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Thanks7872 21-Jan-20 5:02am View
Why in future? Start following tutorials right away. It really helps.

This is not a question. In order to get a answer, you need to show what you've tried and where are you stuck?
Thanks7872 21-Aug-19 3:17am View
If you can't code, how any suggestions here would be helpful?
Thanks7872 8-Feb-18 8:08am View
Try to refer QA guidelines first. If you want an answer to your question, it should be posted with as much details as possible. Above question doesn't make sense. Why? Because we can't access your screen and see the code.
Thanks7872 8-Jan-18 8:00am View
Try to provide some details. Show your code, explain what is expected and whats going wrong.
Thanks7872 15-Nov-17 7:40am View
Make sure you have connection string as conn1 in your application.
Thanks7872 8-Nov-17 5:03am View
Nobody will. You've to try it yourself. We're here to help if you are stuck or facing any errors. Nobody will write a code for you.
Thanks7872 7-Nov-17 6:38am View
Thanks7872 7-Nov-17 5:40am View
And what is the question?
Thanks7872 31-Oct-17 8:08am View
Thanks7872 18-Oct-17 4:29am View
+5. Should get accepted.
Thanks7872 13-Oct-17 7:28am View
I am not getting how on earth do you think that this is the proper way to "pass" data between pages?
Thanks7872 10-Oct-17 8:18am View

Does this answer your question?
Thanks7872 10-Oct-17 8:14am View
What do you mean by validate?
Thanks7872 6-Oct-17 7:02am View
What do you mean by validate?
Thanks7872 5-Oct-17 6:45am View
Its just an example. Once you get the length, you can use it anyway you want.
Thanks7872 21-Sep-17 8:41am View
Do you have access to google? Just paste the error there.Just go through first 3-4 links. You will get the solution.
Thanks7872 21-Sep-17 7:39am View
What do you mean? Put debugger just after success and try to look what is there in data.
Thanks7872 21-Sep-17 6:53am View
Thanks7872 11-Sep-17 8:19am View
Thanks7872 5-Sep-17 9:31am View
Have a look at this :

Basically it is used to find start of the month in which the bill date is.
Thanks7872 4-Sep-17 7:27am View
See this :

At least you'd have tried something yourself on
Thanks7872 28-Aug-17 7:12am View
And what is your question?
Thanks7872 25-Aug-17 6:59am View
Which database is there?
Thanks7872 11-Aug-17 6:15am View
Your current code mentioned in question does the same thing. What else you want to do?
Thanks7872 4-Aug-17 7:58am View
Why DropDownListFor in JQuery?? You can simply attach <select> . If you see in the rendered html,DropDownListFor is select only.
Thanks7872 20-Jul-17 7:19am View
The content you've posted has nothing to do with the problem. Why? Because theres no explanation on what you want to achieve and where is the issue.
Thanks7872 8-Jul-17 1:53am View
Don't you have access to We are not hired or getting paid to answer your questions word by word. If you think such answers as vague, care to do atleast some basic analysis first.
Thanks7872 5-Jul-17 2:14am View
No. Why? Because both are totally different things.
Thanks7872 3-Jul-17 3:41am View
Thanks7872 28-Jun-17 4:41am View
Add a class to all the textboxes. Define change event for that class

$(".yourclass").on('change', function() {......alert($(this).val())..});
Thanks7872 27-Jun-17 5:12am View
Straight to the point. +5
Thanks7872 23-Jun-17 5:14am View
Thanks7872 23-Jun-17 2:46am View
The parameters can also be found as a query in a database.

What does it mean?
Thanks7872 12-Jun-17 5:12am View
'What I have tried' is meant to provide clarification on What have you tried. 'I am New to XML So please give me a Complet CODE' is not a valid text for that section. At least try something and come back with the problems you are facing. Nobody here will be happy to 'give you Complete Code'.
Thanks7872 5-Jun-17 15:11pm View
Go through this :
Thanks7872 5-Jun-17 3:58am View
So you've figured out how to do it. Just use regex to match the entered values. Search google for "regex for integers and decimals"
Thanks7872 5-Jun-17 3:14am View
What do you mean by not working?
Thanks7872 18-May-17 2:37am View
Go to next row means? What do you mean by go? Can you elaborate more on your question what exactly you are trying to do?
Thanks7872 16-May-17 5:31am View
What is 'multiselect search'?
Thanks7872 22-Mar-17 9:34am View
Its has nothing to do with programming. You may move it to :
Thanks7872 29-Nov-16 3:17am View
'What I have tried' section is meant to show what you have done so far. Try to explain it in detail which will help members solve your problem.
Thanks7872 17-Nov-16 1:01am View
How this question is related to programming?
Thanks7872 3-Nov-16 10:06am View
We never entertain content from those who are here 'just for fun'.
Thanks7872 5-Oct-16 2:37am View
And what is the question?
Thanks7872 23-May-16 7:56am View
IE8? I mean why?
Thanks7872 16-May-16 3:45am View
Thats what we want to see. Edit the question and show those different ways you have tried. Point out what is not working in the code you have tried.
Thanks7872 16-May-16 3:41am View
Yes,its possible. Try to do it and let us know what issues you are facing while opening dialogue.
Thanks7872 27-Apr-16 8:32am View
'What have you tried' section is not intended to show what you want. Its for what you have done till now in order to resolve the issue. You have put zero effort. Did you tried google even once?

Try to search for 'get comma separated values using group by'. Even first link is enough to get the issue resolved.
Thanks7872 20-Apr-16 2:28am View
It was working in 2013 :-)
Thanks7872 12-Apr-16 9:58am View
Post question in english only.
Thanks7872 11-Apr-16 6:29am View
I dont see any question here. Its strange that in 'What i have tried' section,you've mentioned you haven't tried in the asp textbox.
Thanks7872 8-Apr-16 3:54am View
And we are suppose to assume what you have written?
Thanks7872 7-Apr-16 8:21am View
You are lucky enough that you have only 'bit' longer response!You need to refactor your code.
Thanks7872 7-Apr-16 3:36am View
You have tried nothing. Link to the website doesn't mean anything. Show the effort what you have made till now and point out exact issue you are facing with the code.
Thanks7872 6-Apr-16 6:40am View
'What I have tried' is meant to explain what you have done so far,not what you want to do.
Thanks7872 5-Apr-16 3:18am View
How all this is related to programming?
Thanks7872 22-Mar-16 10:11am View
dt = ds.Tables("Tabel")
I doubt,ds is null here. Before this line,make sure you are getting proper data inside ds. Before accessing tables inside ds,you should check it for null and empty.
Thanks7872 3-Mar-16 3:16am View
We are not a code provider service. ITs your responsibility to write. We are here to help with what you try.
Thanks7872 3-Mar-16 3:12am View
This is not a useful code that you have shown under 'what have you tried' section. I see no code where you are trying to get any gridview row values. The code block is not at all aligned with what you are trying to do.
Thanks7872 24-Feb-16 6:59am View
You have posted your question at wrong place.
Thanks7872 4-Feb-16 2:04am View
If you are not aware of the encryption of this file,it seems suspicious to me. Nobody here would be helping you in such malpractices.
Thanks7872 29-Jan-16 3:20am View
What are you talking about? Did you post this by mistake?
Thanks7872 27-Jan-16 3:12am View
Thanks7872 19-Jan-16 1:55am View
Wait and some talented people will be answering this also..! :laugh:
Thanks7872 13-Jan-16 2:21am View
Vote countered.
Thanks7872 13-Jan-16 1:55am View
And how these random keystrokes related to the question?
Thanks7872 24-Dec-15 5:20am View
Then what is the question?
Thanks7872 22-Dec-15 1:03am View
How is this related to C#?
Thanks7872 15-Dec-15 13:57pm View
Thanks7872 15-Dec-15 7:25am View
Did you forget to insert a link? Why answer to 4 year old question?
Thanks7872 8-Dec-15 5:16am View
And where are you going to use this value? There is no meaning of 'line break' in terms of DB.
Thanks7872 1-Dec-15 2:04am View
And what have you tried to do this?
Thanks7872 1-Dec-15 1:46am View
Do you have any questions?
Thanks7872 1-Dec-15 1:46am View
The code you have tried to show us has nothing to do with your question. What did you try to show popup? I see no effort from your side.
Thanks7872 30-Nov-15 2:32am View
Thanks7872 25-Nov-15 5:05am View
What does it mean by not working?
Thanks7872 25-Nov-15 4:58am View
And what is your question?
Thanks7872 23-Nov-15 8:28am View
Dont repost question.
Thanks7872 23-Nov-15 1:46am View
Why you are posting same question over and over again? You have already been told not to do this. Repeating the same will be considered abuse.
Thanks7872 19-Nov-15 1:13am View
Thanks7872 6-Nov-15 5:23am View
Why not here?
Thanks7872 4-Nov-15 6:23am View
How this question is related to programming?
Thanks7872 2-Nov-15 8:43am View
If same solution is given by someone else doesnt mean you are right. OP also knows logic can be written in SP. The question was 'How'. Answers here should be straight forward,not based on sense. Keep this in mind next time and don't run in the race of points. It won't help you.
Thanks7872 2-Nov-15 7:00am View
He is newbie and someone told me that newbies should be provided atleast with a link! :laugh:
Thanks7872 2-Nov-15 5:55am View
Who told you that this is correct answer? No one here will be verifying the solutions for you. OP says he want to insert data which was selected by sp. Where have you explained how to do this?
Thanks7872 2-Nov-15 4:07am View
these one could fulfill your required result

Thanks7872 2-Nov-15 4:05am View
Why irrelevant solutions? Beware of posting solutions just to earn points,otherwise your account will be reported.
Thanks7872 2-Nov-15 4:01am View
And how come this answers the question? For such conditions,use comment. Answer is not at all necessary in such cases.
Thanks7872 30-Oct-15 3:25am View
Well explained. +5!
Thanks7872 30-Oct-15 3:23am View
See updated solution for code block.
Thanks7872 30-Oct-15 3:11am View
Thnaks Maciej.
Thanks7872 30-Oct-15 2:49am View
This is not the Lounge. Only programming questions are allowed here. Remove this.
Thanks7872 28-Oct-15 7:52am View
Link to app/game is not required. Don't post it the way you did.
Thanks7872 27-Oct-15 2:04am View
Someone already did : Triggers -- SQL Server[^]
Thanks7872 27-Oct-15 1:43am View
First of all, don't expect give me a step by step instruction on any forum sites. Nobody will be. Further, you should be using Multiview. Use Google to find out what it is.
Thanks7872 27-Oct-15 1:39am View
If you have blank data and getting error,what help do you need from us? Make such that there is something when you convert it. Another way is to use ternary operator to check if it is blank.
Thanks7872 12-Oct-15 9:38am View
Why OP would write 100 words when he can get answers even with 10 words? You can find tons of such examples. :-)
Thanks7872 9-Oct-15 2:59am View
And your question is?
Thanks7872 9-Oct-15 2:22am View
Learn both the concept and you will come to know.
Thanks7872 8-Oct-15 9:05am View
Each and everything he asked for can't be described by a single word. All the functionality is like learn and implement.
Thanks7872 8-Oct-15 7:40am View
Let them try first. He must put some effort. If we will continue providing answers to such a vague questions,they won't learn anything. This flow will never end. My personal thought.
Thanks7872 8-Oct-15 7:38am View
If people would have found code for each and everything,there would not be millions of developers. Why you expect that whatever functionality you think is readily available on Google? Google helps to guide in right direction. In most of the cases,you have to write something your self.

Learn and implement yourself. Come back when you have specific questions.
Thanks7872 7-Oct-15 7:31am View
Nothing is clear. Improve question.
Thanks7872 6-Oct-15 9:37am View
And why on earth do you think that we can read your mind? If you are serious enough explain in detail what you are trying to do.
Thanks7872 5-Oct-15 9:51am View
This is absolutely just a dump. No one will be interested going through it. Remove unnecessary details and add detail related to the issue.
Thanks7872 5-Oct-15 8:43am View
Just like millions of other people do - By coding/Effort.
Thanks7872 5-Oct-15 6:55am View
Run this code. If it works as expected, its right,otherwise its not.
Thanks7872 5-Oct-15 1:57am View
What will you do with it? I mean what are you trying to do?
Thanks7872 1-Oct-15 5:28am View
You still didn't answer the question.
Thanks7872 1-Oct-15 3:24am View
Posting such huge code dumps is meaning less. Nobody will be interested in answering such questions.
Thanks7872 1-Oct-15 2:02am View
We don't expect R&D from you. We need effort. You have to show you have implemented something and point out specific issues with the code you have implemented.
Thanks7872 30-Sep-15 7:37am View
Good requirement. Keep coding. Come back when you have any question.
Thanks7872 30-Sep-15 6:13am View
Try something,reaserch something,ask specific questions only,then expect the "input".
Thanks7872 30-Sep-15 6:12am View
And? What is your question?
Thanks7872 29-Sep-15 6:34am View
Hire a freelancer or contact a manufacturer. Why should WE develop something for you?
Thanks7872 29-Sep-15 2:50am View
Don't post links like you did. It will be considered as a spam. Repeating the same will lead you to account cancellation.
Thanks7872 28-Sep-15 6:29am View
Just like millions of other people do. How on earth do you think that without effort you can achieve anything? Try iit. If you don't know how to do it,learn it using google.

Expecting someone to write a code for you makes no sense. Yes, this question is like 'gimme code'.
Thanks7872 28-Sep-15 5:00am View
Why multiple elements have same ids? Id itself means unique.
Thanks7872 28-Sep-15 2:52am View
And your question is?
Thanks7872 25-Sep-15 9:18am View
By coding. By effort.
Thanks7872 25-Sep-15 5:02am View
We are not a code provider service. Try it and do it yourself. He is providing you some help and still you are asking for codes again. Doesn't make much sense.
Thanks7872 25-Sep-15 2:12am View
By coding.
Thanks7872 24-Sep-15 1:32am View
We can't guess what you are trying to say. You have to explain each and everything in detail.
Thanks7872 23-Sep-15 12:19pm View
Why you are posting links to some external websites? Why one should download something? You have been given enough space to explain. Use it.
Thanks7872 23-Sep-15 6:12am View
And your question is?
Thanks7872 23-Sep-15 3:29am View
We are not able to read your mind so you have to explain each and every detail here if you are serious enough.
Thanks7872 21-Sep-15 9:57am View
Best is not to mix both. We did once and we are still regretting.
Thanks7872 21-Sep-15 9:42am View
We are not hired to send codes.
Thanks7872 21-Sep-15 3:52am View
You should take into consideration that parameters in web method are case sensitive.basketInfo != BasketInfo.
Thanks7872 21-Sep-15 3:31am View
basketInfo != BasketInfo
Thanks7872 21-Sep-15 3:15am View
Best is what best fit as per your requirement. Use both and decide which one to use.
Thanks7872 21-Sep-15 2:28am View
Learn it and convert it yourself.
Thanks7872 19-Sep-15 8:14am View
Use google.
Thanks7872 19-Sep-15 8:09am View
This is not a question. Post such orders on freelancing sites,not here.
Thanks7872 17-Sep-15 7:30am View
Don't post links like you did. No one is interested in visiting links that way. You have been given enough space to express your concern. Repeating the same will result in account deletion.
Thanks7872 17-Sep-15 7:27am View
Why on earth do you think that dumping all the code block makes sense? Did you even care to post only the relevant code block?
Thanks7872 17-Sep-15 7:25am View
How this became an answer to the question?
Thanks7872 17-Sep-15 4:38am View
This is just a list of requirement : I want to do this and it should do that etc.

There is no question. We answer questions where OP put some effort,not requirements.
Thanks7872 16-Sep-15 9:05am View
You know everything what you want to do. Start coding. At this stage, this is the only answer to your question. Nobody will be interested to guide you step by step.
Thanks7872 16-Sep-15 8:01am View
what can i do for dat?

Try to accept the fact that the one reading your issue is not that much intelligent that he can predict how your code looks like.

We can not see your screen,you have to explain each and everything in detail. Use improve question button at bottom of the question in order to add relevant code block and explain where is the issue.
Thanks7872 16-Sep-15 7:54am View
Did you even care to read guidelines first? 'How to' means what? Just like millions of other people do.
Thanks7872 16-Sep-15 7:53am View
You should better post this on freelancing sites.
Thanks7872 16-Sep-15 7:11am View
Index based removal is not a good idea. You have to find some other way to handle the same.
Thanks7872 16-Sep-15 5:22am View
Did you mean 3,4,5 in list are indexes and you are suppose to remove data from data table on those indexes?
Thanks7872 15-Sep-15 9:26am View
Look at one of these and proceed :

Come back when you stuck somewhere.
Thanks7872 15-Sep-15 7:45am View
I dont see even a single click event and not clear what is the problem here.
Thanks7872 15-Sep-15 7:38am View
We are not getting paid to write code for you. We are here to help those who try something first. See the guidelines before posting such questions or hire a freelancer.
Thanks7872 15-Sep-15 2:09am View
Ok. Do it. You have a permission.
Thanks7872 15-Sep-15 1:43am View
Write it and you will come to know about it.
Thanks7872 14-Sep-15 10:42am View
harm reputation???

So what? How useful these points are? They mean nothing,really.
Thanks7872 14-Sep-15 9:35am View
Then implement it. What is the issue?
Thanks7872 14-Sep-15 9:32am View
Did you come across this :
Thanks7872 14-Sep-15 9:18am View
Have you searched Google? See this : About 8,820 results (0.40 seconds)
Thanks7872 14-Sep-15 9:14am View
And you are suppose to explain that 'doubts', than only it will make a question. Use improve question link at the bottom of the question and update it with your 'doubts'.
Thanks7872 14-Sep-15 6:46am View
We don't have such tools. You have to learn linq and write it.
Thanks7872 14-Sep-15 4:50am View
Go to bottom of the Article. Find the button 'Add comment or question'. Use it.
Thanks7872 11-Sep-15 8:45am View
Remove unnecessary code blocks.
Thanks7872 11-Sep-15 2:17am View
I never understand one thing : Why silent? Why you have problem if i see what is getting installed on my system?
Thanks7872 9-Sep-15 8:43am View
No one will. Try it and come back when you have specific question.
Thanks7872 9-Sep-15 8:07am View
What have you tried till now?
Thanks7872 8-Sep-15 5:08am View
I know,but we help those who try something first. Effort is your responsibility,not ours. This is very basic. If you dont know how to call a function then i would strongly recommend you to go through some basics first.
Thanks7872 8-Sep-15 5:02am View
Use google.
Thanks7872 8-Sep-15 4:57am View
Write a function and call it on form load and click event. What is the issue?
Thanks7872 8-Sep-15 2:51am View
Learn it using Google. This is too too basic question.
Thanks7872 7-Sep-15 8:34am View
Just like millions of other people do : By trying to code.
Thanks7872 7-Sep-15 7:08am View
And your question is? How to do it is not a question,so don't reply with the same.
Thanks7872 7-Sep-15 7:02am View
I still don't understand why you are assuming that we can see your screen? You have to explain each and every detail in question if you are serious enough and want a reasonable answer.
Thanks7872 7-Sep-15 6:50am View
How I can do this????

By trying to code. It's that simple. Come back when you have any questions.
Thanks7872 7-Sep-15 2:42am View
Remove this and put this content in question body by editing the question.
Thanks7872 1-Sep-15 7:32am View
Nobody will be writting code for you. What have you tried so far?
Thanks7872 1-Sep-15 5:00am View
And your question is?
Thanks7872 31-Aug-15 9:48am View
Don't repost question.
Thanks7872 28-Aug-15 6:24am View
What have you tried?
Thanks7872 28-Aug-15 5:10am View
This doesn't answer the question : Why silent?
Thanks7872 28-Aug-15 3:15am View
Why silent? Whats your intention? What is the problem if user sees your program performing?
Thanks7872 28-Aug-15 2:47am View
You have already been answered before. No need to repost the same question. It's not allowed.
Thanks7872 27-Aug-15 7:44am View
This is something,support people are getting paid for. Call them.
Thanks7872 27-Aug-15 7:30am View
Learn to code in VB.NET - Use your coding skills in whatever you want to implement. It's that simple. If you come across the errors,try to resolve it. If you don't understand it, use google to find out what it means and how to overcome the same.

After doing all these, if you still have problem,come back and we will be happy to help you.
Thanks7872 27-Aug-15 6:40am View
No. Try it yourself. It's your task,not ours. Come back after trying something.Clearly mention any issues with that code.
Thanks7872 27-Aug-15 6:39am View
Definition of 'Better' : Whichever best suits your needs. Try to know about both using and decide which one is best for you. If you are only aimed at learning, i would say learn any/both of them.
Thanks7872 26-Aug-15 2:26am View
run at server to the controler? Why you think that everyone can understand issues in just a single line?
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 7:45am View
And not a single line related to his issue.It's still 'CodeForMe' question.
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 6:45am View
By efforts. Just like millions of other developers do. Dont ask such questions which are simply not according to Codeproject guidelines.
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 6:44am View
Ok. Go ahead. You have a permission.
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 5:23am View
At the line you got the error,check which variable is null and make changes such that it should not be null at that point.
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 3:28am View
There is no question. Its just your requirement. I totallly understand your requirement. What i'm trying to say is, we don't provide code to anyone. Here, we help those who try something thereself and stuck somewhere. Effort is your responsibility,not ours.
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 3:19am View
No. We don't provide such services.
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 2:22am View
And? What is the issue? What have you tried?
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 1:37am View
Not clear.
Thanks7872 25-Aug-15 1:21am View
Show the efforts you have made.
Thanks7872 24-Aug-15 10:23am View
Do you have access to Google? Try something yourself first.
Thanks7872 24-Aug-15 6:58am View
There exist no dictionary which says that double means hello. All you can do is check it manually e.g. maintain the collection somewhere.
Thanks7872 24-Aug-15 5:33am View
Thanks7872 20-Aug-15 6:48am View
This is english site. Don't think that everybody can understand what you are trying to say. It is code dump and not a question.
Thanks7872 20-Aug-15 2:52am View
Mention details. In its current from,the question is not clear. No one can assume why no image is there.
Thanks7872 20-Aug-15 2:51am View
And who said OP used the code you corrected?
Thanks7872 20-Aug-15 2:27am View
Try it and you will be. If you don't know something,try to know something.
Thanks7872 19-Aug-15 10:15am View
Good one..+5!
Thanks7872 19-Aug-15 10:00am View
Thank you.
Thanks7872 19-Aug-15 8:15am View
What have you tried? Did you try google even once?