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Nibin22 25-Apr-18 4:47am View
Thanks for the answer! It worked nicely!
Nibin22 19-Jun-15 11:17am View
Thanks for the detailed explaination.
I tried IL SPY and able to generate/SAVE Code for a WINDOWS application(EXE).

Next, I am willing to try to generate the code for an ASP.NET application which deployed in IIS.
Eager to check, How would be the results....

Any suggestion, Whether i can get the source code of a WEBSITE?
WebSite, I mean is the site which is deployed in ISS.
Normally, We can get all the ASPX, CSS, JS from the folder itself....
What i want to check is from the compiled(DLL) Whether i am able to extract all the information or not ?
And trying to setup the development environment :) !!!!
Nibin22 16-Jun-15 1:21am View
F-ES Sitecore..
thanks for your answer. I googled and read the article already. And hence i got to know that we can connect from DB2 from .NET.
But thinking about migration of a big project with number of Business logic written in MF, I posted this question to get the answers from the ones who already experience this issue or worked in this king of project...
Nibin22 11-Jun-15 2:56am View
Yes. Deepu. But I also started learning "SHAREPOINT 2010" now. May be anyother like me is reading for any articles or questions, May be for them it will be useful.
Is it ?
And hence shared the things i know...
Nibin22 9-Jun-15 8:11am View
Why do you want to implement only this through JQuery ?
You are already having an option called LOOKUP column, This will load the values depending upon the other list ....
Nibin22 14-Oct-14 8:43am View
Hey Wes Aday,
That error code is different. that is "0x80070005". That says us to RUN as ADMIN.
Mine error is : " Ox8000ffff ".

Nibin22 25-Jul-14 3:01am View
Is FARM administrator has access to publish InfoPath form in any site ?
Nibin22 20-May-14 7:51am View
Thanks :) I am looking for only one site which would explain all the topics clearly!
Nibin22 20-May-14 7:49am View
Can Google it !!!
But to filter the best one it needs more time !!!
And hence asked suggestions if any one already find !!!
Nibin22 19-Jul-13 9:39am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n Sounds Simple!
A Nice note for the Start :)
Nibin22 4-Feb-13 23:39pm View
It is Working !!! Thanks :)
Nibin22 4-Feb-13 23:39pm View
It is Working !!! Thanks :)
Nibin22 4-Feb-13 23:39pm View
It is Working !!! Thanks :)
Nibin22 4-Feb-13 23:38pm View
Nice!!! I didnt imagine this number of solutions will be there to find the date difference!!!

Thanks a lot Guys !!!! :)
Nibin22 25-Jan-13 11:12am View
Thanks !!!
Your Solution is correct !!!
Nibin22 26-Dec-12 7:32am View
Thanks gagan sawaliya !!!
Its Working
Nibin22 26-Dec-12 5:14am View
Thanks :)
Nibin22 26-Dec-12 5:14am View
Thanks ProgramFox !!!
Yes , Its working :)