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Comments by swatiiiiiiiiii (Top 5 by date)

swatiiiiiiiiii 12-Nov-12 0:20am View    
I have to implement functionality on page unload to logout the user when he closes the browser
swatiiiiiiiiii 9-Nov-12 4:17am View    
It gives error 'Object doen't support this property'
swatiiiiiiiiii 9-Nov-12 1:16am View    
even then hiddenfield values are not retained for the first time. That's the issue
swatiiiiiiiiii 9-Nov-12 0:51am View    
Ya karthik, I tried using Hiddenfield but the value does not show for the first time. I'm initializing 'hdfID'=False and setting the value as "True" in codebehind but for the first time it gives me value as "False" and works from second time. And even hiddenfields are static so I dont want to use them.
swatiiiiiiiiii 8-Nov-12 23:21pm View    
ya.. How can I call the javascript function 'SetUser' from page event of Datagrid in codebehind when window.onunload is used ?? Page gets unloaded before the javascript function gets executed.