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Member 9581488 27-Jun-13 16:36pm View    
I recently used EPPLUS and it works much faster than stringwriter and htmlwriter. Moreover to that You can customized your data as well. like in dateformat,decimal,percentage and so on.Go to this link and it might be helpful.
Member 9581488 27-Jun-13 16:25pm View    
Post your stored procedure as well. Are you trying to insert any value which is of datatype double and you pass it as DateTime?
Member 9581488 26-Jun-13 16:17pm View Please refer this link. It has mergeCell function. Might give you an idea
Member 9581488 25-Jun-13 15:02pm View    
didnt work either.
Member 9581488 24-Jun-13 15:05pm View    
This shows me the value like :6666.67%
I am looking for correct format.