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Comments by Tapirro (Top 4 by date)

Tapirro 28-May-13 12:07pm View    
Any error or warnings comming from Visual? For me this solution works perfectly.
Tapirro 4-Apr-13 5:20am View    
I have copied your part from user control to my main xaml window, using my resource dictionary source (taken from app.xaml). As you said I also delete App.xaml file and now everything is working perfectly. Thx!
Tapirro 6-Feb-13 2:13am View    
Code comes from here, now I´m fighting with c# solution proposed by aleksandarb

edit: c# implementation proposed in comments works fine for win8.
Tapirro 29-Jan-13 9:24am View    
Hi guys, I searched whole Google for answer/help and the best page I found was Unfortunately it is not working yet on my win8 64bit but it is no hanging so i can see progress :) ideal solution was presented here but code is no longer available and Microsoft mail is no longer existing. Maybe this will be useful for someone.