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Comments by J.Surjith Kumar (Top 125 by date)

J.Surjith Kumar 1-Mar-14 6:55am View    
Yes i checked the filters by installing in my system, the filter which works as i expected is not free. I got only the trial version. Do i get any free filters of it?
J.Surjith Kumar 6-Feb-14 10:37am View    
I want a transform filter to have 4 input pin to capture the feed from the 4 different source filters and have one output pin which i may use for render and file writer.

source1 -------->
source2 --------> Transformfilter ---->smart tee [prev] --------> renderer
source3 --------> [cap] --------> filewriter
source4 -------->
J.Surjith Kumar 30-Aug-13 3:45am View    
Ya got it thank you Griff
J.Surjith Kumar 29-Aug-13 8:45am View    
Can you give me an example of that [work around the limitations] I tried but i couldn't get it.
J.Surjith Kumar 29-Aug-13 7:42am View    
Thank you,