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MuhammadUSman1 13-Feb-16 5:12am View
Dear @aglom08 i have checked it with AutoIT. AutoIT is also not best way to handle this dialog. Because AutoIT is also not getting dialog child controls like (button/check box).
Thanks for your suggestion and telling me about new things(AutoIT).
MuhammadUSman1 13-Feb-16 5:08am View
Thanks for your replies and cooperation. :)
MuhammadUSman1 3-Feb-16 23:18pm View
Thanks for reply.
I am using selenium to download because i need to log in websites and perform some specific conditions and checks. After that Website provide me download link, when i click on that link then Website return file from server. And this link is also not direct file link. After clicking on link i am getting file in response from website server. Where i am getting direct file link i am also using WebClient class. But i don't know how i can use WebClient for this scenario.
Your response will be very helpful for me.
Thanks Jochen Arndt :)
MuhammadUSman1 20-Apr-15 1:09am View
You should google it. It'll save our time.
MuhammadUSman1 30-Jan-15 22:28pm View
Thanks for reply.
Please tell me proper regex expression for my Question. I am new about Regex and its Expression and usage.
MuhammadUSman1 30-Jan-15 22:27pm View
Dear Sinisa First thanks for Suggestions and help.
but my requirement is something like this that user should not be able to enter any invalid character in textbox/winform. That's why i am using key events so that i prevent user from entering invalid values.

Please suggest any thing that handle this.

MuhammadUSman1 24-Nov-14 6:07am View
What do you mean new lines are not working in the saved file?
MuhammadUSman1 10-Oct-14 0:57am View
You got answer or not
MuhammadUSman1 9-Oct-14 6:56am View
Check solution i have tested it is working fine for me.
MuhammadUSman1 4-Oct-14 5:54am View
Check Solution 1 if any Question then let me know.
MuhammadUSman1 1-Oct-14 23:47pm View
Where is your save code logic which save always false and check Solution.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 7:26am View
i think you are not getting because of placeholder.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 5:58am View
No problem. after sending your project just inform me here. and you got my email can i delete my email comment?
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 3:43am View
I have mention my email check and reply also when you have send.

MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 3:41am View
Also check that when you open musik file it is not null or empty.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 3:39am View
Send your project on my email. attherat outlook dot com
After getting my email inform me.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 3:39am View
Please debug and trace on which line you facing error.
This error is because you are using any object which is initialized with null value.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 2:46am View
Please paste your error message.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 2:42am View
You welcome and Which error?
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 1:58am View
Check Solution 1
I have tested it is working fine for me.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 1:39am View
Excellent [@ChauhanAjay] +5
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 1:19am View
You are getting value from user and directly inserting in grid?
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 1:18am View
You welcome
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 1:12am View
We can't add float value in rand.Next(.01,3);
So how we add float/decimal with point value in your solution.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 0:36am View
check solution if any issue then let me know.
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 0:15am View
You have these values in list and you have bind list with datagirdview?
MuhammadUSman1 25-Sep-14 0:11am View
Post your code what You are using/doing.
MuhammadUSman1 15-Sep-14 6:09am View
Check solution 3, it will give you id on change.
MuhammadUSman1 15-Sep-14 4:22am View
MuhammadUSman1 15-Sep-14 4:22am View
if it resolve your issue then accept answer so that it help others in future.

MuhammadUSman1 15-Sep-14 4:21am View
Check solution i have update code for id. it will get each dropdown id also.
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 6:01am View
You Welcome
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 4:03am View
Know you can remove your email from codeproject.
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 4:02am View
My fellow will send you email on given email with project attachment within 30 to 60 mins.

MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 3:51am View
It means you haven't any sms to receive.
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 3:45am View
If you are creating online sale purchase project and need helping or educational level help then give me your email i'll send you on email. I can't post whole project here.


MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 3:43am View
I don't know what you have tried yet and what not, where you stuck know.
Please provide code what you have tried but not working so that may help me and you to solve the problem.
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 3:21am View
What you have tried yet and where you stuck.
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 3:21am View
When user visit order page fetch value from database and show Value in lable11 with increment of one. and when user confirm order save updated values in database.
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 3:09am View
lable11.Text = "Buy items Count or Values";
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 2:44am View
Check Solutions
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 2:01am View
Couldn't understand what you want to say or do?
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 1:51am View
Which data you want to show, you can use join union etc
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 1:50am View
Please fire selectedIndex change event of dropdownlist. and then set selected index value to dtpDate
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 1:39am View
For filling data you should use your logic.
and it will not restrict to fill data or not. it will restrict only cell double clicks.
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 1:20am View
Check Solution. You got my point or not?
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 1:12am View
Note use these variables on class level

var AddNewCellIndex = 3;
var UpdateCellIndex = 4;
var deleteCellIndex = 5;
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 1:10am View
Check Solution
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 1:03am View
Please tell me name of all events which you are using on datagridview?
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 1:02am View
Which events you are using for this purpose?
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-14 0:54am View
Fire cell click event and track cell index , if button cell clicked by user then Open RequiredForm or take required action else ignore it.
MuhammadUSman1 12-Sep-14 0:29am View
Know check solution 3
MuhammadUSman1 12-Sep-14 0:16am View
Replace or with ||. it should work
MuhammadUSman1 12-Sep-14 0:06am View
Codeproject @2014 texy

after @2014[here is space or not?]texy?
MuhammadUSman1 12-Sep-14 0:05am View
Dear your requirement was not clear. you was saying you want to replace codeproject@2011 to codeproject@2014 and know you saying something else. according to your first requirement it is ok but only mistake that i made i skip '@' also. Dear @vr reddy i am sorry for wrong answer :(.
MuhammadUSman1 11-Sep-14 7:08am View
check Solution 3
if any issue then let me know.
MuhammadUSman1 11-Sep-14 2:46am View
Check solution
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 23:31pm View
It is "GetValuesPerChannel" built in function or you created this function?
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 23:29pm View
You are accessing an object or index which does not exists yet.
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 5:51am View
On Which line you facing this issue. please put breakpoint and debug code...
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 5:50am View
Dear please put breakpoint and debug code, it'll help you in learning and understanding what the exact issue is.
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 1:32am View
You are using single datagirdview or multiple gridview.
and you are using datatable or not? for databinding.
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 1:28am View
You Welcome
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 1:27am View
Please Check Solution 2 i have pasted helping link also.
and simply use StreamWriter instead of FileStream may be it help you.
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 1:18am View
I think you haven't write to file in this path: C:\routes.txt
Please use desktop path or any other path. i.e : D:\routes.txt

if any issue then let me know.
MuhammadUSman1 8-Sep-14 1:10am View
There is data available in datagridview or not?
MuhammadUSman1 6-Sep-14 7:00am View
You Welcome
MuhammadUSman1 5-Sep-14 7:10am View
Convert it from c# to vb. you can convert online.
MuhammadUSman1 4-Sep-14 3:13am View
Please post error here.
MuhammadUSman1 4-Sep-14 1:57am View
Check Solution.

-> M.U
MuhammadUSman1 4-Sep-14 1:28am View
Did Solution 2 help you?

Or Any issue?
MuhammadUSman1 4-Sep-14 1:20am View
SELECT * FROM tblclient2 t1 join tbllocation t2 on t1.Number = t2.ID and t1.expiration = lable4.text and status = 'not expired'

//it will select all data from both tables where id is equal Number and expriation is equal your give value and status is equal 'not expirde'.

if any issue in query understanding then let me know.
MuhammadUSman1 4-Sep-14 1:19am View
SELECT * FROM tblclient2 t1 join tbllocation t2 on t1.Number = t2.ID and t1.expiration = lable4.text and status = 'not expired'

//it will select all data from both tables where id is equal Number and expriation is equal your give value and status is equal 'not expirde'.

if any issue in query understanding then let me know.
MuhammadUSman1 3-Sep-14 5:48am View
Use hashing for password.
MuhammadUSman1 2-Sep-14 6:26am View
Check my solution. and do according to your requirements.
if any question then let me know.

MuhammadUSman1 2-Sep-14 6:24am View
Sorry for late was busy.
Check my Solution
MuhammadUSman1 2-Sep-14 2:52am View
TerminationDate = DBNull.Value.ToString();
why you are conerting it in String?

you intializing and passing i think both are different.
[Dbcon.TerminationDate = DBNull.Value.ToString(); ]

and [TerminationDate]
confirm it.
MuhammadUSman1 2-Sep-14 2:50am View
Please paste your code, and identify where you are facing this issue(exception).
MuhammadUSman1 27-Aug-14 1:30am View
showTime is taking any parameter?

Check solution.
MuhammadUSman1 26-Aug-14 6:32am View
You want to insert in database from girdview? Or you want to insert 80 rows in gridview programmatically? Couldn't understand what exactly you want to do?

if you want to insert in database then you can use DataAdapter.
MuhammadUSman1 26-Aug-14 6:24am View
I couldn't understand your question?
"based on the outome of a drop down list as follows" what is outcome of dropdown list?
MuhammadUSman1 26-Aug-14 4:19am View
You Welcome :)
MuhammadUSman1 23-Aug-14 4:08am View
Ok and You Welcome :)
MuhammadUSman1 23-Aug-14 0:46am View
Please check my solution.
MuhammadUSman1 22-Aug-14 3:13am View
Which database you are using?
and please provide piece code...
MuhammadUSman1 22-Aug-14 3:11am View
Use substring and save first char into table.
MuhammadUSman1 13-Jul-14 23:47pm View
Please check i have post an answer.
MuhammadUSman1 12-Jul-14 7:01am View
Dear U mani, create window service,job in sql server. and send email according to your requirements.
MuhammadUSman1 3-Jul-14 2:29am View
Create object of this class and Access method with object name.
MuhammadUSman1 11-Dec-13 23:55pm View
What are columns of Your table please post here, and update question.
MuhammadUSman1 30-Nov-13 0:43am View
But here if he got any connectivity error or execution error then it'll also display that Error Message :(
MuhammadUSman1 30-Nov-13 0:31am View
I copy your code and check in visual studio,
and got 100% Accurate answer [09:00:00] i don't know what you expecting.

What Do you mean by "here i found wrong answer in - sign and value"?
MuhammadUSman1 29-Nov-13 0:00am View
There is no property in the object "COREEnvelopeRealTimeRequest" for the Username/Password. And also UserName/Password is not going to web service using given bellow statement service.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("my-user-name", "my-password"); So, for the client authentication how can we send UserName/Password to web service?
MuhammadUSman1 28-Nov-13 10:01am View
Thanks for reply.

These are properties, through these i am sending values to WebService, and i check through feddler these properties going in Reqeust as i set but the issue is Credentials i am setting Credentials also but in request it is not going to i don't know waht the issue is why it Credentials is not going in request?
MuhammadUSman1 10-Oct-13 1:40am View
know check i updated solution.
MuhammadUSman1 9-Oct-13 23:51pm View
Sorry Anaya i am too late,
but i don't think so that there is any issue in code.
Please declare myValue as static and try,
MuhammadUSman1 9-Oct-13 2:52am View
Where you are trying to add controller?
Add Controller in Controller folder and Model in Model.

Check solution.
MuhammadUSman1 9-Oct-13 2:00am View
Why you want to build dictionary which contains this type of data?
MuhammadUSman1 9-Oct-13 0:57am View
What you want to get from datatable?
DataRows, DataColumns, or specific field data?
MuhammadUSman1 9-Oct-13 0:38am View
Are you sure that the error occurring on this code?
after initializing myValue = false,
MuhammadUSman1 8-Oct-13 23:33pm View
Check my suggestion in solution.
MuhammadUSman1 8-Oct-13 7:12am View
know check my solution. you just didn't assign myValue,
MuhammadUSman1 8-Oct-13 6:26am View
Please past your code, and mention line when you getting error.
Your are converting string in Boolean, but the value of string is not (true,false), thats y this error occor
MuhammadUSman1 8-Oct-13 4:10am View
Hi Aria have posted solution. but it so simple please first try something.if any issue then post question.

for learning programming take help from google.
Google is your best friend.
MuhammadUSman1 7-Oct-13 0:29am View
Not a solution, type it in comments.
MuhammadUSman1 7-Oct-13 0:25am View
Thanks :)
MuhammadUSman1 6-Oct-13 23:46pm View
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 7:02am View
If you find help full please accept solution, so that can be help full for other readers.
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 7:00am View
Please check my solution.
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 6:52am View
Yes i have edit your code. and have give you your required solution.
Please Add as it is in your code. as know my solution is.
it will work for you.
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 6:33am View
You can add one more button on that click event call my function and give Your FilePath and No from where to onward you want to display.

Hope so you got my point?
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 6:25am View
Check my new solution.
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 6:24am View
You want to show data on KeyPress or on ButtionClick?
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 6:08am View
What is Come DataBase?
Not clear what you want to say about database. if you saying about Webservice please let me know?
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 6:01am View
Did you make any Project for this purpose or not?

Tell in both case, Or give me proper requirements what you want to do?
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 5:59am View
What you have tried yet. please paste your code, i'll edit and give you proper solution.
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 5:58am View
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 4:30am View
Please check my solution hope so it'll help you.

if any concern then let my know.

Ask freely.
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 4:29am View
Check my solution.
MuhammadUSman1 5-Oct-13 4:07am View
Please check my solution?
MuhammadUSman1 2-Oct-13 3:13am View
Check Solution i added.
MuhammadUSman1 2-Oct-13 3:10am View
Please paste code what you are trying. and what is issue?
MuhammadUSman1 1-Oct-13 0:17am View
You should paste your code where you getting problem. No one can help you like this.
MuhammadUSman1 1-Oct-13 0:00am View
I add solution please check if any issue let me know.
MuhammadUSman1 30-Sep-13 23:46pm View
You should execute Store Procedure using code to save values in Data Base.
MuhammadUSman1 30-Sep-13 0:27am View
you want to set text to web browser using C# winForm Application?
MuhammadUSman1 27-Sep-13 0:25am View
I have posted an answered please check it.

any confusion let me know?

MuhammadUSman1 16-Sep-13 1:53am View
try iframe
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-13 2:44am View
You wellcome
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-13 2:43am View
You wellcome
MuhammadUSman1 13-Sep-13 1:46am View
"I want the application to upload the file from local machine to Sever"
What do you mean by this?
You need any application which upload file?
You have application and want to add auto uploading feature?
MuhammadUSman1 12-Aug-13 0:43am View
Ron Beryer answered your question.

[+5 Ron Beyer]
MuhammadUSman1 6-Aug-13 3:59am View
Which error you got. please post here.
MuhammadUSman1 3-Aug-13 1:11am View
I think Best suggestion.
MuhammadUSman1 1-Aug-13 8:13am View
You should use StoreProcedure...
MuhammadUSman1 1-Aug-13 3:59am View
What error you got?
MuhammadUSman1 29-Jul-13 5:50am View
Use timer class to send email on daily bases.
MuhammadUSman1 28-Jul-13 23:56pm View
MuhammadUSman1 24-Jul-13 0:39am View
I add solution check it, you can read all data easily and perform required action accordingly.
MuhammadUSman1 23-Jul-13 6:16am View
You add in start,between or end it work fine.
so easy way to use is add it and in selection or insertion use as you want using column name.
MuhammadUSman1 20-Jul-13 3:54am View
You should join on the base of Alt_City from Transaction table and ID from City_Master Table.
check my solution
MuhammadUSman1 19-Jul-13 0:59am View
Why you are using

[UserTypeID=1 and UserTypeID=2]

What is UserTypeID in Procedure?
And why you are using And between both type id's

Use OR on type id condition and try
MuhammadUSman1 13-Jul-13 0:14am View
What you have saved in your file only one Name and Password or multiple name and password or some other text also saved in your file?
MuhammadUSman1 11-Jul-13 16:13pm View
Couldn't understand your question. What you have tried which type of value in your list box.
MuhammadUSman1 11-Jul-13 16:05pm View
Your didn't set value to any text box.
if you want to save values in String Variables and also want to exchange values.
then check my solution.
MuhammadUSman1 8-Jul-13 22:02pm View
What you have tried?
MuhammadUSman1 8-Jul-13 21:27pm View
Couldn't understand your Question?
MuhammadUSman1 8-Jul-13 21:26pm View
Are You using temp file in your application?
MuhammadUSman1 5-Jul-13 0:42am View
What exactly your mean?
What you want to do?
What do you mean by Connect multiple text files?
Where you want to connect?
MuhammadUSman1 3-Jul-13 4:35am View
I have added solution please check my solution.
MuhammadUSman1 3-Jul-13 0:55am View
Post it as separate question. not in solution
MuhammadUSman1 27-Jun-13 6:50am View
If you want to read file text. then check my solution
MuhammadUSman1 27-Jun-13 6:47am View
Do you want to read file text and perform required action?
MuhammadUSman1 27-Jun-13 0:55am View
I have added solution please check it.

if any confusion. Let me know?
MuhammadUSman1 27-Jun-13 0:50am View
What your method should return if we give "0.30" value in parameter?
What is your requirement?

Or give some dummy values as input value and there expected results?
MuhammadUSman1 27-Jun-13 0:23am View
If problem didn't solved yet. then please Past code of your config file. with dummy data.
MuhammadUSman1 26-Jun-13 6:42am View
What is this?
MuhammadUSman1 26-Jun-13 4:16am View
What is your requirement. as ArunRajendra said paste code for ContainUnallowedData
MuhammadUSman1 26-Jun-13 3:51am View
What you have tried so for?
MuhammadUSman1 26-Jun-13 2:01am View
Please post your config file code here, or you make sure that the spell you using in Code "DbConn" is same in your config file
MuhammadUSman1 26-Jun-13 1:48am View
I added solution please check it.
MuhammadUSman1 26-Jun-13 0:04am View
Couldn't understand what exactly you want to do?
MuhammadUSman1 25-Jun-13 6:19am View
You can do it easily but as Nelek said What have you tried? so for
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 7:30am View
Are You inserting Values using any Application?
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 7:17am View
What you have tried?
please give some piece of Code which you have tried.
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 7:15am View
xml file(aap.config) will be placed at Installation place. Open in editor and edit/change
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 7:10am View
You can enable row_edit on button click or according to your requirements. i think there is no need to add textbox or something.
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 7:06am View
You need to debug and fix error.
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 7:05am View
In your code. Server is waiting to Recieve Some data but that time you close your client.that's why Exception occur.
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 2:39am View
if you want to write/put new line use
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 1:58am View
I have post solution try that solution...
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 1:41am View
I think issue in your path.
MuhammadUSman1 23-May-13 1:39am View
Do you have read/write Rights at this file and folder?
MuhammadUSman1 22-May-13 6:45am View
Thanks Mahesh Bailwal.
MuhammadUSman1 22-May-13 6:42am View
Thanks all of YOU for quick response and HELP
MuhammadUSman1 22-May-13 6:29am View
When i am trying #EVAL("Discription") this
it is showing following error.
"Server tags cannot contain<%...%> constructs"
MuhammadUSman1 22-May-13 6:27am View
I have removed semicolon but same error
MuhammadUSman1 16-May-13 3:38am View
You want to compare with which value.
MuhammadUSman1 16-May-13 3:10am View
OriginalGriff ans is correct. follow him.
MuhammadUSman1 16-May-13 3:09am View
In your case:
you are converting lll.ToString() and taking its bytes mean in your GetBytes method it taking parameter values is "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String]" and taking its byts and return. that is totally invalid.
you should try this.

int count = lll.Sum(s => s.Length); Console.WriteLine(count);
MuhammadUSman1 16-May-13 3:03am View
MuhammadUSman1 14-May-13 1:05am View
Dear Sakshi111!
I couldn't understand your question?

Do you want to remove last character of text in TextBox1?
You Want to Show all text in reverse order.
MuhammadUSman1 9-May-13 0:27am View
What you have tried so for?
MuhammadUSman1 2-May-13 7:06am View
MuhammadUSman1 2-May-13 6:47am View
Dear! my totally code is this. i don't want to work more on this page. But i want to show this page in size range of (700,300). that's it.
MuhammadUSman1 2-May-13 6:46am View
Dear! my totally code is this. i don't want to work more on this page. But i want to show this page in size range of (700,300). that's it.
MuhammadUSman1 2-May-13 6:45am View
Dear! Rohan Leuva Please Reply.
thanx for your Quick Reply.
MuhammadUSman1 2-May-13 6:39am View
Here it is my full html page code. on this i want to use this.
According to your code first i'll open new window then resize that window. But in my code how i use it.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" xmlns="">
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>Input Error</title>
<style type="text/css">
.auto-style1 {
width: 262px;
.auto-style2 {
width: 262px;
var w;
function openwindow()
{'','', 'width=100,height=100');

function myFunction()

<body önload="window.resizeTo(700,300)">

<table border="1" style="width: 80%; margin-top:15%; top:50%; left:50%; text-align:center;" >
<td class="auto-style1">
Error Type
<td class="auto-style1">
Error Discription
<td class="auto-style1">
Follow Up
<td class="auto-style2">
Input Error
<td class="auto-style1">
NPI can't be null or empty
Please provide valid NPI

MuhammadUSman1 30-Apr-13 6:04am View
try this
MuhammadUSman1 30-Apr-13 4:46am View
In above div what you want to collap/expand.
MuhammadUSman1 27-Apr-13 1:41am View
What you have tried yet?
MuhammadUSman1 27-Apr-13 1:29am View
You check when you are inserting customer_id in db it has some values. or it is null.
MuhammadUSman1 27-Apr-13 1:16am View
try this
MuhammadUSman1 27-Apr-13 0:22am View
Try this
MuhammadUSman1 27-Apr-13 0:21am View
Which tool You are using?
MuhammadUSman1 22-Apr-13 1:41am View
MuhammadUSman1 9-Apr-13 23:40pm View
Please give some code example. i couldn't understand what your question is.
MuhammadUSman1 27-Mar-13 5:51am View
Dear i am trying both

public static string NPI { get; set; }
public string sNIP { get; set; }

but both are not accessible in any case.
MuhammadUSman1 27-Mar-13 4:30am View
Why it is not throwing Exception of webservice?
MuhammadUSman1 27-Mar-13 2:40am View

Is it any way to access directly properties? if we don't make SetText,GetText as WebMethod. Just directly access NPI Property and Set and Get Text without using any webMethod on It.