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C-P-User-3 6-Dec-16 21:58pm View
Here is your Number One error: You are not commenting your code.

Edit this source, with a useful comment on EACH AND EVERY instruction and...

* You will immediately find your own error
* If not, I am confident that others will find it quickly

Really, drop me a message after adding adquate comments and I'll be happy to take a second look at it.
C-P-User-3 7-Sep-15 15:08pm View
I have no document, no evidence to prove what I'm writing here, but I am _SO_ confident that I saw this work properly a week or two ago.
C-P-User-3 8-Oct-14 9:15am View
That's a very good idea. Could you suggest which specific document, and which page ?
C-P-User-3 5-Jan-14 0:52am View
Okay, reading no other response, I just tried your suggestion. We'll see how it goes.
C-P-User-3 27-Nov-13 9:43am View
This is the answer. Yes. Thanks
C-P-User-3 18-Nov-13 12:15pm View

Place cursor over cell

Slide cursor to top of sheet

Hover cursor over right edge of cell

Cursor becomes a bar with two arrows on a side

Click and hold

Slide cursor to the right.

Column should similarly expand

Release cursor

Ta-Da, wide column
C-P-User-3 18-Nov-13 12:03pm View
Local guy spent 15 minutes with me. Got most of my clueless newbee questions answered.

My big question now; amalgamating a bunch of spreadsheets into a single "book" with the individual sheet appearing as a tab with its own name.
C-P-User-3 18-Nov-13 11:06am View
Can I do a screen cap and paste a JPG here ? I don't have a full grasp of the logistics of CodeProject's interface.
C-P-User-3 29-Apr-13 9:26am View
Nice. Thanks.

I never knew that group existed here.

5 to you from me.
C-P-User-3 25-Apr-13 13:44pm View
Hey, thanks for your input.

Here is what was going on.

On the server on which SVN and Apache are installed, in the root directory, there is (don't ask me why) a subdirectory called "Apache2.2"

As you can imagine, that was highly confusing, and extremely misleading.

The real Apache stuff was in a completely different subdirectory.

The moment I found the real one,

-- I opened httpd.conf file in the conf folder,
-- changed the IP address on the "Listen" command,
-- switched back to the bin subdirectory
-- ran httpd with whatever the parameters are supposed to be

I then yelled across the room to the boss and told him to try SVN and it worked.

Thank you very much for your input. This will be valuable to me in the future, and to others as well.
C-P-User-3 25-Apr-13 11:36am View
Found httpd.exe there. I will now go back and read your prvious instructions.
C-P-User-3 25-Apr-13 11:32am View
This ?

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\bin\httpd.exe" -k runservice
C-P-User-3 25-Apr-13 11:22am View
Aha, so I can start "services" from the admin tools, or I can start the "Server Manager" which can show me the "services".

Okay, either way, I don't see httpd.exe or anything that looks similar.

Is it time for me to go back to the top of this thread and start following your original installation instructions ? I'm willing to do that, but if it's just this one missing file, that would, obviously, be a better fix.
C-P-User-3 25-Apr-13 11:06am View
Don't worry, since the boss put me on this; everything is new to me.
C-P-User-3 25-Apr-13 10:52am View
Duh. The phrase, "...service control panel of windows..." is new to me. I did not know that it exists. On my server I find a "Server Manager" with a "Services" pane in that window. Is that what I'm looking for ?

If so, I see no httpd.exe or anything even close to that. In fact, I only see three entries which start with the letter "H".

I just opened a Windows Explorer window, clicked on the "C:" drive, and from the keyboard pressed Control-F, and started a search for a file named "httpd.exe"

The thing has a drive with maybe 2TB so I guess it's going to be quite a wait to see what happens.

Brass tacks: I don't think that httpd.exe exists on this machine.

No clue as to how it was removed.

If this is what started causing our problems several weeks ago, then I have a rough idea of when it was removed.
C-P-User-3 24-Apr-13 13:20pm View
That directory is empty. Take a look.


Volume in drive C is RAID5-2Tb
Volume Serial Number is 7CC0-3EBF

Directory of C:\Apache2-2\bin
02/27/2012 01:15 PM .
02/27/2012 01:15 PM ..
01/12/2012 08:21 PM 0 xyz
01/26/2012 04:17 PM 48 passwd
2 File(s) 48 bytes
2 Dir(s) 58,299,184,640 bytes free

C-P-User-3 24-Apr-13 12:59pm View
Sorry for my delayed response; put out the latest fire of the day.

Just looked in that subdirectory.

Nothing found.

Will cut and paste in next message
C-P-User-3 24-Apr-13 9:44am View
Did that, tried both, "http.exe -t", and "http -t", (no quotes either time) with and without the ".exe"

No clue where that program is. Evidently, it's not in the path statement either.

Here is a cut-and-paste from the session


C:\Users\Administrator>httpd.exe -t
'httpd.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\Administrator>httpd -t
'httpd' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C-P-User-3 24-Apr-13 9:39am View
If I change to port 81, do I need to change the port in the URL when I use TortoiseSVN on the other desktop computers that are accessing it ? Or is TortoiseSVN and Apache smart enough to do the magic to make it work by themselves ?
C-P-User-3 23-Apr-13 17:42pm View
Looked in the (purported) log file subdirectory. Even though I can generate that error consistently, it does not show up in the file named "error.log", and in fact, no file in that entire subdirectory shows any activity at all
C-P-User-3 23-Apr-13 16:29pm View
Apache is the problem.

Apache has stopped.

When I try to start it, I Get "service specific error: 1"

Found this...

This is the claim: "...It happens because apache tries to access a file in a folder which doesn’t exist..."

Big "DUH" here; which file, which folder ?
C-P-User-3 23-Apr-13 16:15pm View
Service Specific Error Code 1, if that helps.
C-P-User-3 23-Apr-13 16:11pm View
Okay, status is blank; not started, not manual, not nothing. Do I just guess on how to start him ? Double Click on him ?

I clicked on Properties, and the service status was "stopped" I clicked on "Start" and a window popped up, with a status bar, followed by another window saying that windows couldn't start Apache on this server. So duh. You keep going, I'm really reading your comments with great interest.
C-P-User-3 23-Apr-13 15:42pm View
The suggestion has been made to me: Make sure that Apache is running.

This is on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition.

How do I [make sure / restart] Apache on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition ?

Slightly embarrassed about the zero clue state of mind here, but swallowing pride to get this thing fixed for us.
C-P-User-3 23-Apr-13 15:39pm View
You asked, "... Which entry did you change. For Apache it's generally the Listen entry in httpd.conf file...."

These were my two changes in that file...


ServerRoot "C:/Apache2-2"

#added First time installed
# ServerName
## 2013-APR-22
## I changed the server name


## 2013-APR-22
## I changed the Listen command
## Was...
## Listen

C-P-User-3 23-Apr-13 12:10pm View
I'm not really sure which protocol we're using. I use windows explorer and right-click, and normally the http://123.456.789.012 appears automatically in the address box.

If it makes any difference, we are running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition (I hope I spelled it correctly and got the words in the proper order).

SVN is already on that server, it just quit working.

I altered the file httpd.conf in the Apache2-2 subdirectory.

It had the old IP address that we were using before we changed offices. We rearranged desks and computers and stuff.

I put the new IP address in that file, but that was all.

If a complete re-install would save me time and misery, I'm up for it.

I have this nagging suspicion that there is one setting somewhere that somehow got changed and that a 30 second file-open-flip-close will fix all our problems.

I am weighing that suspicion against the probability that I will spend ten times as many work hours trying to find that one file and setting than I will just re-installing the next upgrade.

I believe that we're on version 1.6 on the server and that I'm using 1.7 on the individual desktops. Boss put me on Windows 8 here and I know that I installed TortoiseSVN on this one, and it's version 1.7

I welcome better knowledge on this.

It shouldn't be too difficult find better knowledge than I have at this moment.
C-P-User-3 22-Apr-13 18:52pm View
Okay, SVN was installed here about a year ago, and worked fine for months, then stopped working. The boss gave me server access and let me look around.

As of this moment, I have just looked, not touched.

From my novice examination, here's what appears to be happening.

On my desktop machine (away from the server) I rearranged my file tree to put the source files in better order.

On the server, the old file structure appears to be there. I determined this by using windows explorer and just following subdirectory trees.

Still, this does not explain why, all of a sudden, my Tortoise SVN application on my desktop cannot connect with the Server SVN application.

I welcome your (or anyone's) input.
C-P-User-3 22-Apr-13 18:09pm View
Nice, Nice, Extra Nice ! Thank you. I am going to study this in detail.
C-P-User-3 22-Apr-13 16:45pm View
Are any of those three sites really offering a truly freeware package which is truly open source and will do the server side of the operation for the client side of Tortoise SVN ?