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Comments by Joan Magnet (Top 138 by date)

Joan Magnet 5-Apr-16 10:33am View    
Have you tried generating a DataSet from XML content?

I'm not sure it works with a non well-formated document.

Joan Magnet 5-Apr-16 10:26am View    
Let a comment/question in the article page, the author of this article can help you better than us.
Before to use a COM port, take a look at 'Device manager' and check wich COM number has your device.
Joan Magnet 25-Aug-15 3:09am View    
As far as I know edtFTP does not allow to get an Image or Bitmap object. You need to download it first.
Joan Magnet 24-Aug-15 9:25am View    
No, I use edtFtp free library to download the file locally and then use Load('image path') to show it.
Joan Magnet 24-Aug-15 9:05am View    
It would be more easy using a well-formatted document.