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srmohanr 15-May-15 6:13am View
Hi Pradip,
Thanks for your reply. I dont have VS command prompt in the server where I have hosted the application. Also I have copied the encrypted connection string from another machine. That does not work.

srmohanr 10-Apr-15 4:29am View
Thanks Tomas.. I have changed the type from DateTime to String and it works.
srmohanr 25-Sep-14 6:40am View
Hi Sibeesh, thanks for your reply. That seems to be a licensed version. Can you please tell me it is possible using ajax slider.
srmohanr 17-Jul-14 0:46am View
Thank you. it works
srmohanr 16-Jul-14 4:17am View
Thank you :)
srmohanr 23-Jun-14 3:12am View
Hi Amir, Thanks your post.
Please help how to get Script along with data for a particular table.

Thanks in advance
srmohanr 29-May-14 0:14am View
Thanks for your reply.
srmohanr 27-May-14 7:30am View
Can you pls give me an example for this.
srmohanr 27-May-14 7:14am View
Thanks for your response.
I am facing another problem here.
Whenever I navigate from one page to another page, this method is calling and session gets Abandoned.
Please help
srmohanr 15-May-14 23:14pm View
Still it is going back to login page.
srmohanr 28-Apr-14 7:05am View
Sincere apologies.
srmohanr 28-Apr-14 5:16am View
Someone pls help me on this. Its urgent
srmohanr 15-Apr-14 23:18pm View
Someone pls help me.
srmohanr 15-Apr-14 0:48am View
Sorry, I have missed date in group by class while posting the question
srmohanr 27-Mar-14 5:01am View
Thanks its working.
srmohanr 24-Mar-14 2:21am View
Please help. Its urgent
srmohanr 21-Mar-14 2:59am View
Someone please hep me.
srmohanr 20-Mar-14 4:49am View
I have default textbox added in aspx page.
So I set the loop from 1.
srmohanr 20-Mar-14 2:23am View
count is 3
srmohanr 20-Mar-14 2:08am View
I am getting error at index 2.
srmohanr 20-Mar-14 0:41am View
Some one pls help me
srmohanr 20-Mar-14 0:00am View
Thanks for your help.
I have tried for loop.
Table tb = (Table)Session["tblSystem"];
if (Session["tblSystem"] != null)
int count = tb.Rows.Count;
for (int cnt = 1; cnt < count; cnt++)
TableRow tr = tb.Rows[cnt];

It's showing me error 'Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.' Please help
srmohanr 19-Mar-14 5:09am View
Some one, pls help me
srmohanr 19-Mar-14 2:37am View
Hi, Thanks for your help.
But still it's replacing the existing row.
srmohanr 3-Mar-14 1:37am View
Thanks, it's working now
srmohanr 21-Feb-14 6:44am View
I have changed the condition to
dr = dt.Select("Name <> 'abc'");
It is working fine.
Thanks for your help
srmohanr 21-Feb-14 6:38am View
Its showing me an error 'Cannot interpret token '!' at position 6.'
srmohanr 21-Feb-14 6:04am View
I want to remove the existing data in datatable.
srmohanr 21-Feb-14 5:55am View
When dt.Clear() is executed, my rows[] also becoming null.
srmohanr 21-Feb-14 5:53am View
if (Session["table"] != null)
DataColumn col = new DataColumn();
col.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Int32");
col.ColumnName = "sno";
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt = (DataTable)Session["table"];
if (!dt.Columns.Contains("RegNo"))
if (!dt.Columns.Contains(col))
int index = 0;
foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
row.SetField(col, ++index);
DataRow[] rows = dt.Select("Name = 'abc'");
if (flag == 0)
foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
row.SetField("RegNo", "null");
flag = 1;
gd.Visible = true;
gd.DataSource = dt;
srmohanr 21-Feb-14 5:42am View
I have checked no. of columns in both DataTable and DataRow
srmohanr 20-Feb-14 6:15am View
Thank you. It's working fine
srmohanr 19-Feb-14 4:35am View
My requirement is converting Gridview Columns as rows dynamically. I have a column with dropdown. While converting all columns to rows, I facing this issue. I want to know how to add dropdown to a row.
srmohanr 12-Feb-14 5:51am View
As I noticed no such characters in my XML string.
Any method is available to check for illegal characters.?
srmohanr 12-Feb-14 5:33am View
Actually I getting this xml from server, saving it as a string, passing it to DataSet
srmohanr 11-Feb-14 5:55am View
I am reading data from XML and storing into DataTable.
And I want to use linq into DataTable for the corresponding SQL Query.
srmohanr 5-Feb-14 4:43am View
Thanks for your help.
I am getting the same error..
srmohanr 5-Feb-14 0:02am View
Yes, this is my assignment. But I dont know anything about this
srmohanr 3-Feb-14 6:50am View
Hope I make my question in a clear way
srmohanr 3-Feb-14 5:12am View
I am using update panel. How to achieve this.
srmohanr 22-Jan-14 2:24am View
I will explain you fully.
I have a FusionChart in my aspx page, and I have added drill-down for that FusionChart.
On clicking on chart, I calling another Page which has GridView, and I am passing values using query string. I kept that fusionchart under an update panel.

I am calling Javascript from chart
set value='100' label = '100' link='JavaScript:MyMethod(%26quot; 100 %26quot;);'

Literal1.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionChart/Pei3D", "", chart, chartID, width, height, false, false, true);

Below is my JavaScript method (MyMethod)
<pre lang="Javascript">
function MyMethod(var1) {
var modal = $find("newtest");
$("#dialog").append("<iframe frameborder='0' sandbox='allow-top-navigation' target='_Parent' seamless='seamless' width='100%' height='100%' src='Default.aspx?status=" + var1 + "'></iframe>");;

Hope you understand this.
srmohanr 22-Jan-14 1:30am View
I kept the Gridview in onother page, and calling the page inside an IFrame.
So when I do paging, javascript:_doPostBack('GridView1','Page$2') is not working.
I have checked that JS is enabled in my browser. Please help
srmohanr 21-Jan-14 1:03am View
Event is firing in IE, but not in Mozilla. And I didn't keep this gridview in update panel.
srmohanr 21-Jan-14 1:01am View
As I said this code is working in IE.
srmohanr 10-Jan-14 0:45am View
Yes. I did :)
srmohanr 10-Jan-14 0:42am View
How to close this post. Please help
srmohanr 10-Jan-14 0:28am View
Hi, I have VS 2010.

Thanks for your suggesstion.
srmohanr 10-Jan-14 0:27am View
Thanks for your help. Its working now.
srmohanr 7-Jan-14 4:33am View
I could not get clear answer from that link. Please help
srmohanr 24-Dec-13 6:59am View
I am new to .Net. This is what I have understood from that.
Please rectify, if I commit any error.

location path="Views"
directorybrowse enabled="false"
srmohanr 24-Dec-13 4:30am View
I have tried, this. But still I am able to access the directory lists
srmohanr 24-Dec-13 0:54am View
IIS 7.0
srmohanr 22-Dec-13 22:04pm View
I have tried. But still I could not make it work.
srmohanr 20-Dec-13 4:14am View
I have tried this, but this is showing me an error 'Unable to connect to the remote server'.
Please help
srmohanr 11-Dec-13 0:46am View
I have modified @alertId <> null as @lertId <> ''
it's working fine. Thanks for your help
srmohanr 3-Dec-13 23:36pm View
Hi, I need one more help. How to run this compiled file?
Please tell me the command for it
srmohanr 30-Nov-13 0:36am View
Thanks for ur help. I am clear now
srmohanr 30-Nov-13 0:28am View
Thanks for your help. Questions arises in my mind are :
1. Whether client should use different email accounts, or servers will allow same account to be used from same PC?.
2. Both the clients can send out a mail at the same time ?
3. Or PC should have multiple IP addresses, then each client
can use an unique IP address to connect to the server.
4. Both the clients cannot use the same TCP port to send out mail?.
srmohanr 30-Nov-13 0:12am View
Can u pls help me clarify rest of my questions..
srmohanr 30-Nov-13 0:05am View
Thanks for you help.
srmohanr 29-Nov-13 8:07am View
Thank you, it works for me.
srmohanr 29-Nov-13 8:05am View
Thanks for your help.
I have done the same and execute it. But I got

error CS1619: Cannot create temporary file
4_none_193318f5726bf1d7\CSC8224.tmp' -- Access is denied.
srmohanr 22-Nov-13 0:59am View
I think I did not convey the message properly.

If I am calling page 2 from page 1 like'page 2'), I want to show user only the page 1 and I don't want to redirect to Page 2..

Hope I am clear now..
srmohanr 15-Nov-13 4:56am View
Sorry, I have added the 'set' tag.. But it was not showing here..
Like, set value = '3'
srmohanr 22-Oct-13 4:29am View
My scenario will be different..
I am using xml tags.
I want to split into lines.

DataSet ds = new DataSet();
string xml = ds.GetXml();
srmohanr 20-Oct-13 0:17am View
I have tried, but I am still getting this as a nested gridview and it's not showing as a new row(as expandable)
srmohanr 20-Oct-13 0:17am View
I have tried, but I am still getting this as a nested gridview and it's not showing as a new row(as expandable)
srmohanr 19-Oct-13 5:27am View
Yes. Please help me
srmohanr 16-Oct-13 8:26am View
I am facing the same problem. But I have added primary key to that table. Even then I am not being able to add table to EDMX file.

Please help
srmohanr 15-Oct-13 22:58pm View
Even if I enabled the textbox, it's not showing the calender control..
srmohanr 15-Oct-13 9:39am View
Pls tell me what else you want regarding this.
srmohanr 15-Oct-13 8:53am View
Thank you it's working fine. Now I have another problem.

I have a dropdownn list box. These two text boxes will be enabled depends on the selection of ddList. In this case my textboxes are not showing the calender control. Please help.
srmohanr 15-Oct-13 8:53am View
Thank you it's working fine. Now I have another problem.

I have a dropdownn list box. These two text boxes will be enabled depends on the selection of ddList. In this case my textboxes are not showing the calender control. Please help.
srmohanr 15-Oct-13 8:28am View
Actually my URL will be like So I added, but it's not working
srmohanr 15-Oct-13 7:52am View
Thanks for your help. I have done all these steps. But I could see any methods
srmohanr 15-Oct-13 6:47am View
Hi, Thanks for your help. Now I am getting data from a website. How can I get WSDL file from the web site. Please help
srmohanr 15-Oct-13 3:19am View
I am asking how to read it as an XML object. I don't know that
srmohanr 11-Oct-13 2:44am View
Thanks for you effort. I have the XML value is in Web service. Can you please tell me how to get XML values from web service.
srmohanr 11-Oct-13 2:36am View
I need both XML node(string) and XML value(0101)
srmohanr 10-Oct-13 5:47am View
Thanks for your help :)
srmohanr 9-Oct-13 2:25am View
This is an user page. I don't want to show the user ID to customer.
srmohanr 9-Oct-13 2:10am View
HeaderText="CustomerId", this is the hidden field
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 7:18am View
Thanks buddy. I got my requirement using regular expression.
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 6:12am View
Can you please give me any example for this
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 6:09am View
But I dont have OnClick or OnClientClick function in FileUploader. Please tell me how to do this
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 6:05am View
Yes I can use. But I want to restrict users to select specific file types. For that I need to call a js function. I dont know how to do this in FileUploader control.
<input type="file" id="filename" runat="server" name="filename" size="50" required önchange="return Checkfiles();" />

function Checkfiles() {
var fup = document.getElementById('filename');
var fileName = fup.value;
var ext = fileName.substring(fileName.lastIndexOf('.') + 1);
if (ext == "gif" || ext == "GIF" || ext == "JPEG" || ext == "jpeg" || ext == "jpg" || ext == "JPG" || ext == "doc") {
return true;
else {
alert("Upload Gif or Jpg images only");
return false;
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 5:57am View
Thanks. It's working fine. One more help please.
I have a html control to browse, on the same file.

<input type="file" id="filename" runat="server" name="filename" size="50" required />

Here, when I press Cancel button it's showing validation error msg. How to achieve this
using in
<asp:Button ID="btnCancel" runat="server" Text="Cancel" CausesValidation="false" CssClass="cancel-button" onclick="btnCancel_Click" />
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 2:48am View
Thanks. It's working fine now. Now I need to redirect to another aspx page. How can I do that. Please help
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 2:19am View
Thanks for ur reply. But then how it will check validation for that control?
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 2:07am View
<script type="text/javascript">
function Checkfiles() {
var fup = document.getElementById('filename');
var fileName = fup.value;
var ext = fileName.substring(fileName.lastIndexOf('.') + 1);
if (ext == "gif" || ext == "GIF" || ext == "JPEG" || ext == "jpeg" || ext == "jpg" || ext == "JPG" || ext == "doc") {
return true;
else {
alert("Upload Gif or Jpg images only");
return false;
srmohanr 7-Oct-13 1:36am View
can you please give me an example for this. Thanks
srmohanr 3-Oct-13 2:46am View
Thanks. Its working fine now. Can you please tell me how to add +15 as country code between the phone number..
srmohanr 3-Oct-13 2:29am View
srmohanr 2-Oct-13 0:51am View
Please tell me, is there any other way to achieve this from code behind
srmohanr 1-Oct-13 8:15am View
app.GetSaveAsFilename(fileName, fileFilter.TrimEnd(new char[] { ',' }));

I have used this code. And then I am getting 'Do u want to save the Sheet'. If I press 'No', file is not saving. How can I achieve this. Please help.
srmohanr 16-Sep-13 1:42am View
Now I have changed my title, can you pls give a solution for this now..
srmohanr 16-Sep-13 1:33am View
Please ignore the title.. look in to my description..
srmohanr 13-Sep-13 5:51am View
Thanks for your help. bt its not working properly as I need
srmohanr 12-Sep-13 0:04am View
Thanks, its working fine now
srmohanr 11-Sep-13 23:48pm View
Yes, I am using Windows Authentication. And I am able to connect directly.
srmohanr 11-Sep-13 23:33pm View
Even then I sepecified the password it's showing me the same error.
srmohanr 11-Sep-13 4:49am View
Hi,Thanks for your help.But one small changes is needs to be done.
dataset is repeating the same value for all set tags...
Pleas help
srmohanr 11-Sep-13 3:08am View
Below is my csv file. ------first line---------------- 2001, Product A, 25601, Product B, 57401 ----------second line------------- 2002, Product A, 20148, Product B, 41941 ------third line--------- 2003, Product A, 17372, Product B, 45263 ---------fourth line ----------2004, Proddut A, 35407, Product B, 117320 ------fifth mail---------- 2005, Product A, 38105, Product B, 114845 Thanks
srmohanr 6-Aug-13 6:41am View
Yes, I have server side validations. And it was working fine before I gave 'new {action = "PlanMyTravel"}'
srmohanr 30-Jul-13 15:00pm View
Hi,thanks for your help.

Now I am getting an error "Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'string' because it is not a delegate type" in the line, @Html.DropDownList(m => m.QuotaId, Model.Quotas);

How to rectify this. Please help
srmohanr 30-Jul-13 13:52pm View
I am sorry, I don't know how to pass the value to another page.
I thought ViewBag can be used to pass value.
If there is any other way available, please let me know
srmohanr 29-Jul-13 13:38pm View
I not getting any errors in the function.

I want the legend tag should be displayed inside the div tag
<div id="main">
<div id="footer">
Please help
srmohanr 29-Jul-13 13:37pm View
Let me post my query more clear.

I have a div tag
<div id="main">
<div id="footer">
I want to show my page(PlanMyTravel.cshtml) inside this div tag.
i.e. the legend tag is displaying outside div tag. I want this to be invoked by the method RenderBody(). Please help
How to do this.

srmohanr 27-May-13 15:33pm View

I have posted the wrong query. Its not =, but
srmohanr 27-May-13 15:22pm View
Sorry, its =
srmohanr 23-Nov-12 8:24am View
Yeah, it's not a directory. And I forgot the path where I saw. Others wise it will be more clear.
srmohanr 23-Nov-12 8:05am View
this for my college assignment.
srmohanr 23-Nov-12 8:04am View
No not in C language. If I have file name with '/', how to avoid in unix/linux
srmohanr 23-Nov-12 7:47am View
I am not having terminals with me. Please help
srmohanr 23-Nov-12 2:10am View
Please tell me whether
find / -type f -name "??" | grep '/*bin/' 2>/dev/null, will work correctly
srmohanr 22-Nov-12 3:30am View
I framed my question wrongly. 2 letter commands like rm, ls, cp..
srmohanr 21-Nov-12 5:12am View
Please refine the answer more. Because even I am getting the output 'unfacetiousness'. But this is not my scenario.

Please help
srmohanr 20-Nov-12 6:39am View
I have a file contains group of words from a to z. Now I need to get all the words that have a,e,i,o,u in order

For example : abstancious.

I have tried cat /home/user1/tmp/file.txt | grep [aeiou]

But it showing all files that starts with those words.

Please help me
srmohanr 20-Nov-12 6:10am View
It have tried export PATH=~/sample:$PATH

It's working.

Thanks for your valuable information.
srmohanr 20-Nov-12 6:03am View
'mycmd' already has an execute permission.
srmohanr 20-Nov-12 6:01am View
what should do to execute commands under the presently working directory and without using './'.
For example:

I am under ~/sample, I have a command "mycmd" in this folder. How can I execute the it by using $mycmd
srmohanr 20-Nov-12 5:56am View
Thanks for your great help
srmohanr 20-Nov-12 5:35am View
Thanks for your great help.

Please tell me how to count the number of blank lines in those contents

I have tried cat /home/user1/tmp/*.txt | grep -n | wc -l
srmohanr 19-Nov-12 23:19pm View
I have tried to find the no. of blabk lines from all the .h files in a particular directory by using the command cat ../../usr/include/* | grep '^.h$'| grep ![a-z] | grep ![A-Z] | grep ![0-9] | grep ![`~!@#$%^&*()+=<>?:"{}|,./;'[]\] | wc -l
srmohanr 19-Nov-12 5:57am View
Thanks for your help man. Please omit the later part.
srmohanr 19-Nov-12 5:33am View
Thanks man
srmohanr 19-Nov-12 3:55am View
Hey man, tell me how to and what to implement.
srmohanr 19-Nov-12 1:02am View
First dislayed all the .h files using the command ls /usr/include/ | grep '.h$'.

Now, I dont know how to proeceed to open all those .h files and how to find blank lines.

I have tried grep -n ^$ filename | wc -l, to find the number of blank lines for a particular file.

But I need to know how to make both commands to work together. Please help.