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faisal23 17-Nov-20 12:35pm View
Thanx buddy
I will.
faisal23 25-Jun-19 7:51am View
still not working
faisal23 16-May-19 5:38am View
i want
document_type = ["id_card", "passport"]
In this case what should i do?
I tried using array, json string etc but it doesnt work.
faisal23 29-Nov-18 5:03am View
Hi David,

I added cshtml pages.
faisal23 7-Sep-16 10:26am View
can you please tell me code how not to check rows and directly bind to data table in my code??
faisal23 7-Sep-16 10:10am View
now i understand thanx
faisal23 7-Sep-16 10:06am View
6 records in table.
if no reccords then it false in first condition means
if (ds.Tables.Count > 0)
here it return 0 but it rtrn 1
faisal23 7-Sep-16 10:04am View
plz see my code in first if block means
if (ds.Tables.Count > 0)
it return true means 1
in second if block means
if (ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)
it become false and throw out
faisal23 7-Sep-16 10:00am View
in first if case it return 1 and second if case condition is false and throw out the block
faisal23 12-Apr-13 7:17am View
Hi i update my question and add code in it please see it.
faisal23 12-Apr-13 3:27am View
I don't know?
faisal23 18-Jan-13 1:49am View
ok its not fixed but it is stored in database and access from there or you have to make calculation at code
faisal23 10-Jan-13 5:27am View
Hi I update my code according to you but i got error. Hidden variable is null.
"System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
faisal23 10-Jan-13 4:56am View
First of all it is not server control and second is that it is dynamic bind in repeater means contains many values.
faisal23 10-Jan-13 4:55am View
It is not server control.
faisal23 10-Jan-13 4:53am View
Please provide more details ..
faisal23 10-Jan-13 4:35am View
You are giving me solution but its not working for me you dont see my problem it is binded dynamically and its id "hdn_perchher_id_<%# Container.ItemIndex %>" so how i can do this. IT
faisal23 10-Jan-13 4:29am View
No it is on same form. I have 2 repeaters in parent repeater this hidden field retrieved dynamically in nested repeater i want the value of this hidden field.
So i want how to retrieve id or value of this control for passing parameter to one of the function.
faisal23 10-Jan-13 4:25am View
in cs file i have to use its value as a parameter for other function.
If i got the idea how to get id of this control i able find its value.
faisal23 10-Jan-13 4:18am View
I want to get value of this hidden field which is dynamic and bind in repeater..
faisal23 27-Dec-12 7:59am View
ok sir i will explain whole thing.
I am using with c#. In repeater i was bind the above procedure so i got correct answer like total likes, new likes for selected month may be 1 or many now my problem is that I want to add new column after months column in which perc. diff. is calculated. But its quit difficult look at this procedure.
faisal23 27-Dec-12 7:11am View
ya thats right i have done this but main problem is that suppose first item is Total likes in facebook column so there are two months so i got total likes of two months but in perc. diff column i want the per. diff. of these months. But look at this query there is outer join and i am not getting from where it is added.
Also one main problem it is find total likes from from month but only start month so i find difficulty in calc. perc. Please help me out.
faisal23 27-Dec-12 5:51am View
there is no error in current procedure but i want to add new column Percentage diff as shows above which displays the per.diff. between months.
faisal23 18-Dec-12 4:12am View
In stored procedure pick the machine time by getDate() and on logout button call this procedure and at the same time insert into proper table.
faisal23 18-Dec-12 1:08am View
Try this may be it works ....
<from> tag use before header user control ...
<form id="form1" runat="server">
<UserControl:Header ID="Header" runat="server"/>
faisal23 18-Dec-12 0:59am View
I have done this in one of my project.
Make full stored procedure for invoice including tax, vat, total and directly call the procedure in your report.
faisal23 12-Dec-12 6:32am View
if you want to increase width simply increase the width of your data field which is imported from database or procedure.
faisal23 27-Nov-12 0:35am View
Thankx Lina it is good code but i never use the external excel sheet. I export from database and create chart on the basis of it. Also there is problem in spire library.
faisal23 26-Nov-12 7:30am View
What do you mean by update data in textbox it is already editable. And save button write simple update query
faisal23 26-Nov-12 1:04am View
Hi Sowraaj it shows error in excelSheet .... does not exists in current contex
faisal23 23-Nov-12 6:18am View
HI Krunal thank you for help but it is not work properly.
Can u tell me which microsoft excel library i have to insert.
I got the problem start from

workbook.LoadFromFile(@"..\..\ProductInfo.xlsx", ExcelVersion.Version2010);
Worksheet sheet1 = workbook.Worksheets[0];
Worksheet sheet2 = workbook.Worksheets[1];
faisal23 21-Nov-12 2:37am View
Im very very thankful to you but spire does not work. Please give me simple solution.
faisal23 21-Nov-12 0:50am View
why are you ask in comment. Ask this question separately.
faisal23 20-Nov-12 6:56am View
Try simple count query......
faisal23 20-Nov-12 6:25am View
There are 2 ways to bind data to gv but in both you require datasource. Either by design or coding.
faisal23 20-Nov-12 6:17am View
Please specify your question properly. On which event you have to save values and which values , etc.
faisal23 20-Nov-12 6:10am View
Hi Lacy I got lots of problem in using spire, by the way thankx for your help and useful response.
faisal23 20-Nov-12 4:47am View
yes i have done same in windows application but i cant sent you the codes i lost it. So give me your code i correct it. And the simple way is that make separate forms for sales and purchase and do all the process in stored procedure. At the time of selling update the stock in same query.
faisal23 20-Nov-12 4:16am View
Hi, I understand your question but its more better if you provide your code and procedure.
You have to make one master table for items. On sales procedure you have to minus the items from master table by particular id and vice-versa for purchase.
faisal23 19-Nov-12 0:12am View
I never tried in practical but I search from net other apps and seo concept.
My problem is that I want to make application in which I have to provide 2 text boxes one is for keyword and another for domain name. So on submitting these information I want to get the seo rank of particular website on google in particular date.

faisal23 17-Nov-12 4:53am View
ok so make stored procedure or in above query pass only one parameter for email or name based on selection and check in query if user use email then in query compare with email and same as for name.
faisal23 17-Nov-12 4:36am View
Provide one check box on login page chech if login through email then it is simply solved.
faisal23 17-Nov-12 4:15am View
windows / web
faisal23 17-Nov-12 0:39am View
One way is create setup but it is quit difficult. Another way is that publish project. For that you have to keep in mind 2 things:
1) If database involve then keep you have to fix the connection string for each new pc. Also sql server installed on machine.
2) For crystal report you have to fix the crystal report path and keep crystal report on machine on proper location.
faisal23 16-Nov-12 2:09am View
@sec_question and @sec_questions difference. Another is you can also use comboBox1.selectedvalue.toString();
faisal23 16-Nov-12 2:02am View
may be it is possible, but sorry i don't know how to make changes in code from runtime.
faisal23 16-Nov-12 1:29am View
You have to set id and password in code using if loop and you cant change it. If you want to change id password then you have make changes in code.
faisal23 15-Nov-12 6:03am View
you have to find your dsn name and from server explorer add database and follow steps for access database
faisal23 15-Nov-12 5:52am View
You are fetching data successfully from database as you said. So you supply some id or primary key on the basis of which you are able to fetch data right. So at the time of updation use same key to update particular record...
faisal23 12-Nov-12 2:26am View
You have to add reference when you start project, because sometimes when you close project and start again we have to add ref. again.
faisal23 12-Nov-12 2:24am View
sql server?
faisal23 8-Nov-12 5:49am View
use range validator and set min -0000000000 and max 9999999999 and type int
faisal23 8-Nov-12 5:44am View
If you directly attach gridview with datasource then there is option from where you select control from where you can pass the 'where' parameter.
faisal23 8-Nov-12 5:39am View
I think you have to check whether particular id is present or not. In this condition use
select * from employer_tb where emplyer_id=......
faisal23 8-Nov-12 5:30am View
If you have crystal report in which you want 10 copies that means you have to print small page like label of something then better way is use standard report wizard and select label format
faisal23 8-Nov-12 1:52am View
I got problem in Spire. Please tell me which reference i have to include or which class library I have to import
faisal23 8-Nov-12 1:07am View
bro you take birthdate in datetime in datetime fromat and you passing parameter in string may this is error.
faisal23 7-Nov-12 7:33am View
You are going wrong bro you can save data but when you are edit some record you have to fetch data on the basis of some id. And on save button you can perform both operation save and update.
faisal23 7-Nov-12 7:24am View
If your table is blank directly copy all data from excel and past in edit table data mode but keep remind that columns in table and excel should be same. Other way is to use sql server import export facility. Another way if you are expert in excel then fire query from excel to database.
faisal23 7-Nov-12 7:21am View
no thats not happen.
Use on form load or other way is tab index set to 0.
faisal23 7-Nov-12 7:13am View
Directly set focus on that text box on form load
faisal23 7-Nov-12 7:04am View
use gv.items.add() function
faisal23 7-Nov-12 7:02am View
You are setting datasource to the gridview, so on form load it is binded. When you enter id from text box so you have to use concate the existing grid values
faisal23 7-Nov-12 6:36am View
check connection string, database name, stored procedure name
faisal23 7-Nov-12 5:20am View
ok you have to write some code:
else if(chkbox1.checked==false)

Write this code on checked event of chkbox1
faisal23 7-Nov-12 5:16am View
go to gridview properties and set column name
faisal23 7-Nov-12 5:12am View
I supposed that you are using .net. So create three simple procedures on the basis of your requirement and then attach these procedures to three different reports.
faisal23 7-Nov-12 5:07am View
Please specify clearly so I can help you
faisal23 7-Nov-12 2:28am View
You have to use try catch block and when session expire redirect to login page from catch block
faisal23 7-Nov-12 2:21am View
Hi Lacy thank you for help but my problem is not solved. Can you edit my code and make it correct? I got the problem in your code like assemblies not reference and A new expression requires (), [], or {} after type so please help me .....
faisal23 6-Nov-12 23:44pm View
Ok I don't know about that because I am new to this site and secondly I don't have any links.
faisal23 6-Nov-12 7:49am View
i dnt understand wht u wnt to say?
faisal23 6-Nov-12 7:45am View
You can set gridview property iseditable true or false on check box checked event.
faisal23 6-Nov-12 5:52am View
ok bro no problem i will manage this ok thankx
faisal23 6-Nov-12 4:44am View
hi 01010RAJ can u plz solve my problem. My current code working but it will display in same sheet. ONly currect this to show data in 2 sheets.
Thank u
faisal23 6-Nov-12 4:44am View
hi 01010RAJ can u plz solve my problem. My current code working but it will display in same sheet. ONly currect this to show data in 2 sheets.
Thank u