"... in place of link button
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 8:41am View
Yes, you can redirect to any page with new url created. by the way if you use extention, doesn't helps you in seo of page , its just like a normal url
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 8:33am View
you have to change in all where ever it was used.
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 8:11am View
give path as to hyperlink navigation url after routing is done.
will redirect to correct page as
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 8:10am View
use updatepanel(if it is in .net)
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 7:59am View
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 7:51am View
thanks for support RyanDev
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 7:41am View
good solution..
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 7:34am View
try to flush and close the file opened content after every open
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 7:31am View
use Urlrewriting and routing
Easy URL rewriting in ASP.NET 4.0 web forms[^]
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 7:18am View
I also tried this code earlier but didn't worked for me.
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 6:53am View
Take that label and gridview inside a div and try to print the div this will print both gridview and label too.
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 6:04am View
Ok,I guess, it worked for you
Abhishek Pant 30-May-14 5:56am View
Please check for the condition of state open and use buttonname.Enabled= false;
or you can hide the button too i.e. buttonname.Visible= false;
Abhishek Pant 6-May-14 10:04am View
Abhishek Pant 6-May-14 9:15am View
Practice Makes a Man Perfect!!
Abhishek Pant 6-May-14 9:12am View
Thanks for vote
Abhishek Pant 6-May-14 9:03am View
Abhishek Pant 6-May-14 5:49am View
Please parse your syntax for xml
Abhishek Pant 14-Mar-14 3:35am View
Abhishek Pant 12-Mar-14 4:07am View
I don't know why are you using "Response,redirect" in place of "Response.redirect"

by the way it doesn't/partially handle the redirection in try catch. make it out of try catch it works successfully.
Abhishek Pant 12-Mar-14 3:59am View
Abhishek Pant 7-Mar-14 9:38am View
Html Agility Pack[^]

have a look at this..
Abhishek Pant 25-Feb-14 10:56am View
check your dll uploads and iis config[^]
Abhishek Pant 25-Feb-14 10:46am View
so...where you stuck at.
Abhishek Pant 25-Feb-14 10:39am View
CrystalDecisions.Web related dll is not uploadeded correctly.
Abhishek Pant 25-Feb-14 4:19am View
you could use dynamic html template too..
Abhishek Pant 25-Feb-14 4:09am View
It's my pleasure to help you.
Abhishek Pant 25-Feb-14 3:03am View
I guess if you uploading files for article,check this
Abhishek Pant 25-Feb-14 2:54am View
Thanks Maciej.
Abhishek Pant 25-Feb-14 2:46am View
why dont you take that div as a server control if you want to runat at runtime.
<div id="div1" runat="server">
your design code here
Abhishek Pant 21-Feb-14 3:00am View
Abhishek Pant 21-Feb-14 2:21am View
This may help you little Automatic Proxy Detection[^]
Abhishek Pant 21-Feb-14 2:14am View
I met with this same issue last month when buttons are not firing events.I corrected that with design issue.Please check the tags properly closed inside that update panel.
I was using IE10 and Mozilla 26.0
Abhishek Pant 16-Feb-14 4:34am View
just take a key(should be unqiue) for accessing data in each rows of column and use division and diplay them in third..
Abhishek Pant 22-Jan-14 1:25am View
detect the case for biometric,
and on biometric case use txtpassword.Enabled=false; to disable password field
Abhishek Pant 2-Jan-14 1:48am View
The questioner has his accepted answer for the question and question and answer both posted almost 2 years ago.
Abhishek Pant 2-Jan-14 1:31am View
Abhishek Pant 28-Dec-13 2:46am View
This could help you a little
Recording Sound with a Microphone[^]
Abhishek Pant 26-Nov-13 6:59am View
I think you hould Try WPF and use sessions.
Abhishek Pant 25-Nov-13 12:21pm View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Need Design and database looks
Abhishek Pant 24-Nov-13 2:46am View
Worked for me too!! searching this from 2 days
Abhishek Pant 24-Nov-13 2:43am View
Generate another event in last event to dispose the buttons after click event.
Abhishek Pant 23-Oct-13 9:07am View
Check out the links.
Abhishek Pant 1-Oct-13 6:56am View
addBtn[i].Click += new EventHandler(Form1_Click);

void Form1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
MessageBox.Show("Happy Coding!!");
Abhishek Pant 15-Jul-13 3:15am View
use web browser control
Abhishek Pant 7-Jul-13 2:58am View
You can use these Page Hit Counter code/script[^] for unique hits counters.
Abhishek Pant 6-Jul-13 12:27pm View
Then I go with Rohan Leuva

you can use ajax based datetime calender
Abhishek Pant 4-Jul-13 5:19am View
fix it from;en-US;2545227
Abhishek Pant 20-May-13 5:24am View
see updated answer above.
Abhishek Pant 10-Mar-13 12:10pm View
you can vote and accept if it helped.
Abhishek Pant 9-Mar-13 14:02pm View
if you want alert of output before the output in textbox then write alert(sum); before the the line document.getElementById('my_sum').value = sum;
Abhishek Pant 3-Mar-13 4:53am View
use cookies
Abhishek Pant 28-Feb-13 4:38am View
also use debugger to check the failure of application
Abhishek Pant 28-Feb-13 4:08am View
thanks Raje_
Abhishek Pant 28-Feb-13 3:34am View
is it ture or true? :)
Abhishek Pant 27-Feb-13 9:16am View
Abhishek Pant 26-Feb-13 22:34pm View
what have you tried yet?any code..?
by the way read this[^]
Abhishek Pant 24-Feb-13 21:35pm View
you can use these voice recognition api
wami - A Java-script API for speech recognition[^] or
Abhishek Pant 24-Feb-13 7:59am View
what have tried yet...(post the code)?
however have a look at this
how to dynamically create mutiple controls at runtime[^]
Abhishek Pant 24-Feb-13 3:52am View
Abhishek Pant 22-Feb-13 9:24am View
Abhishek Pant 22-Feb-13 0:56am View
this makes your app or widget somtimes annoying to users.I think its a abuse to users who will be using that app/widget.As every user wants easy and simple but not Annoying things.
Abhishek Pant 20-Feb-13 4:27am View
sorry, I never used that; Damn!Spammers are every where
try[^] but it not live provide 30 min late.
Abhishek Pant 18-Feb-13 12:15pm View
I can't believe that you cant ask a question properly at once. :)Do not post your comments as a either delete your solution[3] or update it with an appropriate solution using 'improve solution'
Abhishek Pant 18-Feb-13 9:15am View
update your visual studio to vs service pack 1
Abhishek Pant 18-Feb-13 8:35am View
post your errors.use improve question for that.
Abhishek Pant 18-Feb-13 7:06am View
Abhishek Pant 18-Feb-13 6:52am View
provide more details on problem , do got any error?
How to Delete Selected Items of ListView and ListBox (Snippets)[^]
Abhishek Pant 18-Feb-13 2:45am View
repost. delete one of it.
Abhishek Pant 18-Feb-13 2:39am View
see the comment by Philippe Mori above. and if cd is not like that you cant do that any more.
Abhishek Pant 18-Feb-13 2:26am View
thanks aspnet_regiis -i
Abhishek Pant 16-Feb-13 4:34am View
ok,see my answer[3] below.
Abhishek Pant 16-Feb-13 3:44am View
Did that worked for you?
Abhishek Pant 16-Feb-13 3:19am View
Abhishek Pant 16-Feb-13 0:24am View
have a look at this ezgenerator[^]
Abhishek Pant 15-Feb-13 13:38pm View
Abhishek Pant 15-Feb-13 8:58am View
sms sending application[^] and
sms sending application[^] are his two previous asked questions.
Abhishek Pant 15-Feb-13 8:50am View
good one.+5
Abhishek Pant 15-Feb-13 8:47am View
Abhishek Pant 15-Feb-13 7:11am View
you can also provide article link in place of writing article here.