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Comments by James Walsh Jr (Top 11 by date)

James Walsh Jr 4-Sep-21 11:33am View    
James Walsh Jr 3-Sep-21 20:15pm View    
Without knowing what you're using for your ETL process, it's impossible to answer this question.
What ETL tool are you using, what platform? What have you tried? Are you getting a specific error?
Alot more detail is required before anyone can help you.
James Walsh Jr 7-Aug-21 15:53pm View    
Here is the answer to your same question on Stack Overflow.
James Walsh Jr 4-Aug-21 17:04pm View    
Add the property 'T' to your class definition of 'Text'. It would probably help to see what the class 'Text' is in your code.
James Walsh Jr 10-Jan-21 9:12am View    
With no code it's very difficult to determine what the error is and what might be causing it.