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Member 9529406 4-Apr-15 12:50pm View
By the way if you can see my codes on my question. That's already my code... Thanks anyway.
Member 9529406 4-Apr-15 12:49pm View
I posted the solution.. Thank you!
Member 9529406 4-Apr-15 9:01am View
Thanks but I can't see the answer there
Member 9529406 4-Apr-15 3:42am View
thats already my code sir..
Member 9529406 3-Apr-15 14:52pm View
I try using Setup and Deployment in Visual Studio. I use Visual Studio Project > CAB Project...
Member 9529406 1-Feb-15 6:04am View
Im using ISO 9126 for my software evaluation.. so I need respondents...
Member 9529406 27-Nov-14 5:21am View
ok then... you help a lot
Member 9529406 20-Nov-14 9:34am View
I dont have the money for phone calls... there is no chat support on godaddy... I ask questions here because I thought you experienced developers can help me.....
Member 9529406 9-Mar-14 3:17am View
there was an error sir it says that... columnformatstyle is not a member of .....
Member 9529406 9-Mar-14 1:57am View
I dont use any codes for creating columns in my listview sir I just create it using the design
Member 9529406 9-Mar-14 1:55am View
sorry but i cant see anything there about aligning
Member 9529406 8-Dec-13 19:36pm View
oh thank you i will try it when i finish my download..
Member 9529406 8-Dec-13 9:01am View
oh i see.. thank you for the reply... can i use the Management Studio Express 2012 even if im using SQL Server 2008 R2 developers edition?
Member 9529406 30-Nov-13 23:23pm View
It works! thank you very much!!!
Member 9529406 30-Nov-13 22:05pm View
Member 9529406 30-Nov-13 21:12pm View
in the System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnectionStringBuilder(ConnectionString) did you import it... i mean do you put it on the top.... i try to import it but the "AssignConnection()" is still on the underline(error) .. im sorry for the slow response coz im a newbie in vb.net2010.. itry not to put AssignConnection(rptDoc) but when i run it the DAtabase Login didn't appear but the report is empty...... im a little bit confuse now
Member 9529406 30-Nov-13 20:11pm View
Thank you for the reply....

The AssignTableConnection and ConnectionString on "SqlClient.ConnectionString" is gaving an error... it says that ConnectionString is not part of SqlClient and the AssignTableConnection is not declared....
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 9:39am View
ok thanks! ill try my very best!!
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 9:37am View
yes i have... ok ill try your solution...
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 9:29am View
how can i make that special bootstrap???
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 9:24am View
really?? i never try it... i will try it later when my computer windows 7 is available... and i hope it works..
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 9:22am View
how can i set it to true?? what copy local means??
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 9:19am View
so do you mean i can install a 32bit version of crystal report to a 64bit windows 7 machine??
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 9:17am View
i install the 64bit crystal report because the machine is win7 64bit....

not yet.... i just set it to 32bit compiling setting.
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 2:35am View
because I saw something on that dll it says that log4net for .NET Framework 1
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 2:34am View
is the log4net.dll ok for .NET Framework 4???? Please answer me.... please
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 2:33am View
is the log4net.dll ok for .NET Framework 4???? Please answer me.... please
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 2:09am View
i try it but it is different from my project.... many of them are from ASP.NET and connected to the net... my project is a window app
Member 9529406 11-Apr-13 1:25am View
im just frustrated sorry for the repost of the same topic... dont know what to do..
Member 9529406 10-Apr-13 13:05pm View
please help me
Member 9529406 10-Apr-13 12:46pm View
I deploy it using setup wizard
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 23:23pm View
Setup project... i already install the crystal report.....
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 14:12pm View
maybe its not about the windows xp to win 7 ... because the system is already working.. the only problem is the crystal report... thank you very much! i realize many things about and crystal reports!
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 14:11pm View
yah im a beginner .... in fact im just a student of information technology.. well thank you very much! i hope lot of people like you can help such student like me!
im just gonna wait for my brother to return and ill try this one to his windows 7 laptop! thank you sir!
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 14:04pm View
now i can see it...

it's on the assembly... so what do i do?? i just copy and past that log4net.dll on the GAC Folder????

so windows xp to windows 7 doesnt have any effect on my app??
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 13:56pm View
Where can I find that GAC Folder???
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 13:55pm View
ill try....
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 13:47pm View
I already put it on the bin folder of my project then i start rebuild another setup file... but nothing happens...... it has the same error...... please help me..... i wonder if there is a conflict between making a project from windows xp and deploying it on a windows 7 64bit platform
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 13:44pm View
I'll try it...
Member 9529406 9-Apr-13 13:11pm View
This is VB.NET Project