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Shubhashish_Mandal 1-May-17 3:20am View
you have mentioned a path which is located in source folder but while running the jar file it should be exist in class path. So this could be a reason.
And another thing, to get the file you have to write the appropriate code depending on whether the resources are outside the jar or inside the jar.
Shubhashish_Mandal 1-May-17 3:14am View
Have you tried Spring batch?
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-Feb-17 6:04am View
do this following delete operation after try-catch block (and make sure all the open resources are closed inside finally or try-with-resource) .
if (!inFile.delete()) {
System.out.println("Could not delete file");
Shubhashish_Mandal 4-May-16 8:56am View
You misinterpret the term "Platform Independent". If something is running on different OS like windows/ linux/solaris etc then only it is called Platform Independent
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Apr-16 9:05am View
Are you looking for something which will close the dialog box after some time interval.
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Apr-16 7:30am View
I don't have any idea about datatable, but you could try w2ui plugins
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Apr-16 6:39am View
Lots of typo. In @namedQuery, you have defined a query named as "". And in the application you have called "odcalls.incoming". Is there any other namedquery defined as "odcalls.incoming". I can seen extra spaces in named query.
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Apr-16 6:24am View
it is a jar compatibility issue. Try to add the proper jackson version which is compatible with the current spring version.
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Apr-16 6:19am View
It is clear from the log that Document instance is getting null.For debugging purpose do one thing, print the xml contents getting from different url(by adding .php and normal url) and also print the Document instance for both the cases.
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Apr-16 6:08am View
You have to perform bind operation .This could help you...
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-May-15 6:48am View
Does this servlet BookslotServlet belongs to package ?
Shubhashish_Mandal 27-May-15 8:01am View
Instead of providing the link , copy & paste the xml here. Sometime firewall block external xml to view. I guess you refering Account bean but somehow it does not visible to the container.May be you forget to define that bean.
Shubhashish_Mandal 7-May-15 10:21am View
or you could try vert.x
Shubhashish_Mandal 7-May-15 10:16am View
"Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work"..What kind of result you are getting?
Shubhashish_Mandal 7-May-15 3:38am View
"Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work" .. What kind of o/p you have getting?
Shubhashish_Mandal 10-Mar-15 4:29am View
private transient FSDK.FSDK_FaceTemplate.ByReference template;

Are you trying to persist/write a transient Object?
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Nov-14 6:41am View
As it is rest base service , that means it can be called from any app(.net, .java, or else). You dont need to think about the jersey client for .net. If it is a .net app use simple rest call using httpClient to call the rest service.

As rest service uses common form (either xml or json) for communication which makes it more flexible and language independent.
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Nov-14 6:58am View
"msg" also set as null, and if db column mapping for msg is not null then it will failed.
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Nov-14 6:53am View
You have said that you have tried with batch,so are you talking about spring-batch?
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Nov-14 6:48am View
javascript unable to parse this <%=ctr%> , instead try EL tag(i.e ${}) to represent the variable.
Shubhashish_Mandal 27-Aug-14 12:50pm View
same here , that's why I told you to change the tag so that the right people could see this post.
Shubhashish_Mandal 26-Aug-14 8:41am View
did you set "UTF-8" ?
Shubhashish_Mandal 26-Aug-14 8:38am View
so change the tag first from "java" to "php"
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Aug-14 7:52am View
In Swing every component has its own paint method which is basically used for custom painting, So my suggestion is to go with JTable and try to override the paint component method as required.
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Aug-14 7:46am View
try regex to identify any pattern.
Shubhashish_Mandal 6-Aug-14 4:05am View
what you have tried?
Shubhashish_Mandal 3-Jul-14 8:59am View
It is not clear whether you send all the byte information at once or not, if you did this then it might be an issue for big file. Instead of that encrypt file chunk by chunk.i.e read the file with fixed byte and then encrypt it and continue until finish
Shubhashish_Mandal 1-Jul-14 8:01am View
Also added...Provider has several type of api call to provide the sms solution.First choose a provider wisely and ask for demo account(by default they provide it once sign in).Choose the right api.

For an example
Shubhashish_Mandal 30-Jun-14 3:13am View
join both the tables and pick only those rows whose has not any reference in Reserve table
Shubhashish_Mandal 30-Jun-14 3:11am View
check the line no 59 in It's not clear from the above code snap.
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-May-14 10:38am View
print the file path to get the actual file location.
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-May-14 3:26am View
By MyAction.existsFlag. To access any static variable you can call it using its class name.
However instead using global variable set this flag in request/session/application scope as per your need.
Shubhashish_Mandal 26-Apr-14 9:35am View
how you will render the 4 objects? 4 objects as a 4 row or 4 objects as a single row?
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Apr-14 4:32am View
This not a freelancing site. So do something in hand /run it/ if stuck/ ask for help. And please do not ask for code.
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Apr-14 4:16am View
Somehow socket time out happened. Check the default socket timeout and reset as you needed.
Shubhashish_Mandal 22-Apr-14 0:32am View
+it should be in request header
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-Apr-14 12:53pm View
Its Compiled !!! I can't believe this . "string" should be "String"
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-Apr-14 4:35am View
Welcome !!!
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-Apr-14 4:12am View
in jsp you can't. Because jsp run on server side and you need client side timezone .So to get it use the following javascript and pass it in any hidden filed to access it on server side
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-Apr-14 4:07am View
H/W !!! Do it yourself... However for Q.1. To access any member of a class, outside any other class, create an instance of that class to access it..
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-Apr-14 3:51am View
did you try javascript?
Shubhashish_Mandal 11-Apr-14 4:21am View
check the server console to get the stacktrace.
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Apr-14 2:50am View
you have to work on DocumentListenr as well as cursor handler.
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Apr-14 2:47am View
You have One Server running on port 8888. But I can't see any client which will send the message to that server.
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Apr-14 2:40am View
Use BLOB type to store file in DB.
Shubhashish_Mandal 1-Apr-14 8:04am View
There are lots of api to create json array.
here is one
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Mar-14 14:58pm View
check this and make sure you did the correct set up.
Shubhashish_Mandal 20-Mar-14 9:13am View
looks fine, but make sure that properties should be present in class path and also check the required prop name exist or not in your properties file
Shubhashish_Mandal 20-Mar-14 8:11am View
its seems to me that your code is for creating .vcf file. So what do you want then?
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Mar-14 13:36pm View
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Mar-14 13:35pm View
Google is the best place to start. At first do something , if stuck then post your problem.
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Mar-14 13:26pm View
+ you need a sms provider to send transactional sms. There are lots of sms provider available in web, choose properly as per your business requirement.
Shubhashish_Mandal 13-Mar-14 13:02pm View
not so clear. what do you mean by client form and server form ?
Shubhashish_Mandal 13-Mar-14 13:00pm View
"is the most important point here."
means not a solution right. then it should be in comment section
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Mar-14 9:22am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Mar-14 9:21am View
so is this a solution?

"maybe you don't really need ID"
why you think so? OP clearly asked this.

Solution 2 is the best approach to get the process Id.
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Mar-14 8:44am View
This link may help you..
Shubhashish_Mandal 10-Mar-14 8:21am View
Application failed to deploy, that is the reason you got the above message.
check the deployment log to get the exact reason
Shubhashish_Mandal 10-Mar-14 7:36am View
check whether you have closed the file I/O resources after transmit .
Shubhashish_Mandal 29-Jan-14 7:29am View
very wrong..
Shubhashish_Mandal 31-Dec-13 2:38am View
There are so many to do this. You have to add a user_type column in you db which basically tell you the type of the logged user. Also create a mapping which will keep the tabs accessibility info against the user_type. To keep the mapping info you could choose a xml file or db table.
Once user logged in successfully, pick the user type and then look into the map to get the right tabs info.
Shubhashish_Mandal 31-Dec-13 2:10am View
what actually you want?
Shubhashish_Mandal 27-Dec-13 1:25am View
you have to post the stack trace.If you found that its an issue with the listener , then check out if you have pass or assign any wrong type argument.
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Dec-13 3:09am View
Sounds like grid of buttons. if yes then try out GridLayout
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Dec-13 1:48am View
+5. didn't see the post before comment
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Dec-13 1:47am View
Issue is with the comparison. You have checked whether two objects reference (using == operator) is same instead the value of the object. So to check the value you should use
".".equals(cek1) && ".".equals(cek2)
Shubhashish_Mandal 23-Dec-13 6:56am View
not so clear..
Shubhashish_Mandal 23-Dec-13 4:39am View
pass some hidden param from jsp page to servlet
Shubhashish_Mandal 13-Dec-13 2:50am View
I think in that case you should crawl(need permission) the site to fetch the required information.
Shubhashish_Mandal 27-Nov-13 5:51am View
did you check how much active connections Oracle 9i provide(by default)?
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-Oct-13 2:48am View
is this a solution?
Shubhashish_Mandal 3-Oct-13 4:33am View
Java provides you abstraction to use different vendor specific driver to connect the database. So java leave the responsibility to the vendor how they want to connect. So each vendor has different implementation for each driver. In case of you , choose Microsoft JDBC Driver for Sql Server to connect the DB. And for that purpose you have to provide that driver class explicitly to java. That is the reason you have to add the proper vendor specific jar.

You have to add this jar into your project class path.
Shubhashish_Mandal 1-Oct-13 4:08am View
yes you can..
Shubhashish_Mandal 30-Sep-13 2:56am View
did you add the proper jar so that proper driver class ( can be loaded.
Shubhashish_Mandal 27-Sep-13 3:20am View
post the code of splitting the string
Shubhashish_Mandal 27-Sep-13 2:58am View
store it in server file system
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Sep-13 13:32pm View
4 answers!! Surprise to see that there are so many people ready to do school assignment on request.
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Sep-13 7:57am View
you have to open the game frame when "start" button clicked, so you have to do this in "start" button action instead of the main().
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Sep-13 5:37am View
it seems to me that you are trying to improve the color of the image. this will help you
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-Sep-13 3:21am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 14-Sep-13 5:16am View
For such type question instead of googling for OP, leave it for him/her
Shubhashish_Mandal 14-Sep-13 5:14am View
Update table1 SET field1 = (SELECT current value of field1) - New Value Entered
Shubhashish_Mandal 14-Sep-13 5:10am View
Again an old frequently asked question. Google it you will get the answer.
Shubhashish_Mandal 14-Sep-13 5:07am View
try again by removing the ';'
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Sep-13 3:58am View
If you mention nothing about l&f then your app take the system default l&f.
So in your case no need to mention any l&f left it to the system to select the default one .

We set l&f to change the default system l&f to custom l&f.
Shubhashish_Mandal 10-Sep-13 6:21am View
you post different query rather than OP. OP's first query is on the l_amt
Shubhashish_Mandal 10-Sep-13 5:45am View
"SELECT SUM(l_amt) FROM loan WHERE l_status='true' AND r_id=12" , this query execute fine in my case. without adding the group by .
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Sep-13 7:52am View
To write on xml in java use DOM/ SAX parser.Also there are some api exist which is very effective,
Shubhashish_Mandal 4-Sep-13 6:22am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 22-Aug-13 11:18am View
I don't understand what is the problem. Iterate the table row do what ever you want.
Shubhashish_Mandal 22-Aug-13 10:59am View
first.. do some google...
Shubhashish_Mandal 22-Aug-13 9:12am View
Crawling is one of the approach to get the data from website. You can create your own crawler to crawl the site and get the specific info from that.

This may hel you
Shubhashish_Mandal 14-Aug-13 3:02am View
check out the version that you have used whether support @media or not
Shubhashish_Mandal 14-Aug-13 2:22am View
To get the price on selected option you have to use asynchronous call and for that purpose you have to use json.
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Aug-13 2:54am View
It is something like you want to drive a car without giving it any fuel. i.e. if your jar has the dependency then you might have to mention this.
Shubhashish_Mandal 1-Aug-13 3:56am View
I never did it but this may help you

also check this
Shubhashish_Mandal 1-Aug-13 3:15am View
You have the answer of "why"
Shubhashish_Mandal 30-Jul-13 8:57am View
i want to play "1003"... what is this
Shubhashish_Mandal 23-Jul-13 8:02am View
I guess that the dll is loaded successfully otherwise you will get the following error
"java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Unable to load library ". So check the method you called is present in the dll or not
Shubhashish_Mandal 23-Jul-13 7:28am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 21-Jul-13 2:27am View
yes I have tested it and works fine.If it is not work in your case then post the rest of the code may be the glitch is there.
Shubhashish_Mandal 20-Jul-13 14:09pm View
Nothing is wrong in the code
Shubhashish_Mandal 19-Jul-13 7:11am View
its not so clear whether you are not access the textFiled value or the you have got the value but unable to display the image.
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Jul-13 3:12am View
think it little bit practical. Suppose I have 2 textfield(tf1 and tf2)
in tf1="ABCD" and tf2="BCAD"
Now user try to delete the value of tf2 using backspace and he/she press the backspace four time and at the time fifth, cursor goes to the previous tf1 and wait for desired operation, right. Now my question is that if user press the backspace key more than 4 (let 10, would be vary by user to user) then what happen.
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Jul-13 2:46am View
Sorry , Its may mistake.
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Jul-13 2:28am View
Sorry, but I am not saying that you can create a new HTML tag instead you can fulfil the purpose to call the script at the time of loading page,
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Jul-13 2:25am View
yes I did. But I want to know if user just make mistake to put correct serial no in one textFiled out of 4.In that case if user try to delete using backsapce , once the filed is clear , it goes to the next/previous textfiled to delete the content which are holding correct serial no. So is this a desired behaviour.
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-Jul-13 5:45am View
Please do not create new post for same question. Try to use "Improve Solution" to modify it
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-Jul-13 2:32am View
Well, what happen if user want to delete data from only one textbox.?
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-Jul-13 5:07am View
if answered , mark it
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-Jul-13 11:28am View

try this..
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-Jul-13 11:04am View
If you post your queries like this then nobody can help you. People skip to read this post .
Try to post more precise and minimal portion of the code , and also post your code inside the code block .
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-Jul-13 10:59am View
Your Matrix class is looks like an event handler. But where is the event listener(ActionListener) .You are going to design some swing app.
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-Jul-13 3:27am View
in yur ant script missing so many things. I did not find any default target settings, second one there are no dependency-target definition . Actually when you run the script it did nothing
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-Jul-13 2:21am View
+ if you using default build.xml file and if its residing in the current directory then no need to type the build file name with the ant command , simply type ant command.
If still not working then check whether you set the ant home/lib/class path properly.
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-Jul-13 2:15am View
what value you set as local url?
Shubhashish_Mandal 15-Jul-13 2:14am View
delete from database or from ORM ?
Shubhashish_Mandal 14-Jul-13 1:43am View
Steps :
1. Good Analysis
2. Good Design
3. Good Coding
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Jul-13 7:47am View
If I am not wrong you are build and deploy your project through eclipse tool not any ant/maven tool. In that case your project is not build/deploy properly . Change the deploy path from eclipse.
Currently it deploy the project(BankDemo) tmp1\wtpwebapps\ in eclipe .change it to deploy it tomcat_home_dir/webapps/
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Jul-13 6:23am View
if you have any third party smtp host server then use it and also mention the smtp port.
i.e props.put("mail.smtp.port",<port>);
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Jul-13 3:22am View
to send mail you need to configure a smtp server. Here is one . Install it and run it in your local machine.
Once its running , set props.put("",localhost);
Because now your smtp server is running in your localhost.
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Jul-13 3:04am View
"in a graphical way" means?
Shubhashish_Mandal 11-Jul-13 5:48am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 11-Jul-13 3:50am View
Then you have to set up smptp host in your local machine.
Shubhashish_Mandal 11-Jul-13 3:15am View
Its look like the problem in the client code. you are iterating the for loop up to rvdMsgByte size.
for (int i = 0; i < rvdMsgByte.length; i++)
For each iteration you are printing the text. so this could be the reason.
Shubhashish_Mandal 11-Jul-13 3:08am View
check the smtp host is running and port is active.
Shubhashish_Mandal 10-Jul-13 8:22am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 10-Jul-13 7:45am View
Yes you can.DFD just represent how the data flow in your app.
Shubhashish_Mandal 10-Jul-13 6:47am View
You get the error because of you try to make an Overloaded method to OverrideMethod using the annotation. If you change the parameter type then the method is no more a override method.So this is not a limitation , this is the beauty of java
Shubhashish_Mandal 9-Jul-13 7:42am View
Actually the content of frame loaded by the conten of given site( that is the reason you can't see anything. Put an alert message you will see the changes or remove the src="" attribute.
Shubhashish_Mandal 9-Jul-13 7:24am View
Same question over and over in all the post.Do something by yourself instead for asking each code.
Shubhashish_Mandal 9-Jul-13 2:42am View
This is not so tough. But to follow mvc you have to familiar with this. In a real world people enforce you to do that instead of jsp scriptlet. And as a beginner you have to start with this.
Shubhashish_Mandal 9-Jul-13 2:11am View
welcome, and don't forget to mark the question answered
Shubhashish_Mandal 9-Jul-13 2:10am View
welcome . mark the question answered
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Jul-13 7:18am View
All the steps are mentioned in the tutorial. From creating ntityManagerFactory
to EntityManager
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Jul-13 6:19am View
check the third example in the given link
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Jul-13 4:59am View
check the update answer
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Jul-13 3:53am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-Jul-13 2:48am View
Lots of information are missing. What technology you are using. Did you use any framework.?
Shubhashish_Mandal 7-Jul-13 5:17am View
I think you have to read about what is session and how it works.Once you read it you can understand that you don't need to pass the session. Once you set anything in session , you will access it form any pages within the app for the current user
Shubhashish_Mandal 7-Jul-13 5:12am View
How it could be possible for the Hello class. This class is not a servlet or anything that can process the request. Did you use any framework? It's just a simple java class and you didn't give the class any power to handle the request. To read the value you need to create a web application.
Shubhashish_Mandal 7-Jul-13 5:07am View
If you have any issue then please start with other thread.
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jul-13 7:29am View
No, you have to implement any one of them.
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jul-13 3:30am View
I have updated the existing solution.Check it
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jul-13 2:32am View
Cross post. Original post is here

Note : Instead of creating new thread try to modified the existing post using "Improve Question"
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jul-13 2:28am View
I think the name of this forum(CodeProject) makes people to believe that this the forum where they will get a readymade code. :)
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jul-13 2:22am View this case "username" is flag. You can read this variable from session and check this whether null or not.if null that means the user is not a valid user.otherwise is a valid user
Shubhashish_Mandal 4-Jul-13 5:04am View
you already did. you assign user name in session if valid user. Still I failed to understand what is your issue.
Shubhashish_Mandal 4-Jul-13 3:07am View
where you stuck?
Shubhashish_Mandal 2-Jul-13 2:53am View
May child task still active. Shutdown() is wait until any active task is exist in the pool.
Once there are no active task it will showdown. So it is seems to me that there are still some active task exist.
But if you want to shut-down the pool immediately then call shutdownNow() ;
Shubhashish_Mandal 2-Jul-13 2:47am View
then start with this >>
Shubhashish_Mandal 29-Jun-13 2:38am View
Instead of doing if-else try to write a regx pattern and match the pattern with your input
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Jun-13 5:29am View
No, its not an invalid tag.Please see this link
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Jun-13 4:38am View
execCommand return the expected result incase of insertImage. And <img src="imgLink"> is a valid html tag;
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Jun-13 4:20am View
what kind of error?
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Jun-13 3:43am View
did you try anything?
Shubhashish_Mandal 27-Jun-13 3:03am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 26-Jun-13 4:13am View
What exactly you want? want to invoke REST WS , passing the JSON object
Shubhashish_Mandal 26-Jun-13 4:08am View
I dont have any idea, but this link may help you
Shubhashish_Mandal 26-Jun-13 2:34am View
Then marked it answered,so that other will get help from the solution.
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Jun-13 8:14am View
syntax of contain should be like
CONTAINS(string literal arg1, string literal arg2)
Here is the link that may help you
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Jun-13 7:30am View
@samadhan_kshirsagar: what is the purpose of the link one? Did you really read the question or just google it and pick the first link and post it.If you have any suggestion then post it and give some example if any.
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Jun-13 6:57am View
welcome :) and marked the question answered
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Jun-13 6:36am View
see the error properly, you will understand what you did wrong. You have to import javax.swing.text.AttributeSet class instead of javax.print.attribute.AttributeSet .
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Jun-13 5:41am View
If you do not use any framework, then filter could be the choice to intercept the request.
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Jun-13 5:18am View
Using PlainDocument is the easiest way to do that and its also reusable. However you can add keyListener to read the input ,but its not an acceptable solution.
Shubhashish_Mandal 25-Jun-13 4:52am View
not an answer.
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Jun-13 4:59am View
Instead of putting the image in db, I would suggest to keep the file in file system and insert the file info into the database.
Shubhashish_Mandal 24-Jun-13 3:58am View
all of your queries are mention in details with example in the link.
Shubhashish_Mandal 21-Jun-13 2:42am View
You should not cast a "String" to "Date". Casting is only possible if there are a IS-A relationship exist. But you can convert a String value, which has a valid date format into a Date instance.
Shubhashish_Mandal 20-Jun-13 2:25am View
Shubhashish_Mandal 20-Jun-13 2:23am View
Need more information what exactly you want to do.
Shubhashish_Mandal 19-Jun-13 7:31am View
I would like to suggest you to look some freelancing websites.And this is not what you looking for.
Shubhashish_Mandal 18-Jun-13 2:59am View
post your code. did you create and set the instance value inside any method ?
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-Jun-13 8:51am View
yes I agree.
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-Jun-13 6:17am View
I dont think so. OP already import the required api.
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-Jun-13 3:52am View
+ java Robot api
Shubhashish_Mandal 13-Jun-13 7:46am View
if your laptop has a public IP the run the server code in your laptop.
Shubhashish_Mandal 13-Jun-13 7:28am View
check the port for server & client . Also check the port is open or not and if not working then check the firewall settings
Shubhashish_Mandal 13-Jun-13 6:42am View
yes its possible. Put the server side code in a computer which has a public IP , then you able to do it.
Shubhashish_Mandal 12-Jun-13 2:29am View
I guess you want to save the java object into database. If yes, then here is some example to do that.
And also keep in mind what "Ron" want to say.
Shubhashish_Mandal 11-Jun-13 7:53am View
This is not a solution. So instead post a new solution try to post as comment
Shubhashish_Mandal 11-Jun-13 7:51am View
The referred book is one of the best book to learn jsp/servlet. Try it.
Shubhashish_Mandal 7-Jun-13 7:22am View
little bit confuse. But adding two images in separate divs will resolve the problem no. 2 & 3.
And I cant understand the problem no.4
Shubhashish_Mandal 6-Jun-13 3:41am View
Sorry, unable to read your brain,please let us know the problem???
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jun-13 7:12am View
its very easy and I believe you can do this. Instead of putting all the information(name, age dob) separately in session, create an instance of type "User"(with name, age, dob properties) and set it in the session with a key.
To modify it simply retrieve it from session , then modify it and again set it in the session with the same key.
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jun-13 4:16am View
if you resolved it ,plz provide the solution. It will help other
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jun-13 4:13am View
supply the exception stack-trace
Shubhashish_Mandal 5-Jun-13 3:33am View
Session use key-value pair to store data. You can store object in session and can retrieve it and can modify it against the key. But keep in mind , try to avoid to use session to store huge data.
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-May-13 8:46am View
I agree with you, sometimes IE does not behave as expected and it differ from version to version
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-May-13 8:27am View
Issue is with the height(in %). Once the page loaded you have to resize the iframe. You have to set the iframe height(in px) with its container height. The iframe flicked for a second before it gets sized to the screen.
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-May-13 3:53am View
did you try with default SMTP address ?
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-May-13 3:32am View
welcome.. mark it as answered
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-May-13 2:41am View
Then it might be conflict with other .js you have used. If yes, the check which js is responsible. And also see the below link to resolve the conflict issue

And also post the error and name browser you have used.
Shubhashish_Mandal 17-May-13 2:33am View
did you add the required plugin for "jquery-cookie" ?
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-May-13 8:43am View
check the link
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-May-13 7:22am View
let us know what you have tried and where you stuck.
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-May-13 4:49am View
Do you believe that someone in codeproject will write your code ?
Shubhashish_Mandal 9-May-13 2:52am View
Google is the best place to start anything. Instead asking for any code do some r&d on that.
Here is my google result :
Shubhashish_Mandal 8-May-13 4:06am View
did you try this? Instead of asking for code,tell us what problem you have face?