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Shubhashish_Mandal 1-May-17 3:20am View     CRLF
you have mentioned a path which is located in source folder but while running the jar file it should be exist in class path. So this could be a reason. And another thing, to get the file you have to write the appropriate code depending on whether the resources are outside the jar or inside the jar.
Shubhashish_Mandal 1-May-17 3:14am View    
Have you tried Spring batch?
Shubhashish_Mandal 16-Feb-17 6:04am View     CRLF
do this following delete operation after try-catch block (and make sure all the open resources are closed inside finally or try-with-resource) . if (!inFile.delete()) { System.out.println("Could not delete file"); return; }
Shubhashish_Mandal 4-May-16 8:56am View    
You misinterpret the term "Platform Independent". If something is running on different OS like windows/ linux/solaris etc then only it is called Platform Independent
Shubhashish_Mandal 28-Apr-16 9:05am View    
Are you looking for something which will close the dialog box after some time interval.