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yogeshysankar 3-Oct-20 5:07am View    
thanks for reply.. Error is occured at line cmd.executeNonQuery where Connection is not null and cmd also not null I checked that . I am using single connection through out project . I cant provide my official database sorry. I just want to know all possibilities . But how it would happen error and insertion at same time, because record get inserted ??
yogeshysankar 3-Oct-20 3:44am View    
@OriginalGriff I do debugging. While debug where exception has been thrown at that time I Copied that query and try to execute in sql express but query is perfectly execute in sql express, there is no issue with query.
My question is when I use command.executenonQuery sometimes it throw exception still query get execute , record get inserted in table then why objectreference error occures??
yogeshysankar 2-Jun-18 9:17am View
yogeshysankar 2-Jun-18 8:18am View    
hi.. actually I used free template for master page but when I try to create simple page with that master page , there is another similar control near dropdown list has been created.. Lots of css files are there in Template so i cant understand which file causes this change .. I had screen shot but how to attach it while asking question here ?
yogeshysankar 12-Dec-17 4:14am View    
there are only image files in database which i retrive .. i just want to open image like modal using java script